An attitude of gratitude

“Tempus fugit”- another year has come to an end. We are very mindful of the Lord and thank Him often for his provision and protection over our lives. Absolutely nothing that God does is taken for granted. He always comes thru for us and never forsakes or leaves us.

God is transforming the lives of many people and this in itself is gratifying. There are still so many people to be reached over such a vast area but nothing is impossible for God.


To those of you who support us financially, and in prayer, we thank you most graciously. Without you all, Mountain Ministries could not sustain itself.


T r i b a l i s m

Every year at this time in and around Qwa Qwa, tradition has it that the males and females need to attend an initiation ceremony. The purpose of this tribal custom is to grant the initiate
“ right of passage from boyhood to manhood ”. The initiates are taken into the mountains where they perform their rather loud chanting rituals, together with whistle blowing and beating
of drums. Very near to where we stay, there is a roofless incomplete house, wherein some females, with children and babies, are initiated. Well, well, you can imagine the noise that is going on around the neighbourhood. Even the dogs barked their disapproval. At times the children were somewhat of a nuisance, loitering near our residence, causing the dogs to bark. “ Rusty ”, my delightful little four legged friend, belonging to our Ministry decided to put an end to the loitering. With his back paws kicking up dust and without barking, he chased the children back down the road leading to the incomplete house. Ever seen unsuspecting children run beyond their potential ?

Satanism is also very active here. Late one night a group of satanists entered a house in the village; abducted two pre-school children; took them into the mountain and forced them to drink blood. They start working on the children at a very early age. The grandmother of the children very wisely brought them to the church the next day for prayer. Thank God we have the victory through the Lord Jesus Christ.

K i n g d o m M i n i s t r y

Churches in Qwa Qwa are a dime a dozen and are led by self- appointed Bishops, Archbishops, Reverends and Pastors. Most of the churches are caught up in “ mixed ” worship and in so doing have no basis to teach the absolute truth of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

W0rking with these churches in guiding them to see the truth is very difficult. They are sceptical and always want to know what is in it for themselves.

However, after meeting with Wynand van Huyssteen of, “God ’s Word Ministries” we invited him and part of his team to share with us at Mountain Ministries. He preached powerfully under the anointing of the Holy Spirit and shocked us out of our comfort zones. One powerful point that Wynand made was that the Holy Spirit showed him that the second coming of Jesus is very near, that we are living in the last days and those who do not know him have their last and second chance.

Wynand did mention that he was going to have a youth conference during the December Holidays and that there was a lot for him to organise, including the cutting of the grass. Bearing in mind that he operates from an unused school, there was a huge area of grass to cut. With one electrical socket, a weed eater or bushcutter and various extension cords, this clearly was far too much for one man to cope with.
What now?? NO Problem!! On a very hot Saturday, with two cars, a donated Ryobi generator with two outlet sockets, rakes, brooms, spades, forks and eight young men from Mountain Ministries, Reg and I drove to Wynand”s (residence) and got the job done.
If you are thinking “only Mountain Ministries helped ”? NO . Wynand was there together with his team. At the end of the day the property really looked good and Wynand was extremely grateful. This is not “ Brownie point stuff ”, THIS IS KINGDOM MINISTRY work .

  • Is it not time for the church to move out of it’s comfort zone and be doers of the word?
  • Is it not time for the church to make a paradigm shift?
  • Is it not time for the church to become more holy (are you) ?
  • Is it not time to preach J E S U S in the stadiums and offer a second chance?
  • Is it not time to fill stadiums to pray and to worship God?
  • Is it not time to fill stadiums with Christian bands and concerts instead of senseless rock concerts?

Holiday Bible Club- HBC

This very popular event was held from 11th – 14th December. The overall attendance for the four days was 122 girls, and 161 boys. Amongst these boys and girls there were some new children from two other areas, Leribe and Metibeleng. Martha, from Scripture Union, hosted the event. She did the ministry to the older children, while Cynthia ministered to the grade three’s and under. A number of the older children received Jesus as their Saviour for the first time. Please pray that the seed sown in them will grow and bear good fruit for Jesus. Martha is very well liked by the children and leaders and come to think of it, Martha also enjoys herself when she is here. So, you see-eeee, ALL you wonderful people out there, you REALLY need to visit us and see just how beautiful Qwa Qwa is. Okay, back to HBC.

The weather was kind to us – we had two warm days and two cool days. On two occasions during the activities Reg and I needed to break away for a short while and our leaders did exceptionally well in keeping “law and order”.

In the past, for lunch each day, the children received sandwiches and a packet with sweets, biscuits and a Sniggles packet. This proved to be costly and a change was needed. After consulting some of the African ladies it was decided to serve cooked meals. This also had its challengers:-Logistics and infrastructure – the storeroom for garden tools was transformed into a “kitchen” without running water. Fortunately there were sufficient church funds to purchase a 3-plate pedastil gas stove, two large pots and the necessary utensils. Over and above these we still had to purchase plastic plates and spoons. However, at that stage we needed to borrow two metal work tables for the cooks. We have since managed to purchase two steel tables. The daily meal consisted pap or rice and a vegetable.

Next problem – transporting the food. The pots were loaded into one car, the tables into another, together with the cooks and their children, plates and spoons and off we go to the field.
Next problem – serving. Initially this was a little chaotic, but we corrected this by implementing various ideas. We are at the stage now where we have “fine tuned” procedures that we do in the HBC’s and they are running well.

Other activities.

The Lord in his mercy enabled us to show our appreciation to the leaders, for their hard work, by having a braai for them. They have shown initiative and have worked with Martha or by themselves in four HBC’s and ten SBC’s. The braai was a fitting way to say thank you to them. We thank God for these young men and women who are seeking to follow and serve God. May the Lord in his grace keep them from falling and present them faultless before his presence with exceeding joy. Please pray for Phutsaletso, who has returned to her old ways.

God also made a way for us to give the children of the Sunday School (consisting of pre-schoolers to grade seven) a bit of a party. They were all very happy with their party, and went home with little bags stuffed with goodies. Cynthia has been doing a good Job in teaching these children, with the help of an interpreter. Here again our leaders show their worth. Praise God for them. We also praise God for these SS children. One of the girls is in our leadership team and does well. Some of these primary school children have started coming to the Bible studies and prayers meetings. Some of these children have great leadership potential. Pray that they will continue to grow in grace and in the knowledge of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

Praise God for the mothers of the church. Thanks to God’s provision, we were able to host some of them at our home, for an afternoon of fellowship, tea and cake. It was a privilege to have had them in our home. Our home was also the venue for our Christmas day service. We had about forty to forty five people squashed into the big lounge, most of them children and young people. The service was followed by tea and biscuits. Everybody seemed to enjoy the morning.

Thank you once again for your prayer and financial support. We appreciate you and value your prayers and friendship in the Lord. Our prayer for you is that in 2013 you will walk with God in love and joy and experience the rich abundance of his overflowing goodness, and the rich reward of your relationship with God our Father, in Jesus Christ our Lord and Saviour, through the power of the Holy Spirit our Comforter and Guide.

John has been on some R & R in JHB since 17th December. The Lord willing we may spend a week or two in JHB and the south coast.

Love to all of you faithful family and friends, with our sincere love and heartfelt appreciation in the Lord.

John, Reg and Cynthia

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