June/July 2012.

Luke 18:16

But Jesus called the children to him and said,
“Let the children come to me and do not stop them, because the Kingdom of God belongs to such as these.

In God’s kingdom children have great value. We praise God for giving us the opportunity to work with the children. The future of South Africa and of Qwa Qwa rests in the hand of the young children of this generation. If, in the grace of God and in the power of the Holy Spirit, we can win the children for Jesus, the future prospects of Qwa Qwa and South Africa will improve dramatically. Please pray with us that this present generation of children will grow up to love and serve the Only True and Living God, and that they will walk in the ways of truth and righteousness, and not in the ways of their forefathers.

Report back on the spiritual event that took place last week.

Preparation for the event.

The teams from Thabazimbe spent weeks praying, practising and preparing for this mission. They also had a week of prayer and fasting. They were prayed up, enthusiastic and well prepared. In Qwa Qwa we had an all night prayer meeting, a half night of prayer and had prayer meetings on Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays. We also prayed in our individual prayer times and in our ministry prayer times. 7000 leaflets were distributed in the Mabolela area and the area surrounding the Community Hall in Phuthaditjhaba. There were two interviews on Qwa Qwa radio, and the programme was announced on Qwa Qwa radio for 7 days.

Hope for Kids – Children’s ministry.

For the first two days the ministry took place on the open ground in Mabolela. About 180 attended the first day. The second day we were overwhelmed by 350 children. Praise God all these children heard the gospel presented in a simple way, with most of the children responding to the call to salvation in Jesus Christ. Please pray that the seed sown in these little lives will germinate and bring forth fruit for God. The team did a good work in keeping the children active, with action songs and little skits during the gospel presentation. Thank you all for your devotion and dedication to this ministry. Thank you too Pitso for organising lunch for the children, and the Lady from the Community Forum who helped with the register. The third day we met at the Phuthaditjhaba Community Hall. We had to go out onto the street to call in children to come and hear the gospel. In the end there were 35 – 40 in this large hall. These children also responded very well. Praise God. Thanks to a generous team member these children each received a packet of chips, an orange and a juice. Praise God for a team that is willing to be used by God. You did well.

Fishers of Men – Outreach team ministry.

The ministry at the Tribal Council Hall Mabolela was not well attended on either day. Such a pity. The drama’s presented as well as the Word given had such a powerful message of hope for the hopeless. Praise God, in spite of the low attendance, lives were changed, people responded to the gospel, people experienced God’s healing and one lady was delivered from an evil spirit. At the Community Hall, about ten to twelve adults gathered, with a few young people and some children to hear the gospel. This in spite of all the advertising, and having placed the speakers outside the hall, with the singers singing, the team doing some dramas, and their flag routine, in the open car park in front of the hall where many people were gathered in small groups talking and drinking beer, as other team members were out sharing the gospel and trying to persuade people to come in to see the dramas. However God moves in large and tiny gatherings. Some responded to the gospel, some were healed and one old lady who could not walk unassisted, walked out of the meeting unassisted. The final meeting on the Sunday morning was at Lusaka Church. Here a large number gathered and God moved in a powerful way. Praise God, for the many who responded to the appeal. Some were healed, some were strengthened in their Christian walk, and back sliders were restored. At a crucial time in the service a demon possessed woman, driven by satan to disrupt the meeting, pitched up outside the church and started wailing and singing. Praise God she was delivered and saved. Thank God for a team dedicated to serve God. They did very good work. God bless you all. Pray that those who did respond to the gospel, will continue to seek God and walk in his ways, and that they will be added to the church.

July Holiday Bible Club

Praise God for Martha and her team of dedicated workers who will be running the HBC. We also praise God for our dedicated and faithful workers who will be assisting Martha.

Please pray for unity amongst the workers, and that we will make this all about the children and not ourselves. Pray that God will give us grace to show love to all the children who attend.

We are going through a cold spell. Please pray that the weather will clear by Tuesday and that we will have warm weather over the four days of the HBC.

These holidays we are going to cook maize meal and vegetables for the children. Please pray for Madipua, Magauta and Tshepitso as they cook, that they will get the quantities right. It will not be easy as you never can be sure of the numbers who will attend the HBC.

Pray that many children will attend and hear the gospel, and that God will work in their hearts faith in Jesus and begin a deep and lasting work in their young lives that will last for eternity, and that they will grow up in deep relationship with the Living God, and serve him in his church.

Pray for God’s anointing on those who share the gospel and that the memory verses will stick in the hearts and minds of the children.

Thank God for the finance that has been made available for the HBC. It will enable us to give the children a hot meal.


Thank you to all of you for your continued prayer support. We are so conscious that prayer is the key to unlocking the door into the hearts of the people, and the only means through which the gospel will break through the shroud of superstition involved in ancestral worship. We value your prayers for us and for the work here. Thank you for praying. Thank you too for your financial support, for us and the work. We appreciate every gift that you send us and value you as partners in the work of the Lord. Without your support in prayer, your encouragement and your financial support we would not be able to do the work God has called us to. To all of you, a big thank you.

God bless you all.

Love in Jesus

Reg & Cynthia Schafer, and John King.

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