MAY 2010 (2)

From my study window I look out at the overhanging branches of a huge oak tree growing in our back garden. Beyond the oak tree I see some of the villages of Qwa Qwa and the rolling hills and the kopies that form the boundaries between the villages. Beyond the villages lie the Maluti Mountains, that mark the boundary between Qwa Qwa and Lesotho. Yes we are in Qwa Qwa at last. Praise God. The task is daunting. But God gives strength and ability. John and I have settled in and have begun working. Cynthia and Heather will join us in August. Then when everything is settled my mom will join us.

What we have been doing.

Prayer has been our major focus. We pray individually in the early mornings and pray together in the evenings. After breakfast we do prayer walks. Praying, we walk the dusty streets of Mabulela, the village that borders the farm, and when the opportunity arises we share the gospel with the people we meet on the street. We have made several contacts and have been invited to pray for people in two homes. We have also conducted one funeral and have an open door into the Moekoena home in Elite, a nearby village. By the grace of God we have witnessed to many people, and are trusting God for a major breakthrough in the area. Pray that God will bring the people we have contacted to sincere, heartfelt repentance and true faith in Jesus. Our commission is to make disciples not merely converts. Pray that we will gain access into homes to establish home churches. We had our first follow up meeting on the grass outside the school premises. Three young men attended. We have also held a few meetings in the garden of a white lady who lives in the village. Pray for her conversion. She is very strongly new age and very mixed up. Her name is Sandy. It seems the best way to reach this community is through the children. There are so many children in the area. Pray that God will give us wisdom to know the best way to reach the people here.

A challenge.

John’s car is losing water quite badly. At present it is our only source of transport. If John is not able to sort out the problem we will be stuck. The water pump is faulty. John’s son in law will hire a trailer and will collect the car and John on Wednesday morning, and will replace the water pump and the cambelt. John needed to be in JHB last week to collect medication for his blood pressure and heart and to see the urologist. Pray that God will heal him from this problem so that he will not have to make the trip again. On Friday he has an appointment at the JHB hospital. John will return when his car is fixed. In the meantime we have been walking to our appointments and to the shops to get our supplies.

Future plans and events.

Once we are fully settled and we sort out the transport problem we will meet with the leadership of the church in Lusaka and arrange to start the training school. Initially the training school will operate from the church premises. Initially the students will also come from the church in Lusaka.

As the Lord leads us, we will begin to make contact with other churches and ministries, to see how and if we can work together to reach the greater Qwa Qwa with the gospel of Jesus Christ. If they are willing we can even enlist some of their members in the training school.

During these long school holidays (June /July), during the soccer world cup the holidays are extended, we feel that we should run two holiday clubs, one during the first week of the school holidays and the second during the last week of the holidays. These holiday clubs have been a great blessing to many children and have brought many children into the Sunday School. Please pray that we will be able to get the people of God’s own choosing to run these holiday clubs. We also need prayer for the financing of these holiday clubs. If you are able to help financially, please deposit your gift into one of the following bank accounts.

The Family Church Qwa Qwa Account.
First National Bank.
Cresta Branch
Branch Code: 254905
Account Number: 62101490217


R P Schafer
Greenside Branch
Branch Code: 197505
Account Number: 1975006763
Swift Code for Overseas Donors: NEDSZAJJ

Please mark all donations to the children’s missions: “Holiday Club.”

Prayer Items

We need Bibles. Many of the people we will be teaching do not have Bibles. Pray that we can get a regular supply of Bibles.

We need a photocopy machine to copy course material for the people who will be doing the course and to make copies of the Bible studies we do with the people. We need photocopy paper as well. Please pray that God will supply these needs.

We praise God for each one of you. Thank you for your prayers and for your gifts. May God richly bless you as you continue to pray for this work and support us in the work God has called us to do. We are very aware of the greatness of the task, but our God is able and we trust in him. We will write more about the task in the near future.

God bless you all and good night from a clear and cold Qwa Qwa.

Love in Jesus

Reg and Cynthia Schafer and John King.

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