Praise God! He is our faithful God. He has demonstrated his great faithfulness by providing for our needs over the past year and enabling us, with your support, to provide for the widows and orphans in the church. The church in Lusaka is now providing for seventy seven children. These are children of unemployed widows, unemployed single mothers and orphans. Every month the orphans and widows and poor families receive a food parcel. The children were provided with school uniforms at the beginning of the year and track suits in the cold winter months and also blankets. The orphan children and the children of the widows and unemployed single mothers were given Christmas gifts. A big thank you, to all those who have given, and helped in any way, to make this possible.

Highlights of 2009.

Children’s & Youth Missions.

Over the year there have been three children’s and youth missions. Many children attended these missions. Over one hundred made a commitment to follow Jesus. We praise God for these children. The youth meetings were attended by between twenty to thirty five young people. They were taught to evangelise, taught who they were in Christ and encouraged to push on to reach their full potential in Jesus. A number of teenagers have come to the fore as potential leaders. In May/June the Lord showed us that we should give the children and young people more attention and to establish them in Christ. Hence these missions.

Teaching Sessions.

There have been a number of teaching sessions during the course of the year. The subjects taught included, The Baptism in the Holy Spirit, Operating in the Gifts of the Holy Spirit, Building Relationship with God, Personal Evangelism and Sanctification. These sessions were attended by fifteen to thirty interested people. The aim of these sessions was to teach the people practical ways in which they could use their gifts and talents and to establish them in their walk with God. What was very encouraging was the number of teenagers who attended these sessions. On one of our home visits we came across a fourteen year old girl going through the notes we had given out and reading and marking every Bible reference in the notes. That was a real encouragement.

God’s Work in Individuals.

During the year we saw a number of lives transformed by the power of God and people taking on responsibilities and getting involved in street evangelism. There have been a number of new converts and in spite of losing many people to the cities God continues to grow his church. God healed a number of people and a number of people were delivered from demonic attacks. God has worked powerfully. The highlight was what God did in Dikaledi’s life. She collapsed during a Sunday morning service. She did not respond to any stimulus, but God miraculously restored her to life. Our God is great.

Report Back on the December Children’s and Young People’s Mission.

The Children’s Holiday Club.

The Holiday Club in Pereng: Twenty to thirty children attended this holiday club. These children, who were mostly orphans cared for by foster mothers, and who receive very little encouragement, were made to feel very special. They responded very well to the activities and to the word of God. They had a lot of fun and look forward to the next holiday club. After each days programme each child gets something to eat and drink.

The Holiday club in Lusaka: The attendance varied between twenty and seventy but mostly around the fifty mark. The Scripture Union team did a wonderful job in keeping the children’s attention with various games, group sessions and teaching the Word of God. The children had a wonderful time, and were encouraged by the team. When I visited Lusaka last week I was told that the children keep asking when we are coming back for another holiday club.

The Afternoon Youth Meetings.

The young people were greatly encouraged and challenged by the teaching and discussions led by Sello, an SU worker. A number of them came to me after the meetings saying. “I learnt so much today,” or “I was so encouraged by the meeting today,” and comments like that. Those who attended, about fifteen to twenty were greatly encouraged and left with a lot of food for thought.

The Sunday Morning Service.

In spite of the fact that a number of people were away there were many, many people at the service and very many children. The church was quite full and chairs had to be brought in from the houses close to the church. Sello preached a powerful message on the healing of the man at the Beautiful gate of the temple. Many people were moved to recommit their lives to our Lord Jesus. A number of them were young women who had children out of wedlock. We pray that the Holy Spirit will do a deep work in the lives of all those who came forward for prayer and that they will grow in grace and in the knowledge of our Lord Jesus. The service was closed with all the children being prayed for.

A Reminder.

The launch and fund raiser for our ministry will take place at the Linden Family Church, Corner First Avenue and Third Street, Linden at 15H00 (Three O Clock) on Sunday afternoon 21st February 2010.

Thank you all for your commitment to pray for us and for all your encouragement.

God bless you all.

Love in Jesus

Reg and Cynthia Schafer and John King.

For The Lusaka Christian Fellowship Church & Lesang Bana Child Care Centre.

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