Another year has come and gone. In the Lord much has been accomplished. Yet, there is still so much to do. We are in JHB at present and John is in Qwa Qwa. On Saturday we return to the farm, with Heather, the dogs and cats, (Russell will help us with this as we cannot fit them all in one vehicle), and John returns to JHB and will be there until January. He will spend this time with his family. Pray that he will return well rested and strong in the Lord.
After our return we will be very busy.

On Monday, thanks to Hungry Hearts, there will be a Christmas party at the Lusaka church for the children. Hungry Hearts have also gift wrapped 100 presents for the children. Praise God with us, for The Hungry Hearts organisation, which helps underprivileged children. Please pray that the party will be a blessing to all the children. Thanks too to His Place Church and the Linden Family Church who have helped to bless the children in previous years to brighten their Christmas season. Thanks too to the family church for the toys and children’s clothes they donated. These will be distributed to the children of Mabolela. Thanks to all those who have donated clothing for the people of Qwa Qwa.

From Tuesday 21st – 23rd two holiday clubs will take place. In the morning we will be holding a holiday club on the open field in the Mabolela area. In the afternoon we will be at Lusaka to run a holiday club. The children are looking forward to this in great anticipation. Thanks to Richard Moloi from Scripture Union who will be running the Holiday clubs, with help from some of the young people from Lusaka Christian Fellowship. Pray that the children will turn up in large numbers and that they will respond positively to the gospel message. We are trusting God for a deep move in the hearts of the children. God has shown us that the future of the church in Qwa Qwa is in the children. He is raising up a new generation that will respond more deeply to him and walk in his ways.

In between all this We will also be buying food for special food parcels for the orphans who have no care givers and doing the distribution of these parcels. A big thank you to Mrs Hutchinson for the gift she has given for this purpose.

Between Christmas and new year, God willing , we will take a break. Then in January we will start preparing for the opening of the church in Mabolela and the Life Skills courses. Pray that God will give wisdom in all the preparation and that both the church and the Life Skills will impact on the lives of the people.

Thank you all for your prayers and support. May God richly bless you over the Christmas season and grant you a wonderfully blessed new year. May all that you do in Jesus name prosper greatly.

Our love in Jesus

Reg & Cynthia Schafer and John King.