September 2012.
Psalm 147:4 – 6a “He (the Lord) determines the number of the stars
and calls them each by name.
Great is the Lord and mighty in power; his understanding has no limits.
The Lord sustains the humble….

Our Great God, the Lord Almighty, who created every heavenly body in every galaxy and throughout the universe, who in his wisdom has named every star and heavenly body, and who, in his awesome power, sustains all the planets in their courses and upholds the entire universe, sustains all who humble themselves before him and, come to him as repentant sinners, through faith in Jesus his Only Son. The Hand that directs the universe is the Hand that directs each of us through the course of our lives. Praise God for his great love and grace. Let us rest in his unfailing love in all circumstances. He holds you by your right hand. Isaiah 41:13. Praise his glorious name.

Welcome to a mixed up Qwa Qwa weather wise. During the past few weeks we have had extremes in the weather. Some days the temp didn’t rise over 9 degrees and today it is well into the twenties. We have had snow on the mountains and much rain. The nights have been fairly cool and even downright cold; below freezing. It looks as if we are in for more rain and a cold week end, the wind is blowing a gale and the rain is falling. And here, when the wind blows too strongly or it rains, the power goes off. We trust that we will have power tonight, and through the week end. Praise God for the rain and the seasons, even when you can have four seasons in one day. Praise him for the cold and the warmth. Our God controls the weather patterns for our good. He is so good and gracious.

Saturday Holiday Club (SBC)
Saturday the 15th loomed dark, cold, interspersed with drizzle and rain. Eight leaders and about twenty children braved the cold and the rain, and turned up for the SBC. We played a few games, in which we all took part, just to keep warm. But, as the rain started coming down harder, we had a very short gospel talk, gave all the children some snacks and we all went home. Rain washed out play on the day.

The next Holiday Bible Club (HBC) will take place from 2nd – 5th October. Pray for good weather and that God will open the hearts of the children to the gospel message. Pray that the Holy Spirit will inspire us to discover new and fun activities for the children to do.

Our First Ladies Meeting.
Fourteen young ladies, some still in primary school, braved the cold and the rain to attend the first of many ladies meetings. We took them to the home of a lovely Christian lady named Mogie, who loves Jesus with great passion, and who has a heart for the ladies of Qwa Qwa. She gave them lunch and shared her heart with them. Each of them received a file and notes. They ALL loved the meeting and had a blessed time. One young lady said in the car on the way home, “She (Mogie) is the best lady I have ever met in my life”. Well done Mogie. You have made a lasting impression. Carry on the good work.

The next ladies meeting will be some time in October. Please pray that the ladies will open their hearts to the Lord, and to Mogie so that they will give Jesus pre-eminence in their lives.

Food Parcels – Farming God’s Way.
This month we distributed food to 30 families amounting to 71 people, mainly widows and orphans, and to the local crèche where 8 children are fed every Monday to Friday. Some families find that they need two food parcels a month as they have no other source of income. The crèche also needs two parcels a month. The number of people that require help with food is growing every month. Soon it will be imperative that we teach the people to grow their own vegetables, then we can use the cash to buy more of the other food items needed. We would love for the people to move from a state of dependency to self-sufficiency. Pray with us for a person, called by God, who will be able to take on the Farming God’s Way project. This person should not only teach and demonstrate the principles, but who will be able to assist people to get their own gardens going. As, at present, we do not have the funds to pay such a person, or the space to accommodate them, he or she will have to raise their own support and find their own accommodation.

Praise God that through the generous donations of His Place church in the UK, and our new donor from Qwa Qwa we are able to provide for some of the needs of these families. We are truly privileged to be able to be the trustees of these funds to meet the needs of the poor and the needy. Praise God for the provision of food for these families, and for those who make it possible by their sacrificial giving.

Leadership Training
From the 21st to the 24th September we were privileged to have Claude Jaques and Dave and Liz Pass teach on leadership at the Lusaka Christian Fellowship. The topics taught included; What is a Christian leader?, The heart of a leader, Servant leadership – the sacrifices of a leader. We were blessed and challenged by the teaching of the word of God. Some of the aspiring leaders will have to rethink their concept of Christian leadership. From their cultural background, from the examples they see around them, and the examples they see on TV they have this “big chief” idea of Christian leadership. Now their perspective has been challenged. Pray that they will be led by the Spirit through the word they have received and change to a more biblical understanding of Christian Leadership.

