Cynthia’s Newsletter March 2013


Have you ever prayed for a sick cat or an injured chicken? Well, our God is an awesome God and a prayer answering God.

“Our God is an awesome God; He reigns from heaven above,

With wisdom, power and love,

Our God is an awesome God – indeed He is!!

On the “farm” with free-range chickens there are indeed dangers! Spiritually as well we have unseen dangers and need to be on our guard daily clothing ourselves with the armour of God (Ephesians 6:11 – 17). Be good soldiers (warriors) for the Lord, marching against the enemy (seen or unseen). We are seated in heavenly places and can look down on our circumstances and be victorious over them. Set our minds on things above, eternal things, and the earthly things will fall into line.

Back to prayer (communicating or talking) to our Heavenly Father as our Friend and as we keep a close relationship with Him we may ask Him to meet our needs, to protect us and to be with us at all times. Our needs at this time are for finances for our HOLIDAY BIBLE CLUB at the end of the month. We would like to feed the children with one nutritious meal each day and sandwiches for lunch for our volunteer leaders. We also give our leaders a thank you lunch on the last day of the club and try to include ice cream as a treat because they have given at least part of their holiday to serve the Lord and the children of the community.

Ever been to a funeral where your feet and shoes get stuck in the mud!? Quite challenging! It had rained “cats and dogs” the day and night before and even the ground under the tent was sticky mud. The Golf got stuck in the “road” and had to be “towed out” by muscle power! It was a funeral for a young man of 23 from our sister church in Lusaka (Qwa Qwa) whose family had moved to our side of town. He had epilepsy, but was doing so well and had grown so much as a Christian since coming to know Jesus as his Saviour. We celebrated his life and his promotion to heaven.

Our days are very full with various activities. One highlight recently was a weekend thoroughly enjoying Sandra, Michele and Nicky, from Hartebeespoort (the Word Wise Church) sharing with our church folk in dance and music, with prophetic worship, prophetic prayer, testimony and very powerful Intercession. It was wonderful, awesome and we really saw the glory of the Lord (Revelation 1,4 and 5) and felt His tangible presence in the hall we met in – the Tribal Trust Hall – on Friday eve., Saturday all day (meals included thanks to our great team of ladies) and Sunday morning. A big thank you to Sandra and her team. May the Lord truly bless you and continue to use you as you serve Him in this very creative way.

We are looking forward to 21st and 22nd March when Thabu and his team from Scripture Union will be training about 30 of our volunteers for various activities with children and young people. The S.U. training is so good it is life changing and helps to equip trainees for not only current events but life in general and future jobs etc. Please pray that our higher grade high school learners will not be required to attend extra classes over that time! The following week we will be holding our Holiday Bible Club for the children of our community on the open piece of ground below our house. We trust we will one day have a building in which to hold the clubs, church services, Bible studies and prayer and youth meetings so that whatever the weather, we can continue with our activities.

Until next time please keep praying for us and giving as you are able to the work here in this very needy part of the Free State, South Africa. QWA QWA FOR JESUS – Amen. Thank you for all your support in so many ways.

Love in Jesus, Cynthia and team.






With the blink of an eye we are already at the end of the second month of the year.

Time waits for no man and so we need to plan ourselves well to get the most out of every day.

Mountain Ministries Church


The stage has been reached where we have now outgrown the classroom in which

services are conducted. The number of children continues to grow but the regular

The stage has been reached where we have now outgrown the classroom in which services are conducted. The number of children continues to grow but the regular congregants remains much the same. However, through prayer we are trusting God to usher the people in. Apart from our leaders, it is of particular concern that there are very, very few “men” who attend the sevices. As we know “men”throughout the world play a vital and integral role in any family. Sadly though this is not the case in many homes. Ancestral worship, alcohol abuse, sex , drugs, adultery, fornication and rape are very prevalent in this area. Captain Phoobi Moodley of the South African Police Force told me yesterday that, on average, in the Phuhaditjhaba area alone, fifty reported cases of rape are received monthly. What about the rest of Qwa Qwa ?





