APRIL – May 2013.


All Praise and Glory to our Father God, to Jesus our Elder Brother, Friend and victorious Lord and the Holy Spirit our Guide, Comforter and Teacher. The Triune Godhead, full of love, grace, mercy and justice. We have proved Him over and over again in all areas of our lives. Praise His Name.

Settling Julia.

“Hard work never killed anyone.” In fact it strengthens your muscles and keeps you fit! Wow our faithful young guys have been very busy again – apart from digging 2 very large holes in preparation for Julias’s toilet and bathroom – they carried all her furniture up the mountain to this 6 roomed house in Mabolela which she is renting at a reasonable price. It’s quite a mission as our cars can only go to the road at the bottom of the mountain. Thank you so much, guys. A big thank you too, to Save the Children, who lent us a bakkie and a driver, to help bring her possessions from Lusaka area to our side of town.

The children in our area are flocking to Julia for homework classes, Bible stories, fun and games and love, love, lots of love. They come and go all day – some cold and wet needing clothes and shoes. What a privilege to be able to help and serve these little ones (and older ones) is some way to meet, at least, some of their needs.

Julia’s Bathroom

Work on Julia’s bathroom and toilet is now complete, apart from the dry wall separating the toilet and Bathroom, and the bathroom and toilet from the rest of the room in which the bathroom was installed. The irony of the situation is that just before the electrician was able to complete the electrical work for the geyser, the water failed due to a burst pipe. So he was not able to check to see if everything is working properly. And Julia has been without water since 25th until now, and we have been without water for two days now. They say we will have water by the morning 2nd June. Sometimes we get a bit impatient because things take a while, but we need to lay solid foundations in practical things, in life and in the lives of our children and young people. All takes patience, hard work and devotion to the Lord’s service.

Midweek Meetings

The weekly Bible Studies and Youth meetings are now divided into 2 – primary school children going to Julia, high school and beyond people coming to us as before at Keta house on the farm. Julia had 50 children at her first meeting and 60 at the second!!

By the way, our Scripture Union training with Sello and Elia was brilliant and the SU Holiday Bible Club that followed with Martha was proof of what our guys learnt at the training. The only problem this time was the weather! Rain made the time with the children very difficult at times. Oh for any kind of covered “house” or building in which to hold our weekly activities, come rain or shine. It will come in God’s perfect time.

Food Parcels

These continue to go out month by month to the orphans and widows and are gratefully received. Thank you once again to our friends at His Place church in Hastings, England, for their faithful giving. May the Lord bless you and give you the desires of your hearts.

Thanks so much too for all the clothes and shoes collected for the orphans from our friends in Centurion, Pretoria, and others in Johannesburg and for the lovely Mothers Day gifts for Julia and Cynthia. Such practical products and some special “spoiling” ones as well. God is good and we praise Him for His faithfulness in providing for our needs so that we can share and help the needy with their needs.

Our winter gardens are doing reasonably well but the extreme cold in winter cause growth to be very slow. O for a “green house” to help our poor vegetables! And to save them from the Mouse Birds. They ate just about our whole summer crop; all the spinach, all the cabbages, all the beetroot, and a lot of our beans.


We are still needing accommodation in the Durban area for an important wedding on the last weekend of September. It will be for 3 of us. As long as we have beds to sleep in that’s all we need! A thought – maybe we should pitch our elder son’s (Russell) tents on Durban beach and enjoy the sea air both day and night! We all have sleeping bags which would help!

On another personal note – please come and join the “circus” we have here at home. We have 10 “grandchildren”, 10 animals who give us much pleasure and also some anxious moments! 7 dogs and 3 cats of all ages, sizes and colours really enjoy walks on the dusty/muddy roads or partly up the mountain behind our house. They are all needed for forewarning of “visitors” or the catching of unwanted rodents! But seriously, you are welcome anytime for anything you may need! It would be lovely to see you and you can enjoy our beautiful surroundings without having to face any of the challenges that come OUR way. If quietness is what you need, we have a lovely B & B about 5 minutes walk from our house on the same farm with very economical prices. The Drakensberg amphitheatre is about 25 KMs from us and one of the Lesotho border posts is only 23 KMs down the road. We are only 50 KMs from Harrismith, passing the Sterkfontein Dam, on a very good road. See you soon, we hope.

Future Activities

Please pray for our next Holiday Bible Club (1st – 5th July). Pray for good weather and finance to be able to feed the children who attend and give our volunteers lunch every day.

We are looking forward to a visit from the team from Turn2God Prayer Ministries quite soon. Their last visit was very encouraging and uplifting.

God bless you all. Love in Jesus

Reg & Cynthia Schafer, and John King.

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