MAY 2011

As I write this newsletter, from a very cool Qwa Qwa, where winter seems to have come early, the music team is practising in the storeroom. It is great to have them here. The singing is inspirational. It lifts the spiritual atmosphere on the property. They come every Saturday to practice for the Sunday morning service. Some sing very well, though they are new to the Christian faith. They have a lot of enthusiasm, which needs to be channelled into the work of the Kingdom.

Lusaka Church
Jesus established the church for our mutual encouraging and building up his people. In Hebrews 10:25 the writer says, “Let us not give up meeting together, as some are in the habit of doing, but let us encourage one another – and all the more as you see the Day drawing near.” Praise God that the church in Lusaka continues to grow by the grace of God. We had a wonderful time at Lusaka over the Easter weekend. There were services on the Friday, Saturday and Sunday mornings. These were all well attended. We brought about twenty six people on the Friday from Mabolela, and about twenty on the Saturday. Sunday we held a service in Mabolela which was quite well attended. There were also late services at Lusaka on the Friday and Saturday evenings, starting at 20H30 for 21H00. These were well attended, with a large number of visitors from other churches. These services went on until one or two in the morning. They were a great blessing to all. Please continue to pray for the work of God in Lusaka. Pray that God will continue adding those who are being saved. The week before Easter twelve people were baptised. Praise God! Pray for Joyce and Joseph as they lead this work.

Mabolela Church
The church in Mabolela is starting to grow. There are about sixteen regulars and a number who attend on and off, and about twenty children who come regularly. A number of these are new converts or back sliders. Most of them do not have Bibles. The services are going well and the people are quite keen. Some have shown an interest in helping with the SU Life Skills course. Some are interested in getting involved with tract distribution and home visitation, as well as studying the Bible. Others are keen on regular home group meetings in different homes. We praise God that he is establishing his church and adding to it. Pray that the Holy Spirit will inspire them to carry through with their desires to do the Life Skills, the tract distribution, the Bible studies and the prayer groups in the homes. A number are very keen to attend the family camp in October. We have encouraged them to start projects to raise money for the camp fees and the transport to Hekpoort. We are also praying that God will provide some of the funds; we also want the people to make some effort to raise the camp fees, and to make some contribution toward the cost of the transport as well.

Visitation Programme
At present we have been going house to house giving out tracts and witnessing where the people are able to speak English. It will help a lot if some of the Sesotho people will work with us. So far we have covered the village of Mahakeng and a large section of Vergenoeg. This coming week we will try to finish off Vergenoeg and start on Elite and the rest of Mabolela. Some of the people from the church are helping with this.

Children’s Ministry
On Saturday 7th May we ran a morning Bible club. Praise God for the good turn out and the folk who came to assist. One hundred and forty children attended the Bible club. Nine of the people from the church came to help, as well as Bart van Dyk from Crossroads Academy and a friend of his, Jacob. Because of all the helpers we were able to divide the children into four groups, according to age groups. For the learning of the memory verse and the Bible story we all came together in one big group. Everybody had a good time, and a number of children indicated their desire to receive Jesus. The children find it difficult to wait for the school holidays for the next Holiday Bible Club. Whenever they see us they ask, “When are we going to play on the ‘groundie’?” The Saturday Bible Club will become a regular feature, probably once a month. The children so enjoy these times, and it is a wonderful opportunity to show them some love and to share the gospel. The next Saturday Bible Club will, God willing, be held on Saturday 4th June. Then in June/July we are trusting God for a team to run Holiday clubs in Mabolela, Lusaka and Pereng.

Life Skill Course
Since Busi and her team pulled out of the Life Skills programme, we have been able to maintain a continuity in the two schools where we are involved. It is very difficult to do the course with only two workers. We have had to divide the classes into two. John would lead the one and I would lead the other. This is not satisfactory. It is difficult to handle sixty to a hundred learners at a time. On two occasions I have had to handle the schools on my own. I have discussed the problem with the School, but they want the course to continue, as they have seen the value of the course and the change it has brought about in some of the pupils. Praise God we have a young man who has joined us in the work. His name is Bongani. This has helped. Praise God that two young ladies from the Mabolela church have volunteered to help with the course. Their names are Matshui and Tikola. Pray for them and Bogani. We need quite a few more, so that the course can be done more effectively, and new schools can be reached, and we can be relieved of this task so that we can concentrate on other areas of ministry.

Praise God
On Sunday, a young woman came to the church. Her name is Mampho. She came specifically for prayer. She is pregnant, but the foetus had stopped moving or showing any signs of life. We prayed for her. Then on Monday, on a follow up visit, she said that all is well now, the baby had started moving again and she had slept really well on Sunday night. Praise God for his goodness.

Some Needs
Our biggest need at present is Bibles. We have these new converts who do not have Bibles. We will be starting Bible studies with them. But they will not be able to prepare or go over the lessons without Bibles.
There is tremendous poverty in this area. A family of three have to survive on a children’s grant of R 260 per month. A family of seven survive on the old age pension of the granny of R 870 per month. A family of orphans, who are still at school, have no income at all. We are helping where we can, as God enables us, through your gifts. There are others in similar situations. Please pray that these people will find meaningful work to be able to support themselves and their families.
With the help of the His Place Church in Hastings, England, we are supporting twenty two orphan families and widows and their children as well as a few unemployed families. As we find more and more families that are struggling, the resources are being stretched to the limit. But we know that God will make a way for them.

A Big Thank You
We praise God for all of you, our readers. Thank you for your prayers and for your support. We rely heavily on your prayers, they sustain us in the times of disappointment and trial.

Good bye from a cool Qwa Qwa

God bless you all
Love in Jesus
Reg & Cynthia Schafer and John King

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