DECEMBER 2010 (2)


Jesus loves the children. They have a special place in his heart. He has shown us that we should make every effort to win the hearts of the children while they are still soft and pliable. Therefore we try to have special children’s programmes.

Monday 20th: Christmas party at Lusaka. Praise God for the Hungry Hearts charity who sponsored a children’s Christmas party and toys and clothes for the children. The party was held at the church in Lusaka and it was attended by ninety three children from Lusaka and Pereng. It was not limited to the children from the church only, it was, an open to all who wanted to come, party. The children were given a braai with pap and gravy, fruit, sweets ice-cream and cold drinks. There were a few games for the children. At the end they were given presents. They had a great time and were blessed by their presents. They all went home very happy and blessed.

Tuesday 21st to Thursday 23rd: Holiday Club: We praise God for the opportunity of ministering to the children this past week. The holiday clubs were held at three different venues. In the morning we were at Mabolela for the three days. Two afternoons we were in Lusaka. The other afternoon we were at Pereng. The children of Pereng and Lusaka were so keen not to miss out on anything that, that quite large groups would walk the six kilometres to the other venue. Each day we ministered to over two hundred children. At the holiday club we have games; the children are taught Christian action songs, and a memory verse, and we close off with a talk from the Bible. The children are then given something to eat. On the last day at Mabolela, we also gave the children Presents sponsored by Hungry Hearts and the Family Church, Linden. The children were so excited about their presents. The children so enjoy the holiday clubs and are so disappointed when they come to an end. The holiday clubs are such a big highlight in the lives of these children. When we meet them in the street a few days later, their first question is, “When are we going to play again?” Many of them respond positively to the gospel message during the Holiday club.

A big thank you to: Hungry hearts for sponsoring the Christmas party and for the toys and clothes that delighted the children and brought them so much joy.

To George and Wendy who sponsored the holiday clubs, that enabled us to feed the children and buy sweets and equipment for the activities.

To The Family Church Linden Who also sent toys and children’s clothes as well as adult clothes, and blessed many lives.

To Richard Moloi of Scripture Union, for taking time to travel to Qwa Qwa by taxi to run the holiday clubs and for putting in such hard work in making them such a success.

To Joseph and Joyce Zwane, for the use of the church for the Christmas party and the holiday club in Lusaka, and for organising the Christmas Party.

To all those who prepared the food for the Christmas party and the holiday clubs, as well as those who helped Richard with the activities and games.

Above all, we thank Almighty God who brought it all together and used his servants to bring blessing to many children. Praise be to our Faithful God.
With our love in Jesus,

Reg and Cynthia Schafer and John King.

For Mountain Ministries Qwa Qwa

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