S.O.S. from JESUS –

Children of Qwa Qwa are crying out for hope and purpose in life. Many have never even heard the name of Jesus. Some cry out for more of Jesus. Who will help us to tell them about Him? Some volunteers are willing to come and help us run Scripture Union Holiday Bible Clubs in the March/April holidays but need finance for one special week of ministry to the children of Qwa Qwa. They are the future church and hope for the nation. Can anyone help? “Let us store up treasure in heaven where rust and moth cannot destroy.”

The volunteers will need transport money from and back to Johannesburg and food for a week for about 9 or 10 people. (A 4 x 4 vehicle with raised body would be most useful to cope with the roads around here.) We would also like to give the children something to eat at the end of the club each day. Would you be able to have a share in winning souls for the Kingdom of God especially while they are still young?

Much love in Jesus,

Cynthia Schafer,
For Scripture Union and Mountain Ministries.
Bank Details:
Account name: Family Church – Qwa Qwa Account.
Bank name: First National Bank – Cresta Branch
Account number: 62101490217
Branch code: 254905


R P Schafer
Nedbank – Greenside Branch

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