Ephesians 5:15 – 16
Be very careful, then, how you live – not as unwise, but as wise,
making the most of every opportunity, for the days are evil.
In this world, we are surrounded by evil. FEAR NOT. JESUS has overcome the world!!! Amen.

God in his grace has presented us with two wonderful opportunities of sharing the gospel. during the June/July school holidays, to children, young people and adults alike. It has required us to step right out of our comfort zones and take some bold actions. Praise God for his grace.

Hope for Kids and Fishers of Men. 28th June – 1st July

These two teams hail from the NEW Covenant Church in Thabazimbi. The pastor of this church, Billy Pring, and I have a long history dating back to our years in Rhodesia then Zimbabwe. Unbeknown to us, they have been receiving our newsletters and have been praying for us. Praise God for intercessors. As they were interceding for us the Lord laid a burden on the heart of the leader of the outreach ministry of the church, Kevin Ruthven, to do a mission here in Qwa Qwa during the school holidays. What a time to come to Qwa Qwa. We had our first snowfalls on the Maluti Mountains last night. The strong wind blowing off the snow is icy cold.

The Hope for Kids team, consisting of 5 members, will be doing a special programme for children. On 28th and 29th they will be working with the children on “le groundi” where we normally do the Holiday Bible Clubs. On the 30th the programme will take place in the Phuthaditjhaba Community Hall. These meetings will all take place from 09H30- 12H00. On 1st July they will share in the service at Lusaka Christian Fellowship @ 11H00.

The Fishers of Men team, consisting of 18 members, will present the gospel in musical drama skits and the preached word. These spiritual events will take place in the afternoons from 14H00 to 15H00 each day at the following venues: 28th – 29th: Tribal Council Hall, Mabolela. Saturday 30th June: Phuthaditjhaba Community Hall, a nine hundred seater!!! WOW!!! Our God is Able. On the 1st July at Lusaka Christian Fellowship @11H00.

Partners in Ministry. We are obviously not trying to do this all on our own. The Lord has directed us to the pastors of other churches who will help in the organising, advertising, and the provision of sound equipment and worship leaders, but not financially. Pastor Seobe of the Foundations for Faith, a charismatic church in Bluegum Bosch, and Secretary of one of the local ministers fraternals. The other pastors are Joseph and Joyce Zwane of Lusaka Christian Fellowship.

The plan God showed us to fill all the venues:
1. Draw up leaflets and distribute them at the schools in the areas, and throughout the surrounding villages. We will draw up the leaflets ourselves and have them photocopied at 50c each. That will save the cost of having them printed. They will be mostly in Sotho and a few English.

2. Get permission to announce the events at the schools in the areas.

3. Announce it at the meeting of the ministers fraternal on 20th June.

4. Pastor Seobe has already arranged with Qwa Qwa radio to announce these spiritual events from the 20th June – 29th June.

5(a). Last, but most important, Pray; and having prayed; to pray some more. 1st June we had an all night prayer meeting here at Keta House, our home, to pray for the mission and other related subjects. Seventeen enthusiastic young adults and teenagers joined us to praise, worship and petition the GREAT GOD of the universe and our Loving Heavenly Father. At 03H00 we went a short way up the mountain behind our house, onto a ridge that overlooks quite a large area of Qwa Qwa to pray over the villages and to take authority over satan and the principalities, powers and authorities, in Jesus Name. Then on 8th June we had a half night of prayer finishing at 01H00. The team from New Covenant have set aside last week as a week of prayer and fasting for the mission. On our side we will continue to pray and have special prayer meetings.

5(b). To invite you to join with us in prayer for these spiritual events as well as the second event that will take place from the 10th – 13th July, the Children’s Holiday Bible Club. Martha and Nkululeko of Scripture Union will be leading us here in Mabolela and in Lusaka. More about that in the next newsletter.

Miracles of provision.

