APRIL – MAY 2009

Please accept my apology for not writing sooner. We have just recently got our new e-mail sorted out. In the interim some encouraging things have happened. Since our last news letter in April, I retired from my job, and am able to give more time to the Qwa Qwa ministry. We were able to spend a full week in Qwa Qwa. Three days were spent on teaching on the gifts of the Spirit. We have been approached by a church in

Pretoria, now Tshwane, to do a mission in Qwa Qwa. It will take place during the June/July school holidays.

The team coordinator is Sarah Strachan. Sarah is a teacher. She has spent two year’s on the mission ship Dulos. She also spent three and a half years in Hong Kong, serving in Jackie Pullinger’s mission organisation. It will be great to have her share with the people in Qwa Qwa, together with the other team members. Thomas Dreyer is the team leader. He is a Rhema Bible School student. He has been on a number of missions. They are both members of the Lewende Word Church (Living Word Church.)

Praise Items.

The local chief in Pereng, in the Tibang area, has allocated fifteen thousand square meters, for the child care project. Social welfare are happy with the aims of the project and will provide some funding in the new year, as they have already spent their budget for this year. God is good.

Our God is great. In the cross of Jesus He triumphed over the powers of darkness. During our visit in May we were called out to pray for a young man, in an area called Thaba Bosiu. He had gone off his head, as a result of entering a house where there was very powerful demonic activity. Two people had previously died in that house. Since, the young Mokoena, had lost his mind, the house, fully furnished, had been locked up. It has been shut up for the past two years. We spent some time praying for the young Mokoena and then went to pray in the house. We first prayed outside the house, pleading the merits of the blood of Jesus, as we walked around the house seven times. Then we entered the house and exorcised it in the mighty name of Jesus. The house is now safe to live in and the young Mokoena has been fully restored. Praise God.

Disebo, Dikaledi, Mmabatho and MaTwala are all doing very well. Makhe is also gaining strength. God is our healer.

The church continues to grow. We praise God for the many teenagers and children who are coming to the church, and entering into a personal relationship with God. God adds to His church those who are being saved.

The turn out at our first midweek teaching session was very encouraging. There were two separate sessions.

The same material was covered in both sessions. The morning session ran from 10H00 to 12H00 the evening session was from 16H00 to 17H00. We taught on the Baptism of the Holy Spirit and the Spiritual Gifts, covering 1 Corinthians 12 – 14, and related passages. Twenty two people attended the morning sessions and there were twenty nine, mainly teenagers, at the evening sessions. Some only attended a few of the sessions, most however were at all the morning or evening sessions. Every one who attended these sessions was baptised in the Holy Spirit and spoke in other tongues. Jesus still baptises with the Holy Spirit and fire.

Meisie is a fifteen year old girl. Early this year she was placed in foster care with Nzwake. She had been sexually, physically, verbally, mentally and emotionally abused, to such an extent, that her young mind just switched off. In every test or exam she wrote at school she achieved the grand total of zero. Some months ago we prayed for her. The prayer, together with the loving care, and acceptance, she receives in the home has given her some clarity of mind, and she is now beginning to achieve higher grades. God is good, He heals and restores what no man is able to. He is still the God who does mighty things on the earth. We serve a miracle working God.

Pray for the following:

Bibles. Most of the people, and all of the teenagers do not have Bibles. Thirty one of those who attended the course, do not have a Bible in their homes. It is very difficult to grow in the Christian faith if you do not have a Bible. We need Sotho and English Bibles.

Finance. There is this large piece of land which we need to develop into a Child Care Centre. Pray with us for the resources to build a safe place for orphans and abused children. We are in the process of registering an NPO, Non Profit Organisation. Once we have an NPO number we will be able to approach businesses for funding. Pray for Nzwake and Johannes as they prepare, and submit the documents. In the mean time we need to start putting up a fence around the property, and building a place for Nzwake and her nine orphans. The house they are currently living in is leaking badly. When it rains the three beds, in which the orphans sleep, get soaked. Added to this is the pressure from her brothers to remove the children from their house. Then too we have some of the other orphans who are being pressured to leave their grandmother’s, or

aunts or uncles homes. We know that our God is able to supply our every need. He is our Provider, and has a special place in His heart for the widows and orphans.

Abandoned. Moreno Hlophe, Tshelhe Makopa and Thato Makopa, three brothers, who have been dumped with their grand mother, while their mother has disappeared, only to reappear once a month, to claim the grant for the children, and then to disappear again. Action is being taken to have the grant given to the grand mother. Not only is our God, our Provider, he is also the One who heals the broken hearted.

Runaway. Nthabiseng Tsotetsi, a seventeen year old girl has run away from home. Her mother, a widow, is very worried about her daughter, and wants her to come home. She ran away before and got mixed up with bad friends. The police found her and took her home. At that point she was ill. Now she has run away again.

Pray for her safe return. Jesus yearns over the one lost sheep.

Children’s and young people’s workers, who will make an impact on the many children and teenagers, and who will be able to build them up in their Christian Walk. They need to be established in Jesus, and in Christian ethics and morality. There is so much immorality around them, and some of them seem to get caught up in the culture of the day. Three of our young ladies have recently had babies and another one is pregnant. He, Jesus, is able to keep them from falling and to present them faultless before His presence with exceeding joy.

A Young Widow. Gugu Mzimai, a thirty year old lady, with three children, whose husband passed on to be with the Lord three weeks ago, is very ill. He died in Bethlehem, in the Free State, where his family home is. Gugu’s in laws have been very nasty to her. Since returning from the funeral in Bethlehem on Sunday, she has become seriously ill. Her eyes have become so swollen that she is not able to see. Her lips are very swollen, and she is in a lot of pain, as well as having severe pain and cramping in her stomach. Pray for her complete healing. Gugu is the neice of Joyce Zwane, pastor Joseph’s wife. This could have something to do with muti or witchcraft. The in law’s want to get the grants for the children. God is our healer and no weapon formed against His children will prosper.

The June/July Mission. This mission will take place from 30th June to 6th July. There will be outreach meetings in Pereng, Tibang and Masigeng. The mornings will be dedicated to teaching sessions, and children’s ministry. House visits will take place in the afternoons and evenings. There will be a men’s meeting on Saturday evening as well as a ladies meeting. The team will handle the Sunday morning service.

Sunday afternoon will be taken up with house visits. God adds to His Church those who are being saved.

Pray that God will add many to His church as the team responds to His commission, to go and preach the Gospel.


Please accept a big thank you from us for praying for us. We appreciate your prayers, and I am sure that the wonderful blessing that we see on the work here in Qwa Qwa, is as a result of our God responding to your prayers in grace and mercy. Thank you for praying. Believing prayer does change things.

Love in Jesus.

God bless you all.

John King, Cynthia and Reg Schafer

For the Lusaka Christian Fellowship and the Lesang Bana Child Care Centre

Lesang bana taken from Luke 18:16 Let the children come to me.

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