Newsletter: Scripture Union Holiday Bible Club

“Cock..a..doo.a.doo” was faintly heard from our Sir Charlie (young rooster) early one morning over the Easter weekend. His hen (Lady Grey) (both new additions to our family!!) must have given him a look as if to say “That was a weak attempt at a crow! Try again.” But that put him off and he didn’t. He’s still young and will “get there”. Just like the children who came to our Holiday Bible Clubs the week before Easter – young and tender to receive God’s Word and His love. They will “get there”- growing up to become young people and men and women of God, leaders in the community in different areas of Qwa Qwa. As we see them slowly maturing it is well worth the sacrifices we make to run these clubs – prayers at 6.30a.m., preparation from 8 – 9.30 with our loyal volunteers, ably led by Mpule (Martha) from Scripture Union in the Vaal, walk to open field in the village below our house, where we had an average of 200 children per day. Then a quick sandwich for lunch and travel to Pereng (96 children) or Lusaka (106 average) for the afternoon clubs. We thank the Lord for Mutale (“nurse” as Ouma calls her) for her help with Ouma, housework and cooking supper. We praise the Lord for all the children reached during the week. Our final day ended with a thank you meal for our loyal and faithful volunteers who gave up their whole school holiday to serve the Lord, running 2 Holiday Bible Clubs each day.

We went straight into the Easter weekend being up at 5.30 a.m. on Good Friday to wave goodbye to Mpule as she left by taxi for Thaba Nchu to minister to more children from her church while the adults met together for a conference with a sister church. Back home I was surprised to find a young bull in our garden enjoying some juicy green grass before the harsh winter weather turns everything brown and dry. It was quite a sight to see Reg waving a long piece of bluegum bark as he guided our “intruder” away from our newly shooting pea plants, through the sloping front garden and out of our open gate!! It was open to welcome 31 of our church folk who joined us for a communion service at our house as we remembered the death of our Lord Jesus for us on this Good Friday, 2012. (We can only use the school on Sundays).

On Saturday Reg conducted the funeral for a mother of a contact of our church, followed by a special worship service at Lusaka, and 2 services on Sunday, one being the highlight of the weekend – a sunrise service on a koppie part of the way up the Qwa Qwa mountain behind our house. We shared this service with a group of Dutch young adults, who are here for a 3 month course at the Crossroads Adventure Academy, and their leaders. They had all helped us with the morning H.B.C. in groups of 5 a day, organising a game, a skit or a drama. We praise the Lord and give Him thanks for all these things and for all those who supported us and enabled us to run these H.B.C.s.

May the Lord bless you richly.

Love in Jesus,

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