Hi from Qwa Qwa, Eastern Free State,
PRAISE – Tired but fulfilled and excited for the future. The Good News has gone out through the SCRIPTURE UNION Holiday Bible Club in Mabolela during this past week. The village below the farm where we live is very pretty at night with all the lights (when we have electricity), but during the day you see the poverty, the shacks, the women collecting sticks for fuel, the taverns where the males spend much time and then go home and give wives and children a hard time!! Yet there are “treasures” in the village. Many innocent children, teenagers and young adults who need love and guidance and good examples to follow, and most important they need Jesus to save their souls and give them hope for the future.

Over the last 12 months some have emerged from the village and surrounding areas as leaders with real potential. One young guy was very sceptical at first – What are these white people doing here? He was very quiet, bowed over, frowning and a little miserable. You should see him now – straight up, full of confidence, smiling, full of fun, joy and hope in Jesus. Someone took the trouble to show him love and attention and teach him about God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit. Others, similar to him, have been helping with the Holiday Bible Club – 5 guys and 4 ladies – committed, faithful, coming on time for preparation, full of enthusiasm and excited to share Jesus with the children (113 on 1st day, 233 on last day – average 178) who came every day this past week to the open field (the only area large enough) come rain or shine, wind and dust, heat or cold! (We had them all.) We all worked together as a wonderful team and God’s Kingdom was extended.

Thank you to all those who helped us with your prayers and finance. We were able to give the children something to eat every day and on the final day we were able to give the leaders a special lunch as a thank you for all their hard and dedicated work. They really appreciate all we do for them. Now our Holiday Club coffers are empty and we look to the Lord to supply for our December Clubs (12th – 16th Dec.) Any volunteers to help lead the team? They still need guidance and training by experienced S.U. or other folk. At least the weather should be warm and more settled then. It is a sacrifice (as we have proved this past week) but so rewarding when you see the response of the children, and know that the Lord’s heart is pleased.

Much can be accomplished by being practical and thrifty eg.

  • Transport – mainly on foot (except for buying food)
  • Materials – mainly natural things from the surrounding areas eg. Stones, sticks, squashed cans, and string, rope, buckets and basins for games
  • Food – mainly bought from wholesalers and street corners (vegetables etc.)
  • Water – many large empty milk containers filled with tap water and old yoghurt tubs to drink from.
  • Paper – recycled sheets of paper for registers etc. and some games.


  • Finance for December Holiday Clubs.
  • More leaders to enable us to run 2 morning Clubs in our area of Phuthaditjhaba.
  • A very large stainless steel cooking pot to prevent burning when cooking large quantities

May the Lord bless you as you partner with us in spreading the Gospel.

Much love in Jesus,
Cynthia (Schafer).

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