Qwa Qwa Newsletter June And July



“Our times are in His hands” – a wise saying from the Bible (Psalms 31:15). Is it true? YES. Do we believe it? We should if we want to survive in this life on earth with His help and blessing. We never know when we will take our last breath and enter into eternity – either into Jesus’ arms or into the devils domain of fire and brimstone to burn in hell fire forever. No one wants the latter, so now is the time to make right with our Creator, ask His forgiveness for any wrong doing we have done – known or unknown, accept Jesus as our Saviour and have the assurance of eternity with Him. Heaven has no pain, no crying, no sickness, no death. It will be everlasting life enjoying the presence of our Lord Jesus and rejoicing with others who have passed on before.


This is what we have been teaching the many children who attend each day of the Club. Of course it is at their level according to their ages. We have a very safe venue (even though it’s in the open air) unless you class a few cows, or a flock of sheep passing by as a “danger”! Our children are surrounded by our volunteer leaders who love and protect them. Anyway the sheep obey the voice of their shepherd as he leads them to their pastures for the day and they are no threat to our children. That reminds me of Psalm 23 – read it for yourselves and be blessed. There were between 185 and 227 children each day. Each child received a cooked meal each day after the Club. This time, instead of feeding them at the ground, we marched them to our house in their groups and fed them there. One little girl commented, “I have never tasted such nice food in all my life!” Thanks so much to the ladies who did the cooking.

Our children are followed up after the HBC in our Saturday Bible Clubs during the term at the same venue, and in our Sunday School every Sunday morning. Also in their homes in the villages around our house where grandmothers, parents (if there are any) and children are counselled and depending on their needs food is provided for them – thanks to the church in Hastings, England, sending their tithe to us every month for the food parcels for orphans and widows. The Lord provides abundantly. There is always enough every month for all who need, plus a bit extra for the opportunity of helping any desperate person in the community. During our street witness and home visitation before the Holiday Club we came across such a family, father and mother with two small children. They were totally destitute. No money, no jobs, no food, very few clothes, apart from a double bed and a small kitchen cupboard, no furniture. They live in a one roomed mud house. They were so delighted to receive a food parcel.

This visitation programme was the brain child of our youth group leadership. The Friday before the HBC we walked the kilometre to Chris Hani Park Village, then split into five groups of three and went about telling people about Jesus and inviting the children to come to the HBC. Between eight to eighteen children came to the HBC due to these visits. The numbers fluctuated every day.


The children still flock to Julia’s home to hear Bible stories and receive Bible lessons. They also receive help with their homework. Praise God for that. Pray that the Holy Spirit will work in their hearts so that in them he will raise up a new generation of youngsters, freed from the traditions that hold their elders in bondage.

Praise God he touched people’s hearts in the USA to give money for sixty blankets to warm the children during these cold winter nights. When God gives he gives abundantly. He also raised up a man in JHB who sent sixty blankets for the children. Our GOD IS GOOD. Amen!!

Pray for Julia in this work. Pray for her health. At present she is recovering from a heavy bout of the flu.


These continue to be a blessing to many in need. One of our older ladies commented that no other church in our area help the community like we do. This was a real encouragement as we attempt to obey the Word of God to feed and help the widows and orphans (James 1:27). But we desperately need some type of 4 x 4 to help us buy and deliver these heavy food parcels to homes around the area. We really need one badly!!! Please pray seriously with us that we will be able to acquire one soon. Our poor Golf is taking strain. “Shake, shake”,” bump bump”, “shudder, shudder”- our car has to suffer the rocks, stones, humps and bumps on the roads around here, especially in the villages below our house. Tyres, leads and pipes have had to be replaced prematurely. Also tyre balancing and wheel alignment is needed regularly! Too regularly!! We don’t expect perfect roads but a bit of grading would help. But a 4 x 4 would be even better!!!


Church services, Sunday School, Bible Studies and youth and prayer meetings continue to teach and reach the community. A new series – the Blood Covenant – is now the subject for the next 8 weeks for the Bible Study. Our youth enjoyed a fun plus devotional evening last night playing “Beetle Drive”. In the morning services we have been dealing with the subject of “who we are in Christ.”

The Turn to God Prayer Ministry team was a great encouragement to us and our 12 leaders, confirming callings on their lives and ministries. They also provided all of us with a lovely lunch plus a love gift. We say a very big thank you to you all for your sacrifices and time. God bless you richly.

We have been preparing our garden for the coming growing season. As the mouse birds seem to eat all our vegetables before we can have a share, we have decided to plant veggies that they do not eat. So we will concentrate on pumpkin, Gem Squash, and maybe Hubbard Squash, Cucumber, and Water Melon, until we can get the cash to build a large green house in which to grow other veggies.


Our deep and heartfelt appreciation goes out to all those who have so faithfully prayed for us in our various activities and ministry. Thank you very much. A VERY BIG “thank you”, also, to all who have supported us financially. Thank you for giving to our personal support as we work in the Fathers vineyard here in Qwa Qwa, and for all donations to the various projects.

God bless you all. Love in Jesus

Reg & Cynthia Schafer, and John King.

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