APRIL 2011

Thank You

As I write this letter, the mountains are shrouded in mist and clouds and the rain is pouring down upon Qwa Qwa. It has been raining for most of the night, and it is still raining. While I was praying this morning the Lord impressed upon my heart that just as the rain is pouring down upon the land, even so the Lord will pour out his Spirit upon Qwa Qwa and bring about a mighty transformation in the lives of the people of Qwa Qwa. God is moving by his Spirit. The earth shall be filled with the knowledge of the glory of the Lord as the waters cover the sea. Let us continue to pray for the fulfilment of this prophecy.

We had a wonderful Holiday Bible Club. It was held in three separate venues. In the morning we were here in Mabolela from 10H00 till 12H00, Monday to Friday. We were in Lusaka from 14H00 to 16H00 for the week. Then on Thursday and Friday we were in Pereng from 16H30 – 18H00. It was hectic as we had to buy and prepare the food for the children at Mabolela and on a few occasions at Lusaka as well, get to the venues, run the HBC’s, fill out the registers. Across the venues we had over two hundred children attending the HBC’s and on the last two days we were just under three hundred children. Almost one hundred children made first time commitments to follow Jesus.

Thank you for your continual support and prayers for us, and especially praying for us during the HBC. God answered our prayers and touched the lives of many children. Praise God he always answers our prayers. Thank you too for giving to the costs of the HBC. On the final day we were able to give the children a rare treat. Along with the sandwich we give them we were able to give them a packet of chips and a packet of biscuits.

God bless you

Love in Jesus

Reg and Cynthia Schafer

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