Jesus called the children to him and said, “Let the little children come to me, And do not hinder them, for the kingdom of God belongs to such as these.”
Luke 18: 16

Praise God that we have been warmly received by the children of Mabolela and Lefica. They love to greet us in the street; they are faithful in their attendance at the weekly services; they attend a meeting on Wednesday’s at 17H00. When they see us in the car or walking along the road they run to meet us and click their little thumbs with ours in a greeting, “Sharp!” These children are starved of attention. Any little bit of attention you show them is received with great appreciation. They also have very little. They enjoy the Holiday Bible clubs, O so very much. God has shown us that the way to gain ground from the enemy is through the children. We desperately need children’s workers, who can set in place programmes for the children and run a proper Sunday School.

The other thing God has shown us is that we should begin to develop the teens, especially the younger teens who are still unspoilt by the world and sin. In order to do this we have started a teens and young adults meeting at our home. Bongani Mokoena has committed himself to start the group. We had our first meeting on Saturday 12th February. Five young people attended the meeting. The aim is to establish these young people in the Word and train future leaders, and develop a music team for the new church.

On the 16th January we started services in the Letotolo Primary School. We have been assisted with a singing group from Lusaka. Bongani Mokoena plays an old, not so good keyboard lent to us by the Lusaka church. He also supplies the sound equipment. Mujathu, who generally leads the services at Lusaka, comes across to lead our services and to interpret the messages into Sesotho. Other people from Lusaka also come along to assist with the services from time to time. The first service was the best attended service. There were seventy children and adults present. The vast majority were children, and we still get a lot of children. So we have a special children’s part to the service. We tell a Bible story or a story with a Christian moral and then teach a Bible verse. The attendance at the following services was lower. This was due to various factors, such as rain, electricity cuts, water cuts. In all we have had approximately 109 adults and children attend the services. Every week we have new people coming. Many people have made first time commitments to receive Jesus. Some come because they have a specific need for prayer. Praise God he is moving, especially among the children. There is a great need for Bibles in the church as well as in the Lusaka church. Most families can barely feed themselves and have no money for Bibles. These new converts cannot grow without the Word of God. Pray that God will provide Bibles for the people.

The school work is also going on. At Rantsane High School we are doing the SU Life Skills Course with the grade 9’s.There are about two hundred children in grade 9 divided into four classes, A B C and D, with approximately 50 teenagers in each group. The course is going well and the learners are enjoying it. At Thahameso we have the grade 10 and 11’s. Approximately 300 learners. These are very difficult and unruly young people, many of whom are unteachable and very disrespectful. This school has a lot of problems, some being gangsterism, with the attending violent behaviour, drugs, alcohol abuse, very little respect for authority, etc. They attend when they feel like it, as it is an after school activity. The principal is looking for change in the attitude and behaviour of the learners through this course. Pray for powerful breakthroughs in the lives of these children. Pray for some powerful conversions among these learners, and that transformation will take place in both schools. Pray for unity in the team. We have had a few squabbles in the team with some wanting to pull out. We have 5 young ladies running the course, pray that God will give them grace to do the work effectively. Pray for some men who are strong in the Lord to join the team. Pray too that God will call a strong SU staff worker to Qwa Qwa who can take over the running of the SU side of things with Cynthia and who can provide training for the team members. The potential is enormous, the workers are few.

We would like to start the training school toward the end of this month. We have sourced a photocopier for duplicating the notes for the training course, what is lacking is the finance for the monthly instalments. We feel that we should commit ourselves to the monthly cost of R570 per month plus 12 cents per copy, and trust God for increased sponsorship, or for someone to sponsor the copier. Without the copier we will not be able to run the training course. Please pray with us concerning this matter. We do need the copier, but we also do not want to over commit ourselves. We can buy a Samsung SCX-4623F Multifunction Printer for R 2500. We need to know what God wants us to do.

Thank you again for your prayers and your gifts toward this work. Praise God that we have been able to give out more food parcels due to some additional gifts from members of His Place Church in Hastings, England. Thank you so much for your gifts. A Special thanks to all who pray for us. We need the Lords direction in everything. We are being pulled in different directions and need to know what is really of God and what might be just a good thing to do. We also need wisdom in the relationships we form here in Qwa Qwa. People want us to be involved in various things and we again need to know Gods will in each situation.

My lungs have started to give me some problems again. Please pray for total healing of my lungs that I may be able to do the work the Lord has called me to in the power of the Holy Spirit.

Pray too that God will raise up someone to do the admin work and the accounting work. We also need help in the buying of the food for, and the distribution of, the food parcels, as well as the distribution of the clothes we receive from time to time. These things take a lot of our time.

On Tuesday 15th we had a very discouraging episode followed by a Divine appointment. We went to the Thahameso School for the Life Skills Course, only to find that most of the children had already gone home because the last period had been cancelled. The Deputy Head, misinformed by one of her teachers as to the number of children waiting for the course, cancelled the course and we were sent home rather disappointed. We dropped the team off in Lusaka and headed home. On the way we stopped at Shoprite for bread and mealie meal. We were rather short in our finances and short on food. In the morning I had asked God for some indication of his favour. In our prayer time we were encouraged by God’s word that if we served him wholeheartedly he would bless our food. So we prayed on these lines. In Shoprite we met a white couple. Not a normal occurrence. We got talking and discovered they too were believers in Jesus Christ our Saviour. When they heard of the work we were doing they said that we should get a trolley and buy whatever we needed. Praise God He supplies all our needs in the most remarkable ways. They also blessed us with a gift of money that enabled us to put fuel in our vehicle which was on reserve. Isn’t our God so very Wonderful. He works all things out for the good of those who love him. If we had continued with the course at the school we would have missed God’s blessing. Doesn’t God just work things out so marvellously.

Praise his name. He turns our disappointments into praise.

God bless you all

With love in Jesus from Qwa Qwa.

Reg and Cynthia Schafer and John King

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