Is it not time to re instate the death penalty for rape, murder ,incest and other crimes that violate and infringe on the dignity of a person ?

Help has arrived


We have been praying for somebody to help with the work here at Mountain Ministries. Julia O’Connell and her three children arrived in Qwa Qwa. Julia worked at Refilwe, situated very near to Lanseria Airport. She did outstanding work in the squatter camps and excelled in everything she did. Two of her children, Daniel and Jessica, are weekly boarders at the Retief High School in Kestel. The instruction is in english and last year the matric pass rate was 100 percent. You might be wondering “How can she afford this”. Well Julia can’t but as providence would have it God can. So how’s this for provision:


Free boarding

Free schooling

Free uniforms

Free stationery


Joshua has managed to secure employment at a textile factory owned by Rani and Chris who have become good friends of ours. Thank you Rani and Chris for being so willing in making this possible for Joshua. Julia is temporarily staying in the “Rainbow House” next to the Lusaka church. The house has no bathroom, no running water but does have a toilet – outside! Her situation is far from ideal and she needs to be here in Lefika.


Farming God ’s Way (FGW)


Wow. Thank you FGW team for coming back again and sharing your knowledge. The team have been so regular in their follow up visits, so diligent in their work and we really appreciate them.

On their previous visit they challenged the young people to start their own gardens and that on their next visit, they (FGW), would inspect them. Well ,well , some took up the challenge and began their gardens. During FGW’s visit just passed they inspected the work of the “farmers” who were advised as to what to do and what not to do in the future. All the “farmers” were greatly encouraged and were photographed in their gardens.

For their sterling efforts they were invited to a time of fellowship and sharing.

Tea, coffee and cold drinks were on offer together with cakes, sweets and biscuits.

Two Forthcoming Events


During the first week of the coming school holidays Scripture Union will be training potential facilitators in the “Life Skills” course.

This is an excellent course taught in schools and targets the Grade 9 and 10 age range. Once the facilitators have been trained they will be able to teach on issues affecting the lives of the teenager such as :











There are more issues that are covered but this gives you an idea as to what the course entails.


Holiday Bible Club

This ever popular event will be taking place during the second week of the school holidays. The children always look forward to this event and they really enjoy themselves.


Food Parcels


“For even when we were with you, we gave you this rule: If a man will not work, he shall not eat.” 2 TH 3:10

A lot of time and effort is spent in the buying, and delivery of the parcels. The funding is received from “His Place” church in England. The condition of the funding is that the parcels be given to orphans who attend church regularly.

The recipients are those attending the “Lusaka Christian Fellowship” and “Mountain Ministries” churches. Unfortunately though there is an “atitude of NO gratitude” with not even a “thank you” forthcoming. After careful consideration it was decided that to receive a food parcel, each recipient must do eight hours work per month.

Are we being spiteful ? NO !

Are we being unfair ? NO !

Are we teaching them responsibility ? OH YES!!!

It was explained to the orphans of both churches as to why their parcels had been withdrawn and what they needed to do to have them re-instated. My oh my oh my. Protestation after protestation was the order of the day at Lusaka. Feeble excuses were offered as to why they should receive a food parcel and not work for it. We are adamant. NO EXCEPTIONS. Lets see what happens when the “hunger pains” really start hurting.

The response at Mountain Ministries was quite different. NOBODY objected and are quite happy to put in their hours. NO HUNGER PAINS HERE.



A big note of thanks to ALL OF YOU who support the ministry and ourselves personally. Without your support the circumstances would be rather dismal. God Bless you.


Prayer Items


As the Holy Spirit leads you please pray :

For accommodation for Julia

For Reg’s health – he is battling

For the Scripture Union team

For finance to fund the HBC

For the hard hearts of the people of Qwa Qwa

With all our love in Jesus

John, Reg and Cynthia