Psalm 127:3
Sons are a heritage from the Lord,
children a reward from him.

Children are very important in the sight of God, yet so often neglected and considered unimportant by man. It is no different here in Qwa Qwa. Children are left to their own devices and are often seen playing in the streets, or just wandering around the streets. They thrive on any attention or show of love. It is a great privilege to have the opportunity to share with them and have fun with them. That’s the joy of being involved in a children’s Holiday Bible Club (HBC). It gives you the opportunity to show them love and make them feel that someone cares for them and that they are important in the sight of God. It also gives you the opportunity to play games and share the love of Jesus. For a few days they become the focus of attention and feel special.

Holiday Bible Clubs
In total six hundred children attended the HBC’s at the three venues. Mabolela had the best attendance. For three of the days the attendance was over 220 children. That’s a lot of children. All of these children heard the gospel presented in a very simple way. A number of children, at all three venues, indicated that they would like to receive Jesus. Praise God. One young girl had a particularly dramatic experience. As Martha was praying with the children to receive Jesus, she felt something struggling inside of her, followed by a wrenching of this thing inside as it left her. This was followed by a deep feeling of peace. Her name is Lerato Mokoenbbba. Thank you all for praying for, and contributing toward the funding of the HBC’s. Because of your prayers many children heard the gospel, and through your gifts we were able to give each child a polony sandwich and an orange every day. It actually worked out to be quite expensive. Pray that the Lord will show us a less expensive way of feeding the children. Maize meal, samp, beans and meallie rice could work at Lusaka and Pereng but may be difficult in Mabolela where we meet on an open field. This would also involve buying a lot of plastic plates and spoons.

Wednesday Bible Study Group, Mabolela.
Between nine and fourteen people attend this Bible study. Those who attend are growing up in their Christian experience. Most of them want to be baptised in water. Last Wednesday all nine who were present were baptised in the Holy Spirit with the evidence of speaking in other tongues. Praise God for the work that he is doing in the lives of these young people. They are so hungry for God and for his word. Thank you to Sylvia and Jenny, Cynthia’s sister and niece, for the gift they gave us to buy Bibles, and to Yvonne Gibson for the Bibles she sent us. The Bibles are given only to those who attend the Bible study and the church regularly.

Food Parcels
Please pray with us concerning the giving of these food parcels. It would be good if the people who receive the food parcels began working in the church and helping in some way, so that they could learn to take responsibility for their lives. Giving hand outs creates a sense of dependency. Doing something for the food parcels, will give them a greater sense of dignity and self worth. We are also praying about introducing a new and effective way of doing home gardens that will make them more independent, and not reliant on hand outs. It’s called “Farming God’s Way”. When they get going on this we will supplement what they grow. This will also release more funds to help more people. This way, if they do it right, they will not only feed themselves, but have over to sell and make some money. It has worked well in many countries and communities. Initially we may need to supply tools and seed as well as training. Pray that the Lord will give us wisdom as we consider these alternatives. Farming God’s Way, if done properly, will transform the whole community and not just those receiving the food parcels. It is also a tool for spreading the gospel as it is based on Biblical principles.

The Church in Mabolela.
The number of people attending the church continues to fluctuate between 15 and 25 with between 10 to 25 children attending. There is a core of about 14 who are very regular. We have two young men from Lusaka who assist in the work, whom we are planning on training to take over the work. Please pray for Bongani Mokoena and Matjato Molutsoane as they help with the preaching and interpretation and the music.

Life Skills Course
Please pray that God will raise up workers for this work. It is very difficult to run the course when there are one or two facilitators for a class of forty or more. Pray that God will give us the right people to do this work effectively. A number of schools are wanting to implement the course but because of the lack of workers we are not able to help them. The fields are truly white unto harvest. Pray the Lord of the harvest to send labourers into the harvest fields. We continue to do the course at Rantsane and Thahameso Secondary Schools. Some of the learners are responding very well and are changing. Others talk and mess around and disrupt the class. Pray that God will bring change in the lives of these rebellious young people. However we are grateful for the opportunity of sharing the gospel with them. It is our privilege.

Future Events
Saturday 13th August. From 10H00 to 12H00 there will be a Saturday Bible Club. Please pray that many children will come along to hear the gospel and will respond positively.

Saturday 27th August. Combined prayer meeting with the leaders from Lusaka, at Lusaka. The Lord has shown us that we should spend more time praying with the Lusaka church leaders. Please pray that the Lord will guide us in our prayers as we seek his face for Qwa Qwa.

October school holidays: Holiday Bible Club at the three venues. Please pray that the Lord will send us a team to help with the HBC’s.

Thank you for praying for us. We appreciate your faithfulness in prayer and your prayer support. Thank you for your financial support for us and the work. We appreciate all of you and praise God for your faithfulness in prayer and giving. Without you we would not be able to accomplish much. Thank you.

God bless you all!
Love in Jesus,
Reg & Cynthia Schafer and John King
For Mountain Ministries

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  1. Hi I am Mashapa from Khotha be strong and full of hope in the word of God every day and always!

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