Newsletter February 2012



February 2012.

Psalm 145:1 – 3

I will exalt you my God and King; I will praise your name forever and ever.

Every day I will praise you and extol your name forever and ever.

Great is the Lord and most worthy of praise; his greatness no one can fathom.

First and foremost I praise God for saving me, healing me, and his restoring power at work in my body. God does what man cannot do. And he does it in response to believing prayer. Thank you all for praying for me during my recent illness.

Praise God for all that he has accomplished in 2011.

Over the year approximately one thousand children have heard the gospel message, in the different venues, where we have held Children’s Holiday Bible Clubs and Saturday Bible Clubs. Many of these children have responded positively to the gospel and some attend the church services regularly. We thank God for the team of young people and young adults who help us run the HBC’s. They do the games the memory verse and the gospel talk. They also prepare the food that we give to the children.

Last year we ran the Scripture Union Life Skills course in two high schools. At Rantsane we worked with grade nines, about two hundred teenagers attended regularly. The staff told us that a number of these young people changed. Let me give you one example. One young man who started out as a rebel after three weeks was answering questions, asking questions and getting involved in the activities. At Thahametso we had to teach grades ten and eleven about, three hundred and fifty young people. At first things went well. Then the principal started cancelling the sessions. As a result we only managed ten of the twenty seven lessons. In spite of this God did touch a few lives.

During 2011 we have visited hundreds of homes and handed out over two thousand five hundred tracts. We have shared the gospel in very many homes. We have carried out prayer walks in different areas and have walked the dusty streets of Mabolela and the surrounding villages praying as we go and sharing the gospel. We have visited taverns and witnessed to those drinking beer and spirits.

At the Wednesday evening Bible study we are busy doing a foundation course. In 2011 we had between ten and twenty attending, mostly teenagers and a few young adults. Praise God that the word of God is changing the lives of some of these young people. The Bible studies will commence in March as I still need a bit more time to recover.

Last year between one hundred and sixty to one hundred and seventy people attended the church. A number were one time visitors, some attended a few services, and about thirty were regular. At present we have fifteen to twenty who attend regularly. A number of these are truly committed and have a sincere desire to serve the Lord. Many have made commitments to follow Jesus, unfortunately a number of them left the church, when Bongani our keyboard player left the church and took his keyboard with him. Eighteen believers were baptised during the year. About four key members have gone to other centres to serve God there.

Praise God that, through the generous donations of His Place Church, we were able to continue distributing food parcels, on a monthly basis, to fifty seven orphans and four widows.

Toward the end of 2011 we were led by the Spirit to have combined monthly prayer meetings with the Lusaka church. These meetings have been a great blessing.

At the end of October a team from Farming God’s Way did a training course and set out and planted two gardens using this method. We had a good crop of beans, beetroot and spinach. The mielies are still growing. With this crop we have distributed to some orphans and a widow and have also benefited from it.

An Issue for which we need prayer.

The Holy Spirit has shown us to take an uncompromising stand against ancestral worship with its attendant evils, witchcraft and the consulting of Spirit mediums. Praise God that most of those who attend the church in Mabolela have renounced these evil practices. God has also shown us to speak out against this evil, and the very cruel practice, of slaughtering cattle and sheep at funerals. They will have a spirit medium doing some incantation to the ancestors, then, they will cut the throat of the animal, often with a blunt knife. This causes a tremendous amount pain and stress to the poor animal. Because of this stand we have lost members, but God does not desire mixed worship, he requires pure worship from his people. This is what the Holy Spirit desires us to strive for. Praise God that most of those in the church are taking a stand with us. We have set before them alternatives. If you need to prepare food for those attending the funeral, buy meat from a butcher, or shoot the animal. In place of a spirit medium doing his incantation, have a short communion service, celebrating our Lord’s sacrifice for us and his resurrection from the dead. Pray for breakthrough in this issue.

Saturday Bible Club (SBC).

One hundred and two children attended the SBC. The children really enjoyed themselves. They thrive on the attention they get at these meetings. Most of them were very attentive during the memory verse. God is beginning to change some of these children.

Future events for prayer.

In March the Sunday school will be starting up. Pray that the school will allow us to have an extra class room for the Sunday school.

From March we will be meeting with the leaders of Lusaka Christian Fellowship for prayer and fellowship. So we will be meeting with them twice a month. The one prayer meeting will be open to the whole church, the other only for the leadership.

In March a team from Farming God’s Way will again visit to see how the project is progressing. Some of our young people have prepared small gardens at their homes. When we are able to get the training manual and the DVD’s we will train other people in this way of planting gardens.

The next Children’s Bible Holiday Club will take place from 2nd to 5th April. We would love to have an SU team come over that period to give our team more training. Please pray that people will be released to come and help. Donations are needed to cover the expenses of the HBC. If you are able to donate you will find the relevant bank details at the end of this letter.

Thank You.

I apologise that I have not been able to send out individual thank you letters to all those who have given us gifts toward our support during December January. I just did not have the strength to do it. Therefore we want to thank you all for your gifts toward our support. We appreciate each one of you and thank God for you. We also appreciate your ongoing support, and your continued prayer for us. Thank you very much.

God bless you all.

Love in Jesus

Reg & Cynthia Schafer and John King.

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