Newsletter March and April 2012



March/April 2012.

The earth is the Lords, and everything in it,
the world, and all who live in it: for he founded it upon the seas
and established it upon the waters.
(Psalm 24:1-2).

The beauty of God’s creation continues to astound me. We are so blessed to be serving God in such a beautiful setting, surrounded by mountains, with babbling brooks, various species of birds and animals. One morning I was entertained by five Crested Barbets squabbling with some Miner birds and finches over food we put out for them. Most mornings I watch the Forked Tailed Drongas swooping down on hapless insects, or just playing as they swoop down and chase each other, as the Olive Thrushes and the Cape Robins hop along searching for tit bits in the grass. A family of Hoepoes also visit on and off, as do other species of birds. Our garden has also become a refuge for a pair of Grey Duikers, during the night and early morning, until the dogs pick up their scent and chase them out. On an off we have seen the male, or the female grazing in the garden, but the other morning they were together in the garden. In the evenings, when we return home after dark our headlights, on occasion have revealed rabbits and stray antelope wandering along or across the road. We are truly blessed. God has made all things beautiful.

Praise God for…….
The children’s Holiday Bible Club. Over the four day period 588 children had fun, heard the word of God and received something nice. At Mabolela the number of children attending grew each day from 147 on the first day to 249 on the final day. Over the two days at Lusaka we ministered to 153 children, and 96 children attended our once off HBC at Pereng. A number of children indicated a willingness to receive Jesus and prayed inviting Jesus into their lives. Thanks to Martha who did a wonderful job.

The opportunity to take a group of twenty Dutch students visiting in the homes of the people. These students are on a gap year, and are living at Crossroads Adventure Academy, just down the road from us. The people are eager and always invite us into their homes hoping we will pray for them. For most of these middle class, Dutch young people, this was a serious eye opener as they saw the conditions in which some people live. During these visits we had opportunities to share the gospel. We pray that enough of the word has rubbed off onto these Dutch young people in order for them to come to a saving knowledge of God through Jesus our Lord. It is such a privilege to share the gospel in the homes of the people and to pray with them. It was also good for these European people to see how the other side live.

The continued growth in the church in Lusaka.

The slow, but steady increase of those attending the church at Mabolela. We have outgrown the classroom in which we meet. We will need to find a bigger venue soon.

The gifts we receive from His Place Church, Hastings in England, for the feeding of the widows, orphans, vulnerable children and the poor. The number of people being helped with food parcels has risen to 65. There are 42 from the Lusaka area, and 23 from the Mabolela area, including a newly orphaned family of three, a teenage girl and her 2 brothers, and a family of 5 where both parents have recently lost their jobs and are in a desperate situation. On top of that we have been approached to supply food for a crèche in the village that caters for about 11 vulnerable children. That makes the total 76.

Farming God’s Way (FGW).
Well I am not sure if I am stronger but we did plant one of the winter crop gardens in the village, i.e. peas, cabbage, spinach, beetroot, onions and carrots. Cynthia and I have also planted a winter crop in our garden. Pray for a good crop, in both these gardens, so that we can make up some of the vegetable component of the food parcels through this crop. When we have the energy, the time, the seed and a suitable garden with water on tap, we will plant more gardens.

Future Events.
On Saturday 5th May Crossroads will be hosting a soccer match. A team from the Dutch group will take on a team from Mountain Ministries. It should be a time of great fun for our young people as well as the students from Holland. I was hoping to have a game, but everybody thought that, at 66 I was too old!!?? The cheek of it!!!

Saturday 12th May is the date set for our next Saturday Morning Bible Club.

In the Jun/July school holidays we will be running another Holiday Bible Club. Two leaders from SU Gauteng have already made themselves available. Praise God.

Please pray for these events and that children and young people will have lots of fun and be reached with the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Thank you to all of you for your continued prayer support. We are so conscious that prayer is the key to unlocking the door into the hearts of the people, and the only means through which the gospel will break through the shroud of superstition involved in ancestral worship. A very big thank you to all you who support us financially. We appreciate you very much as well as the gifts you send us. Just over the past while we have been very busy and I have not been able to send individual thank you letters. Added to this, I have not been feeling so good over the past while. Please pray for my full recovery.

God bless you all.
Love in Jesus
Reg & Cynthia Schafer, and John King.

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