Qwa Qwa Newsletter September and October 2013

Incorporating “THE MUSTARD SEED”

Using SRRIPTURE UNION materials and programmes


September – October 2013


Many little feet (and big ones too) running, jumping and praising the Lord on the open ground of Mabolela at our HOLIDAY BIBLE CLUB from 23-26 September. Many hands raised in praise and prayer to the Lord amidst wind and dust, clouds and sunshine; many hungry hearts for Jesus and hungry tummies to be filled with nourishing food or any food available! Many little hands reaching out to receive Jesus into their hearts and many little and big hands receiving plates of food at the conclusion of each day. Thank you so much to those who responded to our call for help to feed an average of 200 children per day. May the Lord pour out His special blessings on you and your families.

FOOD PARCELS Many people, both adults and children, have been coming to our gate asking for food. They are mostly from a very needy, nearby area called Chris Hani Park. Our stock emptied fast and we had to turn disappointed people away even after giving loaves of bread from our own pantry till that was empty too. We found this very difficult and really need wisdom and guidance as to how to help these people. Apart from teaching them to start vegetable gardens, we have considered a feeding scheme or a soup kitchen in their area. We really need an answer urgently so please pray with us about these matters.



The picture above shows the awful conditions in which two teenage girls were living. Sibongile And Moleboheng, both aged fifteen, have been living in this rundown, deserted house for the past fifteen months. The broken two seater couch has been their bed for that time. They have no blankets and very little clothing. The ministry has been providing them with food for a short period and through this contact we discovered their situation. Sibongile’s father has been tracked down and she is now living with him, but he was unwilling for Moleboheng, an orphan, to stay with him. We are now busy with social services to find place in a shelter for girls. One aspect of the vision God gave us was to open shelters for orphans and teenage girls. Please pray with us as we seek for a suitable place and the approval of Social Services. There are other teenage girls out there in similar circumstances. The need is urgent.

ABOVE: The couch on which the girls slept for fifteen months. This was all the furniture in the house.

Concerning THE MUSTARD SEED HAVEN, Julia writes as follows, greetings in the wonderful name of Jesus. A new step forward. Jesus uses all things for his good. He has shown me that caring and ministering to the orphaned and vulnerable children only was tunnel vision. There is a need to step out of the boat and befriend and minister to the young adults as well. That is how our Friday nights were conceived. A meal, a Christian video, or games, and dancing to Hillsong followed by informal non judgemental discussions. You can come and go as you like. For three hours on a Friday night the Mustard Seed becomes your home and your family. These hardnosed males sat for three hours mesmerized by the Jesus movie. Some of these guys have never heard the true gospel. The Holy Spirit has started his healing work. They are Divine evenings, with young people without hope, in a world that makes no sense. But they are slowly being touched by Christ, who is drawing them close to his bleeding heart. These are people who have experienced intense pain, and are now doing the best they can to protect themselves. But God reorients sufferers.

A huge problem. One Saturday afternoon I opened the door of the Mustard Seed to be confronted by two of regular angels, aged eight and ten. They were lolling on my veranda drunk and looking quite toxic. I helped the two little bodies into our sitting room and they promptly vomited all over the carpet. Their aunt had taken them to the Maricana Tavern in the village, as she would need their help to get home after she had drunk herself silly. They were plied with alcohol and eventually staggered to the Mustard Seed as they felt so ill. The whole scene of two little angels, that were part of my heart, cut me to the core.

Activities at the Mustard Seed. Once a week our vulnerable children are taught the Scripture Union Life Skills course.. Two days are for soccer. The boy’s team is called “The Saints;” the girl’s team “The Super Saints.” They won their first game, so now they are in the local league. In spite of having no shoes, they are overcomers. The Holy Spirit is using soccer to give them a purpose in their purposeless and messed up lives. The rest of the week the children have Bible studies. We are using the S T O P method (Structure, Talking, Organized, Play and Prayer), to heal the inner chaos and trauma in their young lives. The healing balm of the Holy Spirit is soothing little lives.

Sad News. Our long and fruitful partnership with John King has come to an end. John has felt for a while that his potential has been curtailed in Mountain Ministries, especially in the area of ministry to men, which is his great passion. For this reason he has withdrawn from Mountain Ministries and has joined up with another ministry here in Qwa Qwa where he feels he has the opportunity to fulfil his potential and run an effective men’s ministry. We pray the Lord’s blessing on his new venture and that he will succeed in all that he puts his hand to.

God bless you all. Love in Jesus

Reg & Cynthia Schafer, and Julia O’Connell.

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