1. Our God and Father stirred the heart of the ITC Fellowship, based in Holland, to donate 585 Euros for the Holiday Bible Club. God is so good. Praise his holy name. Thank you so much Paul and your committee who chose to give us this wonderful gift, mainly for food for the children and if possible to give each child a salvation tract.

2. God in his great mercy moved the hearts of Turn2God Prayer Ministries to donate R 1200 towards the work here and we were led to set it aside to provide for the costs of the mission at the end of June. Thank you so much to all of you who came, and to pray with us and to speak into our lives. God bless you all. Thank you too for all the plates and tumblers and spoons.

3. Our God who sees, saw that our current crop of soccer balls were wearing out, that some were perished and one had been stolen, so he moved Living Ball Ministries to donate three brand new, beautiful soccer balls, with a gospel message on each, to be used at the HBC. Thank you so much Marius and Frana, for this much needed gift.

4. The ONLY Wise and Living God, gave pastor Seobe the wisdom to negotiate the hire of the Phuthaditjhaba Community Hall at one third of its cost, although there were others wanting to hire the hall. God gave us favour. Praise his Holy Name.

5. The Lord our Provider has given us favour with Save the Children, an NGO. They do a lot of work with children. One of their members will address the children on a social issue. They will also provide food for the children who attend these events. Thank you Etienne, Pepsi and your staff for your crucial support of this spiritual event.

Prayer Items
1. Pray that the Lord will give us wisdom so that we will get the logistics right, of getting all the teams, and the people to the different venues on time each day and that the worship group from Lusaka will get there in good time to set up the sound system and be ready to go on time.

2. Pray that God will stir up those responsible in the Town Council to get the Phuthaditjhaba Community Hall in order before the 30th, and that they will put the chairs in the hall. They are presently lying and standing all around the building and are not in the hall. Most of the lights do not work and the place is quite dark. The whole place is very dirty and needs a good clean. Good thing we checked it out. Pastor Seobe went to see the council about the hall today.

3. Pray that God will give us a plan to distribute the 4000 leaflets advertising this spiritual event.

4. Pray that the Lord will protect the event against disruption of any form, whether spiritual or natural, and that there will not be any power failures during the meetings.

5. Pray that the Lord will protect the team as they travel on Wednesday 27th June, and also as we travel to the different venues.

6. Pray that the Lord will stretch our budget to cover all the costs of the mission.

7. Above all, pray for a mighty move of the Holy Spirit to break through the spiritual darkness that envelopes Qwa Qwa, that this visit will be a catalyst that will usher in a spiritual awakening in the whole of Qwa Qwa.

8. Pray for the anointing of the Holy Spirit on the whole team and the Word as it is preached in Jesus name.

9. Pray that many people will be deeply convicted by the Holy Spirit of sin, righteousness and judgement to come, and that God will grant them repentance unto life.


We have been blessed by the visit of a team of 20 young people, from Holland, at the Crossroads Adventure Academy. They shared with us in a number of activities, such as helping at the HBC in April, and went visiting in the village with us and some helped with the distribution of food parcels. Thank you for sharing these few months with us, and may God help you to find his ordained purpose for your life in relationship with Jesus Christ our Saviour and Lord, and may he help you achieve your full potential in life. God bless you all.

Praise God for a wonderful gift we received from the brother, Johan Kooistra, of one of the team members Coby who sent 9 envelopes each containing R 140. With this cash we were able to buy warm clothes for 9 children and young people who have next to nothing. God is a good God. Thank you, Johan, for this gift.


Thank you all for your support. Thank you for your prayers and for the gifts you send us. We appreciate you all. Thank you for reading this long letter. May the Lord himself bless you with everything good to do his will and may he work in you all that is pleasing to him.

Love in Jesus

Reg and Cynthia Schafer and John King

The Mountain Ministries, ministry team.

Any donations toward the Spiritual Event that will take place at the end of the month or toward the HBC, can be paid into the following account:

Capitec Bank

Account Name: HBC

Branch Code: 470010

Account number: 1311863360

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