JULY 2011

Hello once again from a very cold Qwa Qwa. The mountains have been hidden by heavy clouds and rain for two days. When the clouds cleared, lo and behold the high laying areas of the Drakensberg and the Malouti’s were covered in snow. How beautiful! Yet how cold!! We have had temps as low as -6. The day time highs were between 9 and 11. The frost on the ground was a blanket of ice. As you walk on it, you hear the ice breaking beneath your feet. Thank God for thick soled boots. Inspite of the boots, and two pairs of thick socks, my toes and feet were so cold. BBRRRR. Pray that the cold will not keep the children from coming to the Holiday Bible Club.

Holiday Bible Club.
Dates: 12th – 15th July
Venues: Mabolela 10H00: Lusaka 14H00: Pereng 16H00.

Preparation: Monday 11th July we will be holding a training session for the local volunteers, as well as a planning session, and most important, a time of prayer. What has been done already in preparation? We have been praying for a deep move of God in these children. In Mabolela: The villages of Mabolela, Vergenoeg, Elite, Mahanke, and others have been visited, and the children informed of the HBC. In Lusaka: The children are being informed and the same is being done in Pereng. We are praying for large numbers of children to attend, and many new children coming to learn about Jesus, in all the venues. We are trusting God for larger groups of children than ever before.

Finance: We have some funds over from the last HBC. Thank you for your generosity. However, as we are expecting so many more children, coming from the other villages that we have advertised in, that we will require more funding. How do we use the funds? Most of the funds go to provide a small lunch for the children. This time we want to give the children polony sandwiches, oranges and a packet of chips. The more children, the more finance we need. We also need to buy equipment like balls, balloons, flipcharts, marking pens for teaching aids. If you can help please send donations to one of the following accounts.

The Family Church – Qwa Qwa Account
First National Bank: Cresta branch – Account Number: 62101490217
Branch Code: 254905

R P Schafer: Mission Account – Savings Account
Nedbank: Greenside Branch – 2975060955
Brach Code: 197505

The Church in Lusaka
The church in Lusaka continues to grow. Praise God. Please pray for Joseph and Joyce as they lead this work. They need the wisdom of God to handle the situations that continue to arise. Pray that the church will grow up in faith and purity, that the people will be holy as God is holy. The outreach to Matsegeng is going well. New people are attending the cell group in the area. Some of these new converts are filtering into the church in Lusaka. The outreach to Pereng is not taking off. Pray that God will raise up a godly person with vision to lead this group. The children’s side of the work in Pereng is going well. Praise God.

The Church in Mabolela.
Many houses in Vergeneog, Elite, Mahanke, and Mabolela have been visited. In these villages we have also handed out almost 2500 tracts. Many thanks to All Nations Gospel Publishers. These tracts have been a great blessing to many. We even have people coming and asking for these tracts, because they heard from others, how powerful the message of the tracts are. Pray that, as the people read these printed gospel messages, the Holy Spirit will convict them and draw them to Jesus. Because of the visiting and the distribution of the tracts people are coming to the church.

The Wednesday evening Bible study is growing slowly. It started with six people four weeks ago. There are now eleven people attending. Those attending are beginning to learn basic Bible principles and teachings. Trust God with us, that, those who attend, will be changed, by the Holy Spirit working through the word of God, to become more like Jesus. Pray that more of the people from the church will come to the Bible study.

Attendances at the Sunday services fluctuate. However we continue to see new people coming into the fellowship. Some stick, some come once or twice and then drop out. Pray that those who come will continue on in Jesus. We are also seeing the trend of people leaving the area for the big cities here in Mabolela.

The Work in the Schools
Due to exams before the holidays and the holidays this work is in recess. Please pray that God will raise up workers for this work. To be truly effective we need fourteen workers. The work in the schools starts on 19th July.

The feeding scheme
The number of people who are in need of assistance continues to grow. We praise God for the finance we receive to help the most needy. We are praying about changing strategy. It seems that it would be better to empower to grow their own food. Initially we will need to provide gardening equipment and seed. Then the available funds will be used to supplement what they grow and for supporting those who are not able to help themselves, like the child headed households and elderly widows. Please pray that God will guide us in this and give the people a vision for their own support. At present over 50 people receive food aid. Praise God for your generous gifts.

Today is a lovely day. The sky is clear, the sun is shining, the snow on the mountains has melted and the cold wind has ceased.
Thank you for your prayers and support.

God bless you all!
Love in Jesus,
Reg & Cynthia Schafer and John King
For Mountain Ministries

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