We’ve come to the “bush” to do mission work, to spread the Gospel, and we have “Jhb. Traffic” passing our house every weekday from 7:30 – 8:15 and 13:30 – 2:15 (even accompanied by loud music at times). Taxis, vans, ventures and the occasional car. Why? Because about 500ms. Down the dirt road you’ll find Edu College – both primary and high schools – and praise the Lord they have opened their doors to the SCRIPTURE UNION Lifeskills Course starting in January 2012. The aim is to share with certain grades every day of the week. What a wonderful opportunity to spread the Good News just a ‘stones throw’ from our house and about a km from the village below where most of our volunteers live. No transport problems or costs – just worn out shoes from the stoney roads!! There goes the siren – time for school to begin. Teachers and volunteers have a unique opportunity to share in the lives of the future generation. Quite a responsibility but with the Lord’s help we are on the victory side. Ezekiel 34:16 – “I (the Lord) will seek that which was lost and bring back that which has strayed and I will bandage the hurt and the crippled and will strengthen the weak and the sick….” Who will work alongside the Lord to do this? We will need more volunteers to go into these schools and other schools in this area, finance to give them a sandwich for lunch every day and to buy stationery, and sweets to give as prizes to the children. Please pray along these lines.

After doing some housekeeping I’m back again, with a nice cup of tea, to tell you some more good news. The ex-councillor for this area was here with some helpers the other day to tell us about a new community project – they’re planning to build an orphanage and crèche in this area. A local company will provide the building material. Another opportunity to serve the Lord and spread the Good News doing childrens Bible Clubs and prayer times etc. Praise the Lord.

P.S. Just heard about a problem with Satanism at Edu College. Reg, John and Bart (a missionary from Holland) have gone to pray all around the high school. The students really need Jesus and the S.U. Lifeskills Course will open the doors for Him to be ‘introduced’. The Lord saw the need long before we did.

Planning 2 Holiday Bible Clubs in our area for December 13 -16th. Please pray for sufficient finance to cover these activities, a few more volunteers to help with the large number of children expected and food to feed these needy children.

Must sign off now. Much work to be done for the extension of the Kingdom. Please continue to pray for us, to give when able, and to come when passing this way. We are only 50 kms from Harrismith (any family or friends going to Durban etc. better drop in or else!!) Come for tea, for a meal or a night or 2. You are very welcome. We even have a lovely B & B 500 metres down the road from us. The scenery here is beautiful, very relaxing, and there is lots to do if you so desire eg. Hiking, shopping at our new mall, or driving through Golden Gate to view game etc. We also need your company and your encouragement. Come by car, bus or taxi. We can fetch you from central points.

Much love in Jesus and God bless,

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