JULY 2009 (2)

We praise the Lord for all His mercies shown to us and the work here in Qwa Qwa. Without the favour of the Lord we will not be able to do what we do. It is God who stirs the hearts of people to give toward His work. He does this in response to the believing prayers of His people. It is also God, who by His Holy Spirit stirs our hearts to pray. In fact, without Him we can do no spiritual good. He is our source. He is the source of all that is good. Thank you for obeying the stiring of the Holy Spirit to pray for the work of God here in Qwa Qwa.

Thank God that through your prayers and generous gifts, He has provided for so many needs in Qwa Qwa. This has been a very severe winter. The temperatures in the south eastern Free State have been the lowest in South Africa. Praise God that, in His grace and mercy, He has provided blankets and tract suits for the orphans and the poor. Our God is good. There are between forty six and fifty one orphans associated with the church in Lusaka and other poor people, located in about 23 family units. Some of these families are large, like those of Nzwake and MaNompsa, who care for nine and eight orphans respectively. Others consist of two, three or four orphans of a family in a house by themselves. Others are poor families where the parents have lost their jobs and have no income. Our God is good. He has shown such grace and mercy toward the people of Lusaka. Pray that they will respond with love toward God, and that they will walk in obedience to His word, and also that they will show love to others, just as God has shown to them.

Praise God. He has opened a door for six of the young adults to go through the Scripture Union Life Skills Course. Their course fees, their accommodation and transport costs were all paid for them. God is good. They learnt a lot, met new friends and were greatly blessed. Pastor Joseph said that after their return they couldn’t stop talking about the things they had learnt and their plans to go into the schools to teach the course and to teach the young people in the church. Pray that they will not lose that enthusiasm, but that they, motivated by the Holy Spirit, will persue every opportunity with great zeal and wisdom. Pray too that they will be able to gain access into the school in the area. Thank God that the vision He has given us, of getting the Life Skills Course into the schools in Qwa Qwa, is about to become a reality. Our faithful God will bring the vision to pass.

The Lord willing we will be visiting Qwa Qwa from 9th to 16th August. Form Monday 10th to Friday 14th we will repeat the course we did at the church in May. In May we did not have enough time to finish the course, so we just skimmed through the material. This time we will do it in more depth. Please pray that those who attend the course will take it in and begin to put into practice the things that they learn. We will also use the time to look for accommodation in the Qwa Qwa area. We thank God that He has the right place for us. Pray with us that as we visit different people that He will lead us to the right people and the right place. We want to be in Qwa Qwa before the end of the year. Thank you my God you make a way where there seems to be no way.

Please continue to pray that we will receive funding so that we can begin with the initial stages of the Child Care Centre, and that those working on the registration of the NPO will have wisdom to complete all the forms etc as soon as possible. Pray that once everything is submitted, the registration process will go through speedily.

Thank you for praying. Thank you for giving. Thank you all for your support.

God bless you all.

Love in Jesus.

John King, Cynthia & Reg Schafer.

For The Lusaka Christian Fellowship and the Lesang Bana Child Care Centre.

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