JUNE – JULY 2010

I praise God that we can serve him in such a beautiful setting. There are many different bird species in the area, some I have not seen before. This morning a Crested Barbet came to visit. Later there was a Heopoe feeding in the garden. A small antelope or deer was feeding outside the fence and charged off into the trees when he saw me in the garden. Then there are the majestic mountains that tower over the house. It is so beautiful, and we are so privileged to live in such a place. Yet we are surrounded by so much poverty and hopelessness. Many people in this area have lost all hope, and have no reason to live. The young people and the children have no better prospects. Thank God that the gospel of Jesus Christ can make a difference and give the people a renewed hope of a better future and a life worth living.

June Holiday Club

Praise God that we were able to run two holiday clubs in June. Embekizele ran the one in Lusaka. Unfortunately a number of families had tried to escape the cold of Qwa Qwa and went to Natal for the holidays to visit family. So the numbers were not so good. But those who were here had a really good time. Many of them love Embekizeli. Here at Mabolela, Cedric form Scripture Union, ran the holiday club. As the people who said we could use their hall changed their minds, we had to do everything out doors. The first day we gathered the children at the tall Apollo light where the road through the township forms a fork with another road. At this point the road is quite wide. The next two days we used an open dust field for the meetings. Each day the numbers increased. The first day eighty five children attended and it increased to over one hundred and twenty on the third and final day. The children loved it. They have never experienced anything like it. Many of the children wanted to receive Jesus as their Saviour. A number of adults who came with their children, or who were passing by and stopped to see what was going on also
made commitments and are keen to for us to start a church in the area. We will approach the Tower High School, which is close by, for the use of the school hall. On the first day of the holiday club we met a young lady, who came to see what we were going to do with the children. Her name is Mmita. She is a born again Christian and spent the next two days assisting with the holiday club and is very keen to help with the next holiday club. Praise God for these good contacts.

An Open Door.

Last week as I was on a prayer, come visiting, come shopping walk, a lady called me and introduced herself to me. Later that day she came with a friend to visit me at the house. She is MaMokoena, the local councillor. She is very involved with her community and with the unemployed youth. They are trying to set up various projects to help themselves. One such project is to establish a large vegetable garden here on the farm. She has asked us to help with the young people and the children. She even organised for us to meet with these young people where we had the opportunity to speak to them and share our vision. At the end of the meeting we prayed for them. The end result is that, God willing, we will go through the Life Skills course with them. She also took us to a large gathering of children organised by the Child Care Forum. We were given a warm welcome and given the opportunity to speak to the children and to invite them to the July holiday club, which was held from the 6th – 11th July. Praise God for these opportunities that will have ongoing results.

July Holiday Club.

We praise God for the Five Scripture Union workers who came with Cynthia to run three Children’s Holiday Clubs here in Qwa Qwa. Shane was assisted by Cynthia, Martha, Shechaba, Dineo, a young lady from the Lusaka church who is looking to God for direction in her life, and John, here on the open field at Mabolela. They met every morning at ten until half past twelve. The number of children varied from over eighty to over one hundred and twenty. The children were taught songs and games and had the gospel message presented to them. Mmita was not able to help due to a death in the family. The children had a wonderful time and were responsive toward the gospel message. On the Saturday morning the whole team stayed at Mabolela as the other team members were keen to see the work here. We all had a good time. Brighton, Nkululeka and Shichaba performed a drama presenting the truth that no one can serve two masters. It was well done and well received and it did achieve its aim of warning the children that they cannot serve God and the gods of this world.

Brighton, Nkululeka and I ran the meetings in Lusaka at the church every morning, and then moved on to Pereng in the afternoons. On a few occasions Martha came across to help and to teach some of the new volunteers some of the Life skills course. Shichaba spent one day with us as did Shane. The attendance was pretty good at Lusaka, considering that a number of families were away. The number of children ranged from ninety on the coldest day to over one hundred and forty. The kids were very sad to say goodbye to the team The numbers at Pereng were pretty constant. We had eighty plus children every day. The children were taught action songs, games, memory verses and different gospel presentations. We were greatly encouraged by the number of teenagers and young adults who turned up to help and to learn. Some of them will be helping in the Life Skills course and others will be used to do children’s missions on Saturdays in these two areas.

God is working with the children of Mabulelo. We can see a change in the attitude of the community toward us. The plan is to use one Saturday a month to do a one day children’s mission which we will run with the help of some of the young people and with the help of Johan and Wilna of the Crossroads Academy. Please pray with us concerning this venture.

Prayer Items.

Pray for the conversion of MaMokoena, the councillor.

Pray that we will have favour with the principal of the Tower High School and that he will give us permission to use the school hall for a church.

Pray for funding for the gardening project. Fencing is needed to protect the garden from the sheep and cattle that roam through the area. Picks, gardening forks, rakes, spades are needed to prepare the soil. They also need seed to plant.

Pray for the Life Skills course that will be done with the unemployed young people of Mabolelo.

Pray for Busi and her team as they continue the Life Skills course at Rantsani High School, and as they begin at the Mohaladitwe Secondary School. We met with the Life Orientation Head of department at this school who is a born again Christian. He gave us the opportunity to introduce ourselves to the school and to speak at the assembly on Friday morning 16th. Praise God for the opening. Next week we will be meeting the LO teacher at Rantsani Secondary School. Pray that we will have favour with this school as well.

Pray for Dikaledi as we try to get her to start the Life Skills course this side of town. We have at least six schools within walking distance from the farm.

Pray that we will have open doors for the Life Skills course in the schools in this area. We have seven schools in this area that are quite close to each other.

Pray that God will raise up Children’s workers, Youth workers and those who can be trained to do the Life Skills course. The harvest fields are white unto harvest, pray the Lord of the harvest to send forth workers into the harvest fields.

Please pray for John and I. We have had to put a number of things on hold due to ill health. Pray for a speedy and full recovery. That is why I did not send the June newsletter and had to combine the June and July newsletters.

We continue to praise God for each one of you. Thank you for praying for us. Thank you for giving toward the work. Thank you for your encouragement. Thank you for your support.

A final word. At the Child Care Forum meeting a young boy was there who had just come back from the clinic. He was complaining of severe headaches. The verdict. There is nothing wrong with him except an empty stomach. He is an orphan and lives with his older twin brothers, and they have nothing. Pray that Christ in us will make a difference in their lives. Ma Mokoena often feeds them. This is just one orphan family among many. The needs are great. But our God is greater.

God bless you all

Love in Jesus

Reg & Cynthia Schafer and John King

For Mountain Ministries and the Lusaka Christian Fellowship

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