And we know that in everything God works for good with those who love him who are called according to his purpose. Romans 8:28 RSV.

Four weeks ago all our Life Skills volunteers pulled out of the programme. We were faced with a tough decision. Do we stop the course in the schools? Or, do we take over the facilitating in the schools? We are responsible for the good running of the course in the schools, so we decided that we will run the course in the two schools we have made commitments to, until such time as God raises up a new team to do the work. This has caused us to pull back in other areas and put a lot of work into preparing the weekly courses. Yesterday we gave a lift to the teacher, who heads up the Life Orientation Course at the Rantsane Secondary School, who informed us that the Life Skills course is producing change in some of the learners. Praise God for this encouraging news. Though the learners are very difficult at times, and appear to be uninterested, yet God is touching lives. In the Rantsane School I have noticed a change in two pupils in particular. When the course started, they never brought their work books to class, never answered any questions, never participated, they only chatted to their friends, or mockingly spoke about the course. In the course of the term they have changed. They participate in discussions, they are willing to read, they get involved in the activities, and they keep their work books up to date. There are others who are showing a real interest and are changing. Praise God he is working in this school. At the other school, Thahameso, we are facing a huge challenge. These learners are very difficult and have very little respect for any authority. They are controllable in smaller groups, but on those occasions when we had to deal with them in larger groups, it is very difficult to keep control. A lot of these learners are gang members, involved in drugs, alcoholism and plain thugery. They are a difficult bunch, and the reason we are there is that the principal and teachers are looking for change in these students. We are beginning to see some changes in some of these teenagers, but what we need is a radical breakthrough in the lives of some of the real difficult learners. Please pray that God will bring about radical change in the lives of these learners and in the whole atmosphere of this school. We are planning to take time one afternoon after school to go and pray in the corridors of this school and take authority over the evil forces at work in this school. The victory belongs to God and God moves powerfully in response to believing prayer. Praise God for his victory in this school.

In January we were led to start a church in Mabolela. Attendances have been up and down, very dependent on the weather, and sometimes we could have almost a different congregation. In the short time we have been open, we have had a lot of people go through the church, over one hundred and twenty, many of these have been children. In the past three or four weeks the numbers have settled and now we have a six or seven people coming regularly, some of whom also attend a singing practice and Bible study on Saturday afternoons. Every week we have new people coming to the church for prayer, but do not stick once they receive answers to their prayers. Others come and get converted, then their friends take them to their churches. We have helpers from Lusaka. Bongani plays the keyboard and Mojatho leads the service and does the interpretation. We will begin to train these two young men, as well as others from Lusaka in the Word and to plant new churches. Please pray for breakthrough here in Mabolela.

Praise God for the Holiday Bible Club (HBC). The HBC’s were held at three venues. Monday 28th March to Friday 1st April at Mabolela and Lusaka, and at Pereng on the Thursday and Friday. We had good attendances at all the venues. The attendance at Mabolela varied between 107 on Tuesday and 140 on Friday. At Lusaka there was a low of 112 on the Tuesday and peaked on Friday at 153. At Pereng, where we worked only on Thursday and Friday, there were 30 children on the Thursday and 62 on the Friday. The children had a wonderful time, they played games, did different kinds of active rhymes, learnt memory verses, and were told the gospel. At the three venues we had just under one hundred children who indicated that they wanted to receive Jesus. Praise God for that. At the end of each session the children were given sandwiches, plus on the last day they were given a packet of chips and a packet of biscuits. Praise God for Brighton who was willing to travel down by taxi and facilitate the HBC’s. He did a great job and God used him wonderfully. He has such a wonderful way with the children. Thanks too, for those who helped preparing the food and those who helped with the games etc. On the final day, at Mabolela, we had Bart van Dyk and his parents, from Holland helping us as well. Bart is a missionary from Holland working here in Qwa Qwa. They had a good time with the children and also attended our service on Sunday. It was great having them share with us in this ministry. Thank you all for praying for the HBC, and for your generous donations toward the costs of the holiday clubs. Your donation’s exceeded our expectations and we had an excess, which we will put aside toward the next HBC in June/July. Praise God for his wonderful answers to prayer. Please pray with us for children’s workers who will be able to follow up all these children, and set up programmes for the children, so that there will be a continuous ministry to the children.

Join with us in praising God for his wonderful provision. John has been given a 1983 Mercedes Benz. The insurance people wrote it off after it was involved in an accident. The lady who owned the car, when Derrick, John’s son in law and who was to repair the car, told her what John was doing, she said that he should give the car to John. Derrick is busy repairing the car and will charge John for the parts required and a reduced labour charge. This car has a higher ground clearance than the Golf and will be a bit better on these roads. Praise God for his wonderful provision.

Praise God that the church in Lusaka continues to grow. On Sunday eleven more new converts were baptised. Praise God. Church services are very well attended, and there are many children who come.

Pray that God will continue to move by his Spirit and grow this church. Pray for Pastor Joseph and Mama Joyce as they continue to lead the church.

Please pray for Lefa. He is a young man who was stabbed in the back. The knife severed his spinal column and has left him paralysed. Pray with us for his total healing that he will rise up in the name of Jesus and walk in Jesus name. Our God is a God of miracles and he is healed by the stripes of Jesus.

We continue to trust God for two 4X4 Toyota Hilux Raider double cab bakkies, as there are many roads where even the old Mercedes will not be able to go.

Thank you so much for your continued support and especially for praying for us, as nothing of spiritual significance will be accomplished apart from the believing prayers of God’s people. We love and appreciate you all.

God bless you all.
Love in Jesus
Reg & Cynthia Schafer and John King
For Mountain Ministries

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