Monday 12th December 2011 – many hands at work preparing packets for each child attending our H.B.C. for each day. Packets containing biscuits, nutritious corn chips, sweets and a lolly. Also a day of preparation for games, Bible stories, memory verses and dramas. Also preparation for a special Christmas play for the final day. Much fun and learning was had by all including our volunteer leaders during the week.

The memory verse prize (a Reach 4 Life Bible) was won by one of the girls who repeated all the verses without 1 mistake. The Christmas play on the final day depicted the birth of Jesus. It was a really unusual sight to see these young people clad in white flowing garments in the middle of the day on the open field! But it had the desired results – many children accepted Jesus as their Saviour. Praise the Lord. The number of children attending ranged from 194 to 214. Praise the Lord for the good attendance.

The Lord has impressed upon us to work especially with the children to try to establish an aids free generation.

The Wednesday before Christmas a group of us (about 12) went carol singing at the local hospital and prayed for the patients in each ward. This was gratefully accepted by both patients and nursing staff.

Reg is recovering slowly from suspected sunstroke, tick bite fever and a gall bladder operation. It will be quite a while before he will be fully active in the work again. We thank the Lord for saving him from near death by friends getting him to hospital just in time to be put on a drip for dehydration etc. Cynthia also had a very high temperature due to a kidney and bladder infection. Heather is also battling with various health problems and is often in a lot of pain and fatigue. We must be doing something right for the Lord because satan is not leaving us alone right now as we plan to go into the new year with some new ideas for the church work – which is going well – and the childrens work. Our next H.B.C. will run during the first week of April – just before Easter – and we are praying for someone to come and direct it in the S.U. way and help train our very enthusiastic volunteers correctly. Any offers? We also need some finance to be able to feed the children every day and give the volunteers lunch after each session. Fortunately we don’t need transport money (except for petrol to buy the food) as we walk the distance necessary.

Thanks to all those who have supported us in various ways during the last few months. We really appreciate all you do for us as we strive to serve the Lord in this very needy area of Qwa Qwa, Eastern Free State.

Much love in Jesus from us all, Cynthia, Reg and John

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