Qwa Qwa News Letter July and August 2013

Incorporating “THE MUSTARD SEED”

Running SCRIPTURE UNION Programmes



Cold Weather Red Hot Woman’s Meeting.

Hi and welcome to a -6 Qwa Qwa!!! Brrr… Snow on the mountains, cold wind blowing, causing the electricity to fluctuate! – does the Lord really want us to spend our “retirement” in this place?!! He must do as He is supplying all our needs – we have a roof over our heads, food in our stomachs and peace in our hearts. Even though the wind is so cold,the wind of the Holy Spirit is warm, life giving and life changing eg. His presence was felt and experienced on Womens Day (9th August) when we took about 12 of our older ladies to a special meeting on the other side of town. Powerful messages were delivered by 2 of our own lady friends from other churches and 1 guest speaker who also prayed for most present according to different health problems (including aids) and other needs. The meeting was held in a garage which was beautifully decorated for the occasion. The roads leading there were terrible but it was well worth the effort. The following Sunday our ladies took off in the service with their testimonies of what the Lord had done in their lives. The results – the ladies will be in charge of the next 2 Sundays of August!!! Please pray for these services. If we had a Quantum or a small bus we could do more of these visits. PLEASE PRAY AS WE WILL BE APPROACHING VARIOUS COMPANIES FOR A DONATION OF ONE OF THESE, OR A 4×4 VEHICLEWHICH IS SO BADLY NEEDED IN THIS AREA. IT WILL ALSO BE A TREMENDOUS HELP FOR BUYING AND DELIVERING THE MONTHLY FOOD PARCELS TO ORPHANS AND WIDOWS IN OUR COMMUNITY. Sorry for “harping” on this but it is heavy on our hearts because our poor little Golf is really suffering. Well, before we could send out this newsletter, the clutch on the Golf packed in. Please pray for finance to replace it. This is an urgent are as we were planning to go to JHB on Sunday 1st September for a short break.

Greatly Anticipated Men’s Meeting.

We are looking ahead to the 31st August for another Life changingMen’s meeting in the same garage church and expecting more blessings and growth in our young leaders and all who will be attending; in all we look for a clearer understanding of their role as men in Christ, in order to impact their families and society.

Meeting Other Pastors

Reg and John are also planning to visit different Ministers Fraternal’s to get to know the other pastors better and to work with them to plan a day of prayer for Qwa Qwa, and having combined prayer meetings etc. The first one will be on 19th August. (Reg’s birthday). It is important to attend and for the leaders to pray together. We will have to take another day off to celebrate his birthday! The other fraternal will take place on Wednesday 21st August.

Scripture Union Life Skills Course

Praise God for Julia. She has started teaching the SU Life Skills course to the grades 6 and 7’s at the Mustard Seed house. This course isURGENTLY needed for this age group i.e. 12 – 14.

We will be re-introducing the Life Skills course in the schools in our area early next year beginning in the primary schools. There is a great need to reach the children much earlier than before, to teach them the values they need. Julia is finding that the young girls are not respecting their bodies for “stok sweets” (suckers) and biscuits!! They don’t even know the meaning of the word “values”. Unfortunately some primary school girls are already sexually active. One young grade six pupil was told by his father, ”You must never have sex with an animal, but it’s OK to have sex with another person.” We live in a very immoral society.

Praise God, Thabo Putu from SU Gauteng, will be running a Life Skills and leadership training course on 29th to 30th August. There are about 15 interested people from Mabolela church and a few from the Lusaka church, who are keen to learn and get involved.

The Mustard Seed.

Friends of Mountain Ministries are helping to furnish Julia’s home – the Mustard Seed – for which we are very grateful. Thank you so much and may God bless you richly.

Many children come to the house on a daily basis for their dose of love and tender loving care, and to learn about Jesus. You are doing a great job Julia. We praise God for sending you to us.


Our heart-felt thanks go to all those who sacrifice monthly, or on and off to help us survive in this very challenging ministry. Thanks too to all who pray for us and the work. But the biggest thank you goes to our Heavenly Father for all His faithfulness, strength and grace on a daily basis.

Futures Events

The next Holiday Bible Club will take place from 23rd – 26th September in the short school holidays. All donations toward the expenses of the HBC will be greatly appreciated.

God bless you all. Love in Jesus

Reg & Cynthia Schafer, John King and Julia O’Connell

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