Psalm 33:18 – 19: The eyes of the Lord are on those who fear him, on those who hope in his unfailing love, to deliver them from death and keep them alive in famine.

Our prayer walks have taken us on various paths through the village of Mabulelo. Up mountain tracks between little houses, along dusty “roads” full of stones and dongas, along little paths that take you down into little gorges and up again to another path, track or road. Some of the roads are reasonable, others definitely only four by four territory. You also meet interesting people as you walk through the village. Some stop and talk, some call you from their gardens, some even invite you into their houses. One Saturday afternoon we were even invited into a shebeen to share the gospel. For those who don’t know, a shebeen is like an unlicensed domestic beer hall run by the owner of the property. All the people have one big question: “What are you white men doing here?” The question opens up the opportunity to share our vision and the gospel. Many are keen for us to pray with them. One eighty year old man commented that it was the first time anybody had come into his house to pray for him. A number of people have responded positively to the gospel and to us. A number would like us to start a church in the area. Since the holiday clubs in the area, the children are very happy to see us on the street. They come running to greet us and to
find out when the next holiday club is going to take place. As we have walked these dusty roads and paths we have felt totally secure in the Lord, always aware that his eyes are upon us to guard us in all our ways.

Life Skills Course.

The course is currently running in two schools; Rantsani High School and the Mohaladitwe Secondary School. The Scripture Union trained volunteers have all dropped us. They arranged for the course to be done in these two schools and after the second week dropped out, so John and I have had to step in to help the three other volunteers who were being trained to help. One of the trained volunteers will help out while we are in Johannesburg. We have already been approached by a teacher to run the course at his school. We will be meeting with him when we return to Qwa Qwa next week. So far things have been going well. This course is a must for all grades nine and ten’s. It has a lot of very good and relevant teaching that young people desperately need but do not get at home or at school.

Future Plans.

One Saturday a month we are planning to run sports and fun mornings for the children of the area. We plan to organise soccer, netball and other games for the children and also do some songs with them and present the gospel in a fun way. Johan Lesley, who runs the Crossroads Adventure Academy close to us, will help with this venture.

God willing, we will run holiday clubs in the September holidays. These holiday clubs have been very successful in reaching the children for Jesus. Through the children we will reach the parents. Since the holiday clubs in Mabolela we have had greater acceptance with the community.

There is a need for a church in the community. We have approached a school for the use of the school hall or a class room to hold church services. By the end of August we should know if we will be given permission to use their facilities.

During the remainder of this year we feel that God has called us to make contact with the pastors of different churches to find likeminded people with whom we can network and who can share the vision with us. We will train their leadership in the word of God and in evangelism with the aim to plant new churches in other areas. From these contacts we will also, as God directs, recruit people to train as pastors, evangelists, children’s workers or for the Life Skillls Course.

We have been approached to help raise funds for various community projects and to create employment in the area, and as a source of food for the orphans, widows and the very poor of Mabulelo and the district around Mabulelo. There are a number of initiatives that are on the go that need funding. Most of these projects have to do with the creation of vegetable gardens. We want to explore how certain other initiatives like Foundations for Farming and another programme of growing vegetables in a barrel can be implemented in this area. We do feel the need to alleviate the suffering and hunger in the area, yet we do not want to lose focus of our main calling in Christ to evangelise Qwa Qwa. This however will give us an even greater acceptance in the area.


Thank you for your continued prayer for the work here in Qwa Qwa. We appreciate every prayer that is offered up to God on our behalf, as we also appreciate each one of you. You are a blessing to us.

Thank you for the financial support you give us. We are very grateful to God for your donations month by month or as you are able. Thank you too for giving toward the children’s missions, for the blankets you send and the gift of clothes for the orphans, widows and the needy and for the donations you send for the monthly food parcels for the widows and orphans. Every gift is greatly appreciated and valued. Thank you.

Thank you for the heaters that made a big difference during the very cold winter days.

Thank you for your encouraging e-mails, phone calls, SMS’s. We appreciate every bit of encouragement you give us.

Thank you to Johan and Wilna Lesley who run the Crossroads Adventure Academy. For two weeks we have had the blessing of having supper with them two mission teams from Holland they were hosting. Ons se baie dankie. We are also thankful that in that time we were able to meet these very lovely people from Holland and have established some new friendships. We also shared in an inspiring cell group meeting with one of the teams, and some trust challenges with them under the leadership of Johan. I really enjoyed the absailing and the hike. Dankie Johan.

We thank God for every one of you and for all the kindness you have shown us. It is in Christ that we all find our true identity and it is in him that we pray for, support, encourage and help one another. Apart from God our lives have no meaning. So we thank God that he has put you in our lives. We love and appreciate you.

Prayer Items.

Cynthia has not been well for a few weeks. At present she spends quite a bit of time resting as she does not have the energy to do much. She has anaemia and a deficiency of vitamin B12. She is having a course of injections and has to take iron tablets. Because of her total lack of energy and weakness she has packed very little for the move, therefore we will not be ready for the final move to Qwa Qwa in August. Cynthia is not in a fit state to make the move and has to have move injections in two weeks time. I am not sure if I should leave her and return to Qwa Qwa, or if I should stay in JHB for a while longer and help her with the packing. Please pray for her speedy recovery and that I will know what the Lord wants me to do in the circumstances.

Heather is not too well at present. Her kidneys collapsed and she had to be taken to hospital. She is out of hospital and is busy recovering. She has not been able to do any packing yet. We are trusting God for her full recovery from MS and a full recovery from the kidney complaint. Heather herself needs to get up and begin to do things. She also has to trust God for her healing and study the Word more. Please pray that she will begin to do things and read the Bible more as well as for her healing.

These two things are now delaying our final move to Qwa Qwa. Pray that they will both be resolved speedily.

Please pray for Mulanthwa, Nhuku, Malifo and Busie as they teach the Life Skills Course during our absence.

We have written to the Governing Body of the Lototolo Primary School, asking for permission to use the school hall for church services on Sunday mornings. Please pray that they will give us permission to use the hall.

Continue to pray for the conversion of MaMokoena the local councillor.

Continue to pray for sponsorship for the vegetable garden project.

Please pray that God will raise up children’s workers and youth workers for the work.

The September holidays are coming up soon and there is a great need to run holiday clubs for the children in Mabulelo, Lusaka and Pereng. Please pray that God will provide the funds to get teams to come to Qwa Qwa to run the holiday clubs.

Pray that God will lead us to likeminded churches in order to form a network of churches to carry forward the work.

Pray that God will give us wisdom and direction in the work so that we will make correct decisions concerning the outworking of the vision God has given us.

We have been trying to source a Photocopy machine with little success. Please pray that God will lead us to the right people who will donate a machine to the work.

Thank you again for your prayer and financial support. We appreciate each one of you.

From a bright but cool JHB we bid you farewell until our next newsletter.

God bless you all and prosper you, and may he fulfil all the desires of your hearts as you delight yourselves in him.

Love in God’s Son our precious Saviour Jesus Christ our Lord.

Reg and Cynthia Schafer and John King

For Mountain Ministries and the Lusaka Christian Fellowship

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