November 2012.

At last we have been able to slip away from the activity and the business of the ministry and life in Qwa Qwa. This little farm where we are staying is close to the small town of Van Reenen, right on the border of the Free State and Kwa Zulu Natal. Our little house is very close to some small koppies with huge rocks. Needless to say I have been to the top and surveyed the scenery from the vantage point of some of the highest rocks in the koppies. The top of the rocks is a beautiful place to commune with God. God’s works in creation are absolutely awesome, as is our great God. Here there is no cell phone or internet reception, so we will only be able to send this news letter out when we arrive home on Friday or Saturday.

Holiday Bible Club (HBC)

The HBC is the highlight of the totally boring lives of the children of the village. They look forward to it with great anticipation. So, the children are looking forward to the 11th – 14th of December with unbridled excitement. That is when the next HBC will take place. Martha, from Scripture Union Gauteng South, will share her expertise with us and add to the training of our leaders, who are developing well, and have become very capable in running the HBC on their own. This year we are targeting the children of Chris Hani Park village as well as the children of Lerebi and Matibeleng villages. Please pray that we will get a good response from these villages, and that there will be a good response to the gospel. Pray also that God will give Martha the right word for the children that will draw them to Jesus. As usual we will give the children a meal at the end of each day’s activities. This month we will require some sponsorship for this.

Ladies Meeting.

The ladies are enjoying the ladies meetings. They are being greatly encouraged and we pray that we will soon see the fruit of these meetings in changed lives, and a deeper commitment to our Lord Jesus.

Food Parcels – Farming God’s Way.

28 homes are receiving supplementary food by way of food parcels. This represents close on eighty people, mainly children. There are a number of gogo’s who have been left with their orphaned grand children; unemployed single mothers with their children, orphan children still in school and in one case a young woman left by her mother to fend for herself. As we reach into the lives of more people the more needs we discover. Praise God for His Place Church in Sussex, UK, for their continued support of these families, and for S A Cloth who also contribute toward will become more self supporting, and eventually fully self supporting.

From 9th – 11th November we were blessed to have the FGW team visit us and share their knowledge of growing fruitful vegetable gardens. After sharing some training and the Biblical basis of FGW, together we planted a garden of cabbage, onions, lettuce, peas and spinach. Some of the young men were so inspired they cleared more ground and prepared another six rows for planting. We were able to give them bean seeds to plant. A few others have cleared ground at their homes and are preparing gardens. We provide them with the seed for sowing. The plan is that those who have received the training should go and help those receiving the food parcels to start their own gardens. Please pray that one of these young people will take on the coordinating of this plan or that God would raise up someone who would do it. OUR DEEP DESIRE FOR THOSE, RECEIVING THE FOOD PARCELS, IS THAT THEY BECOME SELF SUFFICIENT AS FAR AS THEIR DAILY FOOD IS CONCERNED.

By special request we were taught to grow pumpkins. Now we have three pumpkin stations, three gem squash stations and a water melon station in the one area of our garden. We have also established a FGW vegetable garden. We now have many varieties of beans, carrots, beetroot, cabbage, onion and spinach plants coming up in various parts of our garden. We too are trying to grow our own vegetables. Please pray that God will protect our garden from the Mouse Birds who ate almost everything we tried to grow last year.

Pastors Meetings.

From the time we arrived in Qwa Qwa we have been asking the Lord to lead us to likeminded people who share passion for the people, but apart from Joseph and Joyce in Lusaka we had found none. Most of the pastors are in it for the money, the prestige or some other reason. But slowly God is bringing us into contact with likeminded people. On Saturday 24th November we had a pastor’s lunch at one of the leaders of the ministry the Lord has given Wynand van Huysteen in Thaba Tseu, one of the many villages in Qwa Qwa. At the lunch the word was actually shared and Wynand read prophecies the Lord had given him. The gist of the matter is that the time is short, and the church leaders must stop their own kingdom building, and unit to build God’s kingdom and warn the lost of the imminent return of Jesus. We were deeply challenged by the word and also encouraged by it. It was a wonderful time of fellowship in the Lord and the Holy Spirit was stirring our hearts to reach for greater things in the Spirit and to get on with the work of winning the lost for Jesus. These meetings will take place every 3 – 4 months. The challenge is to get other church leaders and pastors to attend. The next meeting will be at our home and hosted by Mountain Ministries.

On Sunday morning 2nd December Wynand, and one other pastor from the ministry, Peace by name, will be sharing the word and the visions God has shown them. Please pray that our people will catch the vision and begin to share their faith more vigorously.

Future Events.

Inspired by Wynand, outreach meetings are being planned for the new year into Matibeleng and Leribe villages, with the aim of establishing churches in these villages. Families that attend the church are living in these villages. Please pray that we will plan properly in the Spirit and that in everything we will be led by the Spirit and that Jesus will be glorified by the salvation of many.

In January Dave and Liz pass will be running a worship seminar that will include workshops that will specialise in song writing, vocal training and keyboard training. The plan is to get many other churches involved. This will involve a lot of logistics, especially the feeding of all those who attend. Churches from Harrismith and Kestel will also be invited. Please pray for wisdom in putting this together, and that everything will be done under the direction of the Holy Spirit.

Training School.

The Holy Spirit is causing us to rethink the way we are to do this. We may need to restructure what we were planning. Please pray that we will hear the Holy Spirit clearly and DO WHAT HE WANTS.


Thank you to all of you for your continued prayer support. Without your prayers we will not be able to accomplish any spiritual good or see the spiritual breakthrough we so long and pray for. Thank you for praying. Thank you too for your financial support, for us and the work. We appreciate every gift that you send us and value you as partners in the work of the Lord. To all of you, A VERY BIG THANK YOU. We thank God for each one of you.

God bless you all. Love in Jesus

Reg & Cynthia Schafer, and John King.

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