This is the day the Lord has made;
let us rejoice and be glad in it.
Ps 118:14

No matter what the day is like, it is a perfect day – God has made it.
Although it is cold and wet after a night of rain we rejoice not only for today, but also for what He is doing in Qwa Qwa.

Holiday Bible Club(HBC)

The HBC took place from the 2nd – 5th October. This event is always well attended by children from the surrounding villages. During the four days the “fire ball” above us was rather vicious, yet everybody enjoyed themselves. At events such as this the children get thirsty and we do take water to the ground. Every time a child or teenager wants water they need to say “please”, and “thank you.” The boys enjoy soccer while the girls skip, as well as playing other indigenous games. During each rotation of the skipping rope, the girls do all kinds of antics and it is amazing how co-ordinated they are. Our team of leaders do a sterling job of controlling the children and supervising the group that they are in charge of. Toward the end of each day activities, the gospel is shared with the children, as well as a verse that they are taught to memorise. Those that volunteer to stand up and repeat the verse are rewarded with sweets. At the end of it all they are given a meal.

All night prayer meeting

On Friday 26th October, at Keta House (Reg and Cynthia’s residence) we had an all night prayer meeting of intercession and spiritual warfare. The meeting commenced at 20.30 and ended at 03.30 on Saturday. However we stopped at midnight for a half an hour coffee break to refresh ourselves.
God emphasised again that He is crying for Qwa Qwa and that we are His instruments to do the work of praying, witnessing to the unsaved and preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ. When the meeting came to an end at 03.30 some of the youth slept while others chatted and again had coffee.
Then at 05.30 everyone went up to pray on the first ridge of the Qwa Qwa mountain which
over looks Qwa Qwa.

Many of us know that well known scripture in 2 Chr 7:14 “…if my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then
will I hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and will heal their land.”
Note the condition “ if “ and then, the promise “ heal their land ”.
During the prayer meeting with the young people, God instructed us to pray, and to pray ,and to pray , and to pray, and to pray, and to pray, and to pray. Do you think we’ve got the message?


Notwithstanding the fact that we DO pray, God is encouraging us to pray more and more.
On many occasions God has shown us that He is crying for the people of Qwa Qwa. There have been occasions when Reg and I have openly wept as we feel the heartbeat of God. During the prayer meeting God showed us two things:

¨ Corruption has reached pandemic proportions
¨ Bloodshed

We need to pray, not only here in Qwa Qwa, but for the country as a whole, and take authority over powers and principalities, that corruption be rooted out and that any form of bloodshed will not prevail.

New arrivals

At church on Sunday 21st October and out of the blue, arrived Marischa Luther together
with two sisters, Evelyn and Christine. These two sisters stopped fellowshipping with us
a while ago, but God in his providence has brought them back to us. Marischa was living in a village called Matebeleng, and it was there where she met Evelyn and Christine who are still staying in Matebeleng. Marischa arrived in Qwa Qwa on 23rd June 2011 under sponsorship from the Belgium Government. Her function is to set up projects relating to sexual abuse, domestic violence, drug abuse and shelters for orphans. Marischa also has a heart for children and we look forward to working with her in this area as well as shelters for orphans.

An amazing man
On Wednesday 31st October, Reg, Cynthia, Marischa and myself had the privilege of meeting
Wynand van Huyssteen and his wife Mandy. Wynand and Mandy minister in an area
called Thaba Tseu. Their “home” is an unused school building which is in a reasonable condition. A wall between two classrooms was knocked down and the classrooms are used as a church. Wynand shared some supernatural events that he has experienced. One of them is that through the power of the Holy Spirit working in him, Mandy was raised TWICE from the dead. Each time she died was due to a stroke. On four other occassions in Harrismith people were raised from the dead as God’s healing anointing flowed through him.

On the personal side
Many of you are aware of the passing away on 7th October, of Reg’s mother, “Marge”, more affectionately known as “Ouma”. A memorial service for Ouma was held on the 12th October
at the Ed-U-College school hall. A lady commented afterwards that the service was “nice”.
Actually she was correct – the service was not a sad occasion, but rather a joyful celebration,
as Ouma was promoted to glory in the presence of Jesus.

Hopefully and God willing Reg and Cynthia will be taking a well deserved break shortly.
Mutale, who looked after Ouma so well, is still employed by Reg and Cynthia, and will be, until she finds other employment.

Please pray that
¨ The people be set free from ancestral worship
¨Corruption be rooted out in Qwa Qwa and the nation
¨Bloodshed is arrested throughout the nation
¨The children and youth in Mountain Ministries remain faithful
¨The males and females be set free from alcohol abuse
¨God gives us grace to love the “unlovable”
¨Families be reconciled

Your news
We are tucked away here, off the beaten track, so if you would like to
share anything with us we’d love to hear from you!

Thank you
Prayer partners, thank you richly for your faithfulness in praying. May God give you wisdom and grace as you continue to pray.

To those who support us personally, and for the work, WE THANK YOU SO MUCH for your faithfulness. Without you ALL, Mountain Ministries would not be able to function.

May His grace and peace be with you all.

John, Reg and Cynthia.

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