Praise God for his great faithfulness and his goodness toward us. Over the past few weeks, in spite of the fact that we have spent a lot of time unpacking and sorting out the house, and transporting two Korean pastors to various meetings, we were able to sort out a few things to do with the ministry. Praise God that the Letotolo Primary School has granted us the use of their facilities to start services in the Mabolela area. The first service will be held on the 16th January 2011. God also opened a door for house meetings in the area. We meet on Tuesdays at the home of a policeman named Petrus. We had our first meeting last Tuesday. There were a number of children and a few adults. There was a positive response to the gospel. We praise God for these small beginnings. We have also made house visits to a number of needy families in this area as well as in Lusaka. Praise God that with the help of our donors from His Place Church we were able to give them some food. God is so faithful.

The one lady we visited is ill and unable to work, she has three young children. The husband had walked out on them some years back and left then destitute. They rely on the good graces of the community to meet their needs and often go hungry. Praise God that for a week or two they will have some food. Pray for her healing so that she may go out and look for work.

A family close to where we stay had part of their home burnt down. In the fire they lost most of their blankets and their food supply. The family consists of a single mother and her three children. The food parcel will see them through the immediate crisis. Praise God.

In Lusaka we met a lady from Zimbabwe, Betty by name and her three sons. They are in a desperate situation. Through a cell phone scam, she was robbed of seven thousand rand. She has been borrowing money to survive and now she cannot pay back the money, and the people to whom she owes the money are threatening to take her children in payment of the debt. She sells Zimbabwe pattern fabrics, but because of the loss she suffered, she cannot get fabric or the ink to make up the material. When we visited them in their home there was no food in the house. We returned later that day with food for the family. At present she does odd jobs for others in order to get money to buy food for the children. Pray that God will make a way for her to clear her debts and be able to get fabric and inks so that she can support her family.

Praise God, that with the help of the local councillor, we were able to track down the young orphan boy whom we mentioned in a previous news letter, who had a severe headache from hunger. Together with his older brother and sister (twins), he lives in a back yard tin shack. They were very appreciative of the food parcel we gave them.

We thank God for your donations, through which God meets the needs of the fatherless and the poor. Thank you for caring for those less fortunate that yourselves.

News item

Joyce Zwane’s mother passed away a week ago. Joyce is the wife of pastor Joseph Zwane from the Lusaka Christian Fellowship. On Saturday we attended the funeral in Bergville. It was an all day affair. Please pray for the family. Pray that God will comfort them in their loss.

The visit of two Korean Pastors

Pastor Kim and Pastor Lee visited Qwa Qwa during the month of November. They held services at three different churches: At Lusaka Christian Fellowship, at Gotsong, and at Grace Fellowship in Lusaka. They closed off the meetings with a pastors conference at the church in Gotsong. We thank them for their ministry, which was very encouraging, and for the food they provided for the congregations after each service.

Praise Items

At a service this month fifteen people were baptised. Praise God that he continues to add people to his church.

God has opened a wonderful door into the Thahameso Secondary School for the SU Life Skill course. The School is beset by many problems including HIV/Aids, immorality, violence, drug abuse, alcoholism, gangsterism, among others. The School is a reflection of that whole community. The principal wants all 27 modules to be taught at the school. He will make it compulsory for the learners to attend. He is looking for change in the school and sees the Life Skills course as a means to bring about change in the lives of the learners. This will be a stern test for both the course and the facilitators. Pray that Busi and her team will be able to present the course in such a way, that it will bring about the desired change in the learners and the whole atmosphere of the school. This school has only three grades: grades 10 to 12. There are about 500 learners in the school. Praise God, 500 pupils will receive the gospel every week.

The SU Life Skills course has had a good effect at the Rantsane High School. Teachers commented on the change they saw in the attitude of various learners. The LO teacher wants the course to continue next year with the new grade 9 classes, about 140 learners.

Maladitwe Secondary School has decided to make the SU Life Skills course part of the grade 10 curriculum. This implies that it will be compulsory for all grade 10 learners. Praise God.

God has opened wonderful doors into the schools with the SU Life Skills Course. Other schools are interested but we do not have the man power to accommodate them at present. Pray that lord of the harvest will raise up workers for this great harvest field.

The church in Pereng is moving slowly forward. There are at times up to fifty people attending the Sunday services. In the new year we will put more work into this area.

Praise God for a generous donation from members of the His Place church. The one gift has been partly used to supply the needs of those mentioned in this news letter. Another is specifically meant for food for orphans who have no care givers. This will be used in December when we will organise food parcels for these orphan families.

Praise God for the support of the His Place Church who fund monthly food parcels for the poor, the widows and orphans.

Future Plans

This week I return to JHB to collect Cynthia and Heather, her five dogs and two cats. While in JHB we will also be sorting out the Life Skills manuals and discussing funding for the course.

In December, God willing and God providing, we would like to run three Christian Holiday Clubs. They will all run concurrently. One here in Mabolela in the morning , one in Lusaka in the morning, one in Pereng in the afternoon. The team that goes to Lusaka will go on to Pereng. These holiday clubs have a great impact on the children, who normally are bored and get up to mischief in the holidays. It is also an opportunity for the young people to get involved and help and learn. It also keeps them off the streets and out of mischief. Please pray that God will raise up the right people for the mission, and the funding to host and feed the team and the children.

God willing and the right people, or person, being available, we want to host a SU Life Skills Training course, to train additional Life Skills workers. Please pray for the funding of this course and that the right people will be available.

As mentioned before we will hold our first service in the Mabolela area on Sunday 16th January 2011. When in JHB we will have notices printed and then distribute them throughout the community during the early part of January.

Toward the end of January, the Lord willing, we plan to start our training school. We will run the training school in the Lusaka church until we have the funding to buy or rent premises.

Prayer Items.

Please pray for Busi and the Life Skills team. That they will have the strength to cope with the three schools and that they will find the time to prepare thoroughly and present the course with passion, so that they will continue to make an impact in the schools, and that there will be positive change in the lives of the learners. Pray that they will present the Biblical content of the course with zeal tempered by wisdom in a clear way so that the learners will grasp the concepts and respond positively to the gospel.

Pray that we will be thoroughly prepared and ready for the launch of the church in Mabolela. Pray that the gospel will have a great impact on the people of the area and that the church will grow rapidly. Pray too that we will preach and teach only what God desires and that we will not open our mouths until we have heard from God in the Spirit.

Please pray that we will have Gods wisdom in sorting out our priorities and the most effective use of our time in running this ministry.
Please pray for the following needs:

    A photocopy machine.
    Youth and children’s workers.
    Two 4X4 vehicles. The poor Golf is taking strain on these roads.
    Funding for our various projects i.e. the child care centre in Pereng and the youth centre in Lusaka. There is also an urgent need for a youth centre here in Mabolela, where we have 129 unemployed young people in this one village. These only include those who have finished their schooling and not those who dropped out of school. The youth centres will keep these young people busy while they look for work. Youth workers are needed to arrange Christian based programmes for these young people, who at present walk the streets. The other programmes include a vegetable garden project to provide food for the poor and as a business to provide an income for some of these young people.

Thank you all so much for your prayer support and your financial giving toward our support and the ministry.
God bless you all.
Love in Jesus
Reg and Cynthia Schafer, and John King.

For Mountain Ministries.

Contact details: Reg 078 772 5898; Cynthia 073 374 3704; John 084 998 8872.
Current postal address: 13 Barnton Road, Greenside, Johannesburg, South Africa, 2193.

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