Thank God for new beginnings.

God is a God of new beginnings.

2010 presents each one of us with the opportunity to put the past behind us and to start afresh with God. Paul, in Philippians 3:13 – 14, encourages us to forget what lies behind and to press on in Christ. May the year 2010 be filled with rich blessings in Christ and an ever richer experience of the Lord Jesus whom you serve, as you press on to know him and share in his sufferings and lay your life down on the altar of his will for your life.

Thank you so very much for your prayers and support throughout 2009. You have been a part in all that God has done in Qwa Qwa. The awesome healings, the wonderful provision for the needs of the poor, the many conversions, the success of the children’s and youth missions. All these would not have happened without your prayers and support. Thank you for caring enough to pray and to give and encourage. God bless you all.

Renewing old friendsnips and making new ones.

We have been blessed by a visit from a very old friend and fellow worker in Christ. Cliff Brewer, of the His Place Church in Hastings, Sussex, England, has been in SA for part of January. He is here with his wife Christine, who is a lovely person and Oh, so good for Cliff. Part of their visit was to see the work in Qwa Qwa. They were pleasantly surprised to see how the work has grown. We thank God for them and their interest in the work. Cliff gives toward the support of some of our ladies involved in the Scripture Union training. The His Place church gives towards helping with the support of the orphans, widows and unemployed. Thank you all for the good work you enable us to do.

The progress of Scripture Union in Qwa Qwa.

Praise God for the opportunity to take the SU life skills course into the schools in Qwa Qwa. Three schools have given permission for our team of SU trained young people to present the course to their pupils. Two schools want them to do the course in the second term and the third school want them to come in the third term. Thank God for Busi Zwane who approached the schools and for Dikeledi Moloi who has been very involved this year.At present, Dikeledi and Busi, together with a new member of the team, Emily Mabuya, an older lady who works well with children and young people, are under going further training. Emily will add maturity and life experience to the team. When they return they will continue to run the course with the young people of the church as they prepare to present the course in the schools. Praise God he is beginning to make the vision of having SU in every school a reality. We praise God for a constant supply of new workers so that more and more schools will be reached, until every school will have been taught the Life Skills course and every school will have an SU group. He is able to do far more abundantly than all that we can ask or think by his power that works within us. Praise His Wonderful Name.

The Sunday Morning Service.

God adds to his church. Since the middle of November God has been adding significantly to his church in Lusaka. In spite of losing people to the big cities, God has increased the number of people who attend the church. Not that numbers are all important. There have been many new converts and Pastor Joseph is organising to baptise these converts in the near future. On Sunday there were very, very many people in the church, probably in excess of three hundred and fifty, men, women, young people and children. The major growth has taken place in the number of young adults, teenagers and particularly in the children. There were in excess of one hundred and fifty children. The children’s and young people’s missions are paying dividends. Praise God. In spite of the many people who attended the service there were quite a few regulars who were not there. It has come to the stage where we will need additional room and chairs. Chairs had to be brought in from the houses around the church as well as additional benches. One suggestion is to put up a secure wooden balcony at the back and along the sides of the church to where the doors are. The church has also started a fund for additional chairs. Praise God. He supplies all our needs according to his glorious riches in Christ Jesus our Lord.

A Wonderful Provision by God.

Whenever we visit Qwa Qwa we provide finance to buy food for the entire congregation. The finances are limited. When we saw the number of people, and we saw the food that was being prepared we knew that this would never be able to feed all these people. MaTshabalala who does a lot of catering especially at funerals also said to herself this is not enough. As they began serving the children (we always feed the children first) and I saw the long line, I was moved to pray over the food, so John and I went to the kitchen to pray. Our God is able. We prayed and left, knowing that our God is a God of miracles. If God can cause the widows oil and flour not to run out he can multiply the food in the pots so that everybody will have enough. Everyone had enough and there was sufficient over for our supper that evening. MaTshabalala came to me afterwards and said that it was because of the prayers offered to God that there was sufficient for everyone. Our God still does great things.

A Date to Set Aside.

On the 21st February 2010 we will be launching our new ministry. It will also be a fund raiser for our personal support. It will take place at the Linden Family Church at 15H00. The church is situated on the corner of First Avenue and Third Street, Linden. We will be very grateful if all of you in the Gauteng area could be present at our launch. We want to share with you our vision for Qwa Qwa. Please make every effort to attend. Thank you.

Thank you for praying, thank you to all who give so generously of your time in prayer, of your funds, of your efforts to encourage us, of mailing us. We thank God for every one of you. We thank God for every remembrance of you.

God bless you all.

Love in Jesus.

Reg & Cynthia Schafer & John King.

Lusaka Christian Fellowship and the Lesang Bana Child Care Centre.

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