Praise God for his goodness.

      Praise God that he remains and always will be our faithful God.

        Great is his faithfulness.

          His mercies are new every morning.

We have returned from The Family Church annual camp. The Holy Spirit challenged us on how we are in God; where we are in God; what we are in God. It comes down to our relationship with God; our walk with God; our service for God. I, personally, have been greatly encouraged to give myself fully to the work in Qwa Qwa, and not to lose focus or be discouraged by the challenges that we face in making the move, and the adjustment to a new life and environment. I am resolved to run the course God has set before us, by his grace and in the power of the Holy Spirit.

It was very encouraging to me that our Faithful God made it possible for seventeen people from Qwa Qwa, not including Cynthia, John and myself, to attend the camp. What was also encouraging was that three of the SU Life Skills team and five of those involved in the worship team were able to attend and learn. All were greatly blessed by the experience. We thank God for giving them this opportunity. Praise God.

Our final move to Qwa Qwa will take place on 10th November. Praise God. I am tired of travelling between JHB and Qwa Qwa. I look forward to settling down to the work God has called us to. Praise God for the support of The Family Church’s for making this possible. Praise God that He answers prayer. We have been praying and thanking God for eight items that have been holding us back. Praise God that two of these problems are now sorted. The big one was the finance for the move to Qwa Qwa. The other also a major one, was the finance for the repair and service of the Golf. The other Items we continue to put them into God’s hands. They are far beyond our capabilities. Our God is faithful he will sort them out. One of these is the repair and service of the Jeep. Praise God: he truly is our Faithful God.

Cynthia will be attending a SU retreat from 15th – 19th November, so will not be going with me on the tenth. John and I will go down and organise the off loading and I will do some of the unpacking. I will return for Cynthia sometime between the 20th and the 25th. Please pray that the Jeep will be ready by then, as I will be bringing Cynthia, Heather, two cats and five dogs, home to Qwa Qwa. We will need both the Golf and the Jeep for this major mission. Please pray that the move, and everything associated with it will go well, and that our faithful God will work everything out for his glory.

October Activities.
On the 2nd October John and I and his son, Michael, took a trailer load of stuff to Qwa Qwa. Michael and I returned on the 3rd, but John stayed on. On the 5th I returned to Qwa Qwa with a team from Korea. Meetings were arranged at the Lusaka church, the shelter for orphans in Pereng, and two other churches. The meetings were well attended and all went off very well. I returned with the Koreans on the 7th, John remained in Qwa Qwa. I spent the next week packing for our move. On the 15th I took a taxi, yes one of those Kombi’s, to Qwa Qwa. I spent most of the time unpacking, washing and packing away some of the kitchen stuff we had brought down on the two previous trips. I was privileged to preach at the Lusaka church on the Sunday.

On Saturday 16th we held our first Saturday children’s mission, held on Edu-College sport fields. Johan Leslie, of Crossroads Adventure Academy based close to where we live, and his team joined us and organised the games. One of the team shared the gospel from the colours on a soccer ball. It is a good tool for evangelism. There were only about thirty children. One of the reasons why so few attended was that the sports fields are not visible from village. We usually hold the missions on an open dirt field in plain sight of the village. When the children see the activity they come running. We plan to hold these once a month until the Lord provides some full time children’s workers. I am also considering moving the venue to the open dirt field nearer the village. John and I returned by taxi on the 21st October, in time to attend our church family camp on the 22nd.

The Scripture Union Life Skills team, Busi, Mulantwa, Nuhku, Malifo and Ntibeleng, have been doing a good work in the Rantsane High School. The teachers have told them that they are beginning to see changes for the better in the lives of the grade ten pupils. On occasions as the teams enter the classrooms they are clapped and cheered. Praise God that his word is making an impact on the lives of these children.

Praise Items.
Praise God that we have received permission from the Lototolo Primary School to hold services in their school hall. The Lord willing the first service will take place on Sunday 5th December at 11H00.

Thank God for some special gifts received for the orphans that the Lusaka church help and for some orphans that we have discovered in Mabolela. Our grateful thanks go to the donors.

Praise God for the ongoing support of the orphans of Lusaka by His Place Church, in Hastings, UK. We very much appreciate your gifts. Thank you.

Praise God for the continuing support of the Family Church and the enumerable ways in which they support and help us. We appreciate you. Thank you so much.

Prayer Items.
Pray that God will make a way for the financing of a SU team to come and run three children’s holiday clubs during the December holidays. One in Lusaka, one in Pereng, and one in Mabolela. The Lord has laid the children on our hearts, as they are the bright future of the church, and need to be trained and discipled before they are spoilt by the world.

Pray for us that as we start to set up the training school that God will give us grace and wisdom to do it well and for his glory. Pray that he will provide us with a photocopy machine as it is vital for running the training course.
Pray that God will lead us to the right people and leaders to work with, as the task is too great for a few people.
Pray that God will raise up trained youth and children’s workers to take on the work of establishing regular Christ centred, and Holy Spirit meetings and activities for the young people and the children.

Pray that God will raise up other workers of his choosing, to come in and help with the work. Pray also for those who are considering and praying as to their joining our Qwa Qwa team. Pray that God will show them clearly what his will is for their future ministry.

Future Events.
On the 15th November Pastor Kim and another Korean pastor will be coming to Qwa Qwa to assess the potential of giving further help to the new work in Pereng, Lusaka and two other churches in the Lusaka and Tibang areas, as well as our work in Mabolela. They will be staying for ten days and holding meetings in the different churches as well.
God willing, we will be running Holiday Clubs for the three areas during the December holidays.

Thank you all for praying for us so faithfully and for all your support. We appreciate you all very much.
From a hot and dry JHB goodbye for now.

God bless you.

Love in Jesus.
Reg and Cynthia Schafer,and John King.
For Mountain Ministries, and the Lusaka Christian Fellowship.

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