JUNE 2011

The Mountain Ministries team greet you all from a cool and very wet Qwa Qwa. At present the mountains, that overlook our house, are shrouded in mist. The Drakensberg and Maluti mountains are covered in a blanket of rain clouds. The unseasonable weather has curtailed our programme for today. Praise God for the rains. The streams and rivers are quite swollen and flowing swiftly.

Saturday Children’s Bible Club.
There was quite a good turnout. Ninety eight children and seven leaders were present. The good number of leaders enabled us to divide the children into three groups. The older boys enjoyed a stimulating soccer match organised by Bart, a missionary from Holland who lives at Crossroads Adventure Academy, and Mofokeng, previously a serious trouble maker at the holiday clubs. Praise God for the turnaround. The younger children had suitable games organised by two of the ladies from the church, Puleng and Mdipoua. Tshidi, a new comer to our group, and Candeleigh organised the older girls. It seemed that the children had a good time. There were again quite a number of children who responded positively to the gospel message. Praise God. At the end of it we write up the register and give the children a small snack.

Future plans for the children.
The midyear school holidays are almost upon us. We are trusting God for an SU team to help us with the Holiday Bible Club, otherwise we will run it ourselves, however it will be a treat for the children to have someone different to run it. After the holidays we will have the Bible Club on the first Saturday of each month.

The Church in Mabolela.
Praise God, the church continues to grow. Soon we will outgrow the school classroom we use for our services. We will be approaching the school for a bigger classroom, or, for two classrooms. Then we will have the children in the one classroom and the teenagers and adults in the other. This will require the training of Sunday school teachers. At present Reg does the children’s part of the service, it will not be good if he is not present at all the services in the church. Please pray for the continued growth of the church and that we will be able to get a larger classroom. Reg has been assisted in the visitation programme by our good friend, Bart from Crossroads, and Puleng and Malashwane from the church. Together they have covered a large area of Elite, a nearby village. Please pray that the Lord will lead us to a stand where we will be able to build a centre for worship, teaching, children’s and young people’s ministry. It will need to be large enough to run holiday clubs in bad weather.

Other Ministry.
Fifty one people are receiving food from the gifts we receive from His Place Church. This number includes a partially blind widow, two other unemployed widows, the one has three children, three single mothers with eight children between them, two families where neither parent is employed. The rest are orphans. There are other families who are in need, and as finances increase we will include them. Pray that God will continue to provide for the needs of these people. These numbers will increase as we reach more people.

Praise God that we have received a very generous donation toward the purchase of Bibles. We have also been donated some Bibles, as well as some Sunday school and Holiday club material, by long standing friends of Cynthia, with whom she worked, for a few years in The South African Sunday School Association. These gifts will realise about forty Bibles, and will help with the Sunday school and Holiday clubs. Praise God.

Thank you for your support and for your prayers. We appreciate you all very much.

As the clouds lifted in the morning the Drakensberg and Malutis were covered by a blanket of snow. It really is a beautiful sight. Unfortunately my camera is not working, however my friend Bart took some pictures and e-mailed them to me.

God bless you all!
Love in Jesus,
Reg & Cynthia Schafer and John King
For Mountain Ministries

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