But Jesus called the children to him and said, “Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of God belongs to such as these.”

Luke 18:16

Children’s Holiday Club: Monday to Thursday 10H00 – 13H00 in Lusaka, 14H30 – 16H30 at Pereng.

Praise God for the many children who attended the Holiday clubs. Over the four days, 21st March – 1st April about two hundred children attended the holiday clubs held in Lusaka in (Qwa Qwa) and Pereng. The children learnt new Christian action songs, Worship songs, learnt Bible memory verses, played games and heard the gospel in different ways. More than a hundred children responded to the call to receive Jesus. The children had a great time and did not want to go home after lunch each day. On the Friday when we were packing up to leave, a group of young children came and said, that their hearts were sore because we were going. Thank you Brighton, Richard and Nkululeko, you did a great work.

Teens Meetings: Saturday afternoon & Monday to Thursday 14H00 – 15H45 in Lusaka.

These meetings were not well attended. The senior schools decided that all the pupils had to attend extra classes over the holidays to get up to date with the syllabus. As a result most of the teens were in school until 16H00. If the schools carry on like this the children will be burnt out by the time the final exams come. Nevertheless these meetings went off very well and covered some important subjects i.e. living responsibly, living a pure life style, second chances. The L 10 T evangelism tool was also revised. Those who did attend responded well to the teaching and entered into the discussions. There was also time for some games. A visiting teenage girl, also responded to the gospel call. These meetings were run by Brighton, Nkululeko and Richard. Thank you again for doing good work.

Young Ladies Meetings: Tuesday to Thursday 16H00 – 16H50.

Sarah Strachan spent some quality time with the young ladies, sharing principles from the word of God. From the reports we received from some of the older girls they found the sessions very helpful. A visitor from Makwane, a place close to Lusaka, responded to the gospel and was filled with the Spirit. Thank you Sarah for doing such good work with the young ladies. These meetings were also affected by the schools being open.

The Evening Prayer Meetings: Saturday to Thursday 17H00 – 19H30.

These meetings were better attended than the afternoon meetings. Some adults, a larger number of young people and even some of the children attended these prayer meetings. The attendance at these meetings increased each evening. The meetings all began with a time of praise and worship, followed by a short talk, followed by a time of prayer. Richard, Thomas, John and I, as well as MaTshabalala and a young man from the Lusaka church, spoke at these meetings. Some of the subjects covered were, Rejoicing in times of hardship, The Believers authority and power in Christ, Jesus our King.

Sunday Morning Service.

In spite of the fact that many people were away the service was well attended. There were again very many children. These days the children outnumber the adults. The group from Pereng joined us for the morning service. There was a wonderful spirit in the service, with old and young alike rejoicing and dancing before the Lord. The service moved from great rejoicing to deep worship. Brighton spoke very powerfully. Many people were moved by the Word and many were encouraged in the Word. After the service the people all enjoyed a good meal.

Good Friday Service.

The Good Friday service was to be taken by a team from “The Wells of Salvation Church” situated at the Refilwe project near Lanseria. Because they were delayed and could not make the service in time the SU team stepped in to help. The team were given the opportunity to demonstrate some of the action songs they had taught the children. The children did very well as they acted out the songs they sang, and then recited the memory verses they had learnt during the week, to the congregation. It was a very triumphant service with a lot of rejoicing and dancing. Many people responded to the Word concerning the power of the cross to deliver from the power of sin, witchcraft, demonic oppression and sickness. A number of people who attended the church for the first time responded to the gospel call. Praise God.


Thank God for providing in full for this trip. Thank you, all our faithful supporters, for your gifts and especially for your prayers. We appreciate all that you do for us. Without your gifts and prayers nothing spiritually worthwhile would be accomplished, nor would we be able to help toward the support of the over seventy orphans and widows.

Future Plans.

The first SU Life Skills course in Qwa Qwa is due to start this term. Please pray for Busi and Emily as they prepare and try to find a few extra helpers.

Please pray for John and I as we prepare for our move to Qwa Qwa in May. We are trying to source one or two trailers to move some stuff down. We are also trying to obtain an NPO number for Mountain Ministries. This is a time consuming exercise.

Over the six week holidays in June/July, it would be wonderful to have teams visit in the first and last weeks of the holidays to do outreach missions as well as children’s holiday clubs and teen meetings. As John and I will be living in Qwa Qwa, the teams will need to find their own transport, and funding. We will help with the funding where we can. Please pray that God will provide the funding and that He will put together the teams for these missions. The teens and the children are the future of the church. We need to do all that we can to introduce them to Jesus, the Bible and the church while they are still young.

God bless you all.

Love in Jesus

The Mountain Ministries team.

Reg and Cynthia Schafer, and John King

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