JULY 2009

Report back on the week long mission.

The team members were Thomas, Sarah, Silome, Helen and Mbekezele. Thomas was the team leader and main speaker. Sarah, Helen and Silome handled the ladies meeting and the counselling of the ladies. Mbekezele was in

charge of the children’s programme, with Helen as his interpreter and helper. The whole of the team was involved in the house visitation.

The children’s ministry. Mbekezele, who has had no formal training, apart from a three year stint on the ministry ship Doulos, captured the hearts of the children. The children had such great fun and heard the Word of God presented in such a simple manner. The attendance ranged from eighty to one hundred and ten over the three days of the mission. God did a deep work in many of the children’s lives. They were very when we had to leave. The sessions always ended with a light lunch consisting of bread and palony and some juice.

House visitation. Praise God that we were able to get into a number of homes. There are such great needs in many homes. God healed a number of people and one old lady, MaMosia’s mother was healed of a back problem. Other people were healed and restored by the power of God. There were many different needs in various houses that we were able to pray for. God touched many lives, and the ladies were able to speak into

many of the ladies lives and giving them strong encouragement.

The afternoon outreach meetings. These were held in homes. In Pereng the meeting was held in the home of Nzwake, the one who looks after nine orphans. Before the meeting we went from home to home inviting people to the meetings and praying for needs in the homes. Thomas spoke very well. There was a good response. A few people received Jesus as their Saviour. We prayed for some sick people, and a few people wanted us to pray that they would find employment. Five ladies were baptised in the Holy Spirit with the evidence of speaking in other tongues. One lady asked for regular meetings so that they could encourage one another. Nzwake will organise those. The Matsekeng meeting was held in the home of MamSiale. Here again the meeting was preceded by home visitation. At the meeting Thomas again spoke well. We prayed for a number of sick people.

The afternoon teaching sessions. Thomas taught on how we should first of all nurture the garden of our own spiritual lives. Then develop our lives, so that they will be a place, where others can come and eat of the fruit of our lives, and find shelter and comfort in the shade of our lives. We should then help them to grow into a tree that will provide fruit and shelter for others. The people responded well to the Word of God.

The ladies meeting. Sarah spoke on Jesus encounter with the woman of Samaria at the well. She also shared with them on keeping themselves pure unto Jesus, and other related topics. The ladies then broke into three groups. Sarah and Cynthia led the one. Silome and Helen led the other groups. There was a very good response from the ladies. Some of the younger women said that a lot of what they had not been taught any thing like that before. They would like more sessions like that.

The mens meeting. Thomas spoke for a short while on how each of us is a gift to someone else and how we all receive many gifts in the form of other people who come into our lives. The meeting was then opened to discussion. Various young men shared on how they were gifts to others, or how they were given the gift of how they were able to forgive an abusive father. Others saw obedience to their parents and authority figures as very important in the development of their characters.

The Sunday morning service was fairly well attended. The cold winter months causes a drop in attendance.

Mbekezele shared his testimony at the service. From the age of fourteen he was an orphan and had to take care of his brothers and sisters. They had no other family who could help them. They were all alone. But God was there for them. He was able to relate very well to the young people. Thomas concluded his teaching and there was a good response to the Word. We then prayed for a number of sick people. One old lady said that as soon s we laid our hands on her, before we even began to pray, she felt the power of God touching her body and she was instantly healed. Toward the end of the service three Gogo’s (old ladies) came forward because they wanted to give their lives to Jesus. They had been prayed for during our house visits and had been healed. Now they wanted to follow Jesus.

We praise God for the way He moved and touched lives. Thank you too for praying. Praise God that the team worked together very well and we all got on very well, and with out any unpleasant incidents. There was a wonderful spirit of unity throughout our time in Qwa Qwa. Most mornings we prayed together at 06H00. We always were aware of God’s presence. It was a wonderful experience to be part of this team. The Holy Spirit ministered into many lives in different ways.

There is a desperate need for children’s and youth workers in Qwa Qwa. Many, many young people and children are running around the streets with nothing to do. It is a huge harvest field Pray that the Lord of the harvest will send forth workers into this harvest field. The Lord willing and funds being available we will arrange for a team to visit in the September and December school holidays to do children’s and young people’s mission. This highlights the need to get moving on the child care centre.

Thank you for praying.

God bless you all.

Love in Jesus.

John King, Cynthia & Reg Schafer

For the Lusaka Christian Fellowship & Lesang Bana Child Care Centre

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