Our monthly trip to Qwa Qwa was delayed so that we could go during the school holidays. During the school holidays the children and the teenagers are bored out of their minds, and get up to mischief, so we decided to do a children’s mission during the mornings and an evangelism training session for the teenagers in the afternoon. A team of seven went down. Brighton and Victor ministered to the children and Brighton did a Luke 10 Transformation course with the teenagers. Sarah Strachan and Thomas Dreyer helped with the cooking and visitation and counselling. Cynthia helped with the children’s ministry while John and I took pictures and assisted in some building work. We also helped in buying and preparing lunch for the children.

The Children’s Holiday Club.
Victor and Brighton really got the children going with some fun games, and real action praise songs.
Brighton would then share a very simple but relevant message with the children. The whole week led up to the final message on the Saturday morning when he used the gospel cube that presents the gospel in a very simple way. All the children responded to the altar call. There were about one hundred and twenty children at that meeting. The attendance varied from sixty on the first day to over one hundred and twenty on the second day. The other days were also well attended. The children had such a wonderful time and took their action songs back home to their parents, who were subjected to endless demonstrations. The parents were very happy with the work that was done not only for the children, but also with the work of the Spirit in the children. Some of them commented on the difference they saw in their children. At the end of each day’s session the children were given Juice and a sandwich.

The Meetings with the Teenagers.
Brighton presented the Luke 10 Transformation course at these meetings. This course is based on Luke chapter 10, the sending out of the seventy two. It is a simple evangelism strategy for mobilising the people of God to share their faith through four basic steps: speaking the blessings of God over the person or persons you wish to lead to Jesus, building a relationship with them, meeting their needs through pray or in a more practical way if you can, then sharing the Gospel. It is life style based evangelism. The young people received the teaching enthusiastically. Busi, pastor Joseph’s daughter will co-ordinate this outreach as they begin to put what they have been taught into practise. On the Saturday afternoon Brighton got them to affirm one another. They all sat in a circle with one person in the middle. Then those in the circle had the opportunity to say what impressed them about that person. They could only speak good about each other. It was very surprising to hear what good things these young people saw in each other. They were all greatly encouraged. Brighton then pointed out that they should encourage each other on a continual basis and thus build up a positive self image in one another. The attendance varied from eighteen on the first day to about thirty on the Saturday.

Other Matters.

Support for the poor.
Praise God for His goodness towards us and for His favour upon our lives. We rejoice in His provision and grace upon our lives. Thank God that He cares for the widows and the orphans. Praise God that through your prayers and gifts to the church in Lusaka we are able to help support the widows and the orphans. At present we are supporting a number of unemployed widows and forty five orphans, most of them are still in school. The church also supports some poor families, where the bread winner has been retrenched. With your gifts we supply a monthly food parcel and where possible, funds allowing, MamaJoyce buys the children school uniforms at the beginning of the year and tract suits or blankets at the onset of winter. Finances are a bit low this year because of escalating costs and the large number of people the church is supporting.

The Church.
Our great God continues to add to His church in spite of the fact that we are still losing people to other centres. Last Sunday the attendance was down, due to rain and the fact that a number of people took the opportunity presented by the school holidays to visit family. In spite of this we had a very good Sunday morning service. A very stable and discerning young man by the name of O’Brian leads the services these days. He does it very well and allows the service to flow. There was a wonderful spirit of praise in the service. Brighton, one of our SU team members preached very powerfully on who we are in Christ and the potential of each of us and that God has a good purpose for each of us. Many people were moved and came forward for prayer.

Praise Items
Praise God for a very successful and enjoyable week of ministry. God dealt with many people from the children to the adults. There can only be positive results flowing from this time of ministry. Praise God for Brighton and Victor who have committed their lives to serving Jesus wherever they can. Praise God for the teenagers who came along in the mornings to assist Brighton and Victor. Praise God for our six trained Life Skills workers, Dikaledi, Nzwakhe, Busi, Nelly, Thumela and Sipho. Praise God for these young adults who are running the Life Skills course in the church for the teenagers every Saturday afternoon, as they prepare themselves to go into the schools next year. Praise God for the enthusiasm of our young adults who hold evangelistic meetings every Sunday afternoon in the gardens of different homes. BabaDladla, Sipho, O’Brian, Thumelo, Japhtha and Tshelo are instrumental in organising these meetings and many of the teenagers support them.

Prayer Items.
Pray that the work begun in many lives, over this visit, will continue, and that people will begin to show the change in a new life style.

Pray for Busi as she co-ordinates the Luke 10 Transformation, and that those who attended the course will
get involved with sharing their faith with others.

Pray that the Life Skills team will find acceptance with the school principals so that they will be able to present the course in the new school term.

Pray that the Sunday afternoon evangelistic service will begin to bear fruit in new converts being added to the church.

Pray that the life styles of the people will begin to reflect the life style of our Lord Jesus Christ. Pray that the Child care centre will soon become a reality,and that the funds will be made available to start building.

Special thanks
We want to thank the leaders of His Place Church for their continued gifts that enable us to help the widows, orphans and unemployed in this area, and for their prayers for this work. Thanks too to Cliff Brewer and his support for this work, and all the hard work he does to raise support for the work here in Qwa Qwa.

Thanks to Russell, my son, for the use of his Jeep for our trips to Qwa Qwa.

We also want to thank SU for the gift they gave toward the expenses of this trip.

Thanks too to the Linden Family Church, who give toward our trips and who sponsor us in the work. Special thanks for their input and constant prayers.

Thanks to all of you who pray for this work and who give in one way or another. We appreciate you all. Thank you, one and all.

God bless you all,
Love in Jesus.

John King, Cynthia & Reg Schafer
For the Lusaka Christian Fellowship and the Lesang Bana Child Care Centre.

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