At the course everybody attending was given the full notes of the teaching. Thank you Claude, Dave and Liz for all your hard work, in producing such great material. The plan is to go through all the notes slowly so that everybody can discuss it and ask questions. In this way the teaching will be established in their lives. Please pray that the Holy Spirit will challenge them to compare their understanding of Christian leadership with the model found in the New Testament and change their understanding of Christian Leadership.

People God has brought into our lives.
The Lord has blessed us in introducing people into our lives. We thank God for Jackson and Sandra who initially brought us here to the farm where we live. Through Jackson we were introduced to Rani and later to her partner Chris. Through Chris and Rani we met Ravi and Veloshni as well as Vijay and Mogie. All of these families run clothing manufacturing companies in Qwa Qwa. They all have homes that are on the factory premises. We praise God for each of them. Vijay and Mogie have been a particular blessing to us. We have been part of the cell group in their home and through them we have met the pastor of the Nations for Christ church in Harrismith, Kier and his right hand man Jannie. They are also a part of the cell group. Mogie is the wonderful lady who ran the first ladies meeting and who will be helping with the young ladies from the church. We praise God too for Etienne Bramley who heads up Save the Children in Qwa Qwa. Praise God for each of them, and we look forward to a long friendship and partnership with them in spreading the gospel in Qwa Qwa.

Future Events.
As soon as we can settle on a date with the Lusaka Christian Fellowship, we will have Dave and Liz Pass, of Password Ministries run a praise and worship as well as a music and voice training course. We praise God for their willingness to return to Qwa Qwa so soon to do this for us. Please pray that we will settle on a date soon and that we will be able to raise the funds to get all those involved in the music groups to the training. This is the camp that we were planning.

It seems very few people in Lusaka are interested in doing the School of Life Bible training course. We wanted to run the course there and take some of the people from here with us, now it seems that we may have to start here in Mabolela. Some of the young people from Mabolela are quite keen. There will be a small charge of between R 10 to R 15 per week to pay for the photocopying of the notes and for fuel. Please pray that the Lord will direct us very clearly concerning starting the course and that people will make the time to attend.

Personal news.
John, who has returned from his two weeks in JHB, contracted a severe sinus infection and is recovering slowly. Cynthia is also suffering from an infection and is in need of a break. I also have a severe sinus infection that has affected my ears and makes hearing very difficult. I guess that I have been pushing too hard, as the doctor tells me that I my heart is not pumping strongly enough to push the liquid out of my lungs?? My mother, who is staying with us is very weak, and not able to do anything for herself, and requires a lot of attention. We have a helper who helps with her but it is still a strain on us. Yesterday she was admitted to the Manapo Hospital in Phuthaditjhaba. I am standing very firmly on the word of God for total healing of each one of us. Please pray with us for total healing in Jesus name. Cynthia and I will take a few days off after the HBC and go into the mountains for a rest period.

God is so good. Through our new found friends we have been blessed with a brand new generator, so now when the power goes off, we can switch on the generator. It was delivered to us today, 27/09/2012 and will be connected up soon. God has been very good to us. Praise God for such generous friends, and for bringing them into our lives. I am concluding this news letter on battery power and by torch light. Because the wind is blowing, the power goes down. This is our second power failure this afternoon. Praise God for the generator. I can’t wait for it to be connected.

Thank you to all of you for your continued prayer support. Without your prayers we will not be able to accomplish any spiritual good or, see the spiritual breakthrough we so long and pray for. Thank you for praying. Thank you too for your financial support, for us and the work. We appreciate every gift that you send us and value you as partners in the work of the Lord. Without your support in prayer, your encouragement and your financial support we would not be able to do the work God has called us to. To all of you, A VERY BIG THANK YOU. We thank God for each one of you.

God bless you all.
Love in Jesus
Reg & Cynthia Schafer, and John King.

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