August 2012.

Matthew 18:4 – 5 Therefore whoever humbles himself like this child is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven. And whoever welcomes a little child like this welcomes me.

In the early part of the ministry, God showed us that the key to transformation in Qwa Qwa, is the children. If, through the power of the gospel of Jesus, we change the children, then Qwa Qwa will be transformed for Jesus. That is why we place such a strong emphasis on the children. Pray with us that God will give us the children for Jesus.

Saturday Holiday Club (SBC)

On Saturday, 18th August, we hosted 115 children on the “groundi.” This low number was due to the “not so good” weather. A strong cold wind was blowing down from the snow capped mountains, and was driving dust across the ground.

As we have more volunteer leaders, we were able to divide the children into 6 groups. Preschoolers, grades 1 – 3, boys grades 4 – 6, boys grade 7 and up. The girls divide themselves according to their preference in games. The preschoolers and the grades 1 – 3 are kept busy with games and activities suitable for them. The two groups of boys enjoy soccer matches on different parts of the ground. Some of the girls play a traditional game, while the other girls show off their skills in skipping. They do this for a hour or so, then we get the grade 4 and upwards into a group and do other activities. Then all the children are brought together for the learning of the memory verse and a Bible story.

Due to the weather we cut the activities short, gathered them together for the memory verse and teaching, then gave the children some snacks and sent them home. In spite of the weather the children had a lot of fun and are again asking when we will be back on the ground. They really enjoy themselves, and slowly but surely the gospel is getting through to them. Please pray that the gospel message, as well as the memory verses, will stick in their hearts and bear fruit unto eternal life and transformation in their lives as well as in the lives of their families.

The next Saturday Bible Club will be on 15th September. Please pray for a better turnout, and that the gospel will be presented in a clear way so as to work change in these young lives.

The next Holiday Bible Club (HBC) will take place from 2nd – 5th October. Please pray that The Holy Spirit will move in power in the lives of the children. Please also pray for the cooks that they will buy the right food, and that we can get the quantities right for each day. This time we are not expecting any SU Gauteng children’s workers as they will be occupied in their own areas, so our volunteers will run the HBC. Pray that they will be given wisdom to share the word of God with the children.

Food Parcels – Farming God’s Way.

This month we distributed food to 24 families amounting to 60 people, mainly widows and orphans, and to the local crèche where 8 children are fed every Monday to Friday. We praise God for this wonderful opportunity to serve the community in this way. This project has been made possible by the faithful donations of the His Place Church in Hastings, England. But as the numbers of those needing assistance increased and as food prices increased the number of items provided had to be cut. For example; in 2010 a bag of maize meal cost R 38. That same bag now costs R 54. So we look for specials, trying not to compromise on the quality. The typical food parcel was reduced to a 12.5 KG bag of maize meal, 1 KG sugar, 500 grams of salt,375 ML cooking oil, 200 Grams tea, a green bar (soap for washing clothes) cabbage and potatoes. This will cost about R 2500. Now through a generous donation from a new donor we were able to add to this 1 KG rice, two tins of fish and bath soap. We always hold stock of imperishable and cash for those who run out of food during the month. Praise God for those who support this project. It is our prayer and deep desire, that through the implementation of the principles of Farming Gods Way, that all these families will be able to produce their own vegetables at least. Please pray with us that God will raise up a younger man who will have the vision and energy to take on this project and begin to implement Farming God’s Way. I am not able to cope with the work I have and need someone to take on Farming God’s Way. This will be a full time job, if it is to be done properly. The person concerned will not only need to train the people, he will also need to encourage, motivate and assist the people to do it properly. He will also need to be part of the ministry team and be prepared to be involved in ministry, such as house visitation, praying for the sick, leading prayer meetings and run youth meetings and activities. And I KNOW that MY GOD will supply ALL my needs according to His riches in glory in Christ Jesus, MY LORD.

Mabolela Church.

Praise God that the number of people attending the church on Sunday mornings is steadily growing. Praise our Lord that there are over twenty young people attending the Bible studies on a Wednesday and the Friday night praise and prayer meeting. Pray for a Holy Ghost breakthrough in their lives, and that they will be able to shake off and leave their old ways behind them, and grow in grace and the knowledge of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. Some of these teenage girls have been introduced into Satanism by their teachers at school. Some have sold their bodies for food or sweets or a packet of biscuits. These are thirteen to eighteen year old girls. Please pray that God will change them through the power of the Holy Spirit and the power of the word of God and the blood of Jesus. Praise God for the eight faithful and committed young men and the few faithful young women, who are truly seeking God. We have been having some nasty squabbles in the group. Please pray for unity in the group, and that they will respect each other and treat each other with love. Please pray that we will have wisdom to sort out these problems in a loving and fair way. Please pray that God will raise up a youth worker who can take charge of the running of the youth meetings and the Sunday School.

Future Events

21st – 24th September a team from Acts 2:42 Network will be running a leadership training course. Most meetings will be at the Lusaka Christian Fellowship. Please pray that the right people will attend the course and that they will be open to the principles taught.

Later In the year we are going to have a camp for the young people. Our speakers have not yet confirmed if they will be able to make it. The date depends on their availability. Please pray that they will confirm or reject the invitation so that we can get on with our planning. Pray that God will prepare the hearts of those who attend so they will come with the right attitude and come to receive from God.

The Lord willing, the School of Life training course will begin in the second or third week of October. The plan is to train and equip the leaders of the Lusaka and Mabolela churches as well as any other leaders, or potential leaders, in the word of God and for ministry. For the course to be cost effective we will need a minimum of ten people who are able to pay R 10 to R 15 per week to cover the costs of photocopying and our fuel. On the other hand we do not want to stop people from attending if they cannot pay. Pray that God will draw the right people to attend the course, whether they can pay or not.

Personal news.

John has left for JHB for a short break of about 8 – 10 days. My mother has been quite ill and is not very well. Cynthia and I are taking strain, and neither of us has been well for the past two weeks. We need a short break to recover, but with my mom in this condition we cannot leave her. She needs to be in a home where they have the facilities to care for her properly. Her name is on the waiting list at a home in Harrismith. Please pray that they will soon be able to fit Ouma in, or that we will be able to take a few days just to get away.


Thank you to all of you for your continued prayer support. Without your prayers we will not be able to accomplish any spiritual good or see the spiritual breakthrough we so long and pray for. Thank you for praying. Thank you too for your financial support, for us and the work. We appreciate every gift that you send us and value you as partners in the work of the Lord. Without your support in prayer, your encouragement and your financial support we would not be able to do the work God has called us to. To all of you, A VERY BIG THANK YOU.

God bless you all.

Love in Jesus

Reg & Cynthia Schafer, and John King.

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