Qwa Qwa Newsletter October – November 2013

Incorporating “THE MUSTARD SEED”

Using SRRIPTURE UNION materials and programmes


October – November 2013

In the Bird “world” the males are often beautifully coloured and the females plain. But in Mabolela and the surrounding villages our ladies are beautiful, with loving hearts and kind deeds. We have enjoyed some inspiring meetings with song and teaching from the Bible by our good friends Dikeledi and her prayer partner. We look forward to watching the Jesus’ movie in Sotho at our next meeting at Julia’s home.

Ladies Meetings


Julia reports from The Mustard Seed Haven. Jesus says, we are his sheep, we belong to him. His Haven has experienced this lately. His sheep from different corners of the earth, have been touched by his Holy Spirit, to help care for his little lambs. Every little angel, who attends our homework and Bible sessions at the Mustard Seed, has been sponsored with a pair of top quality school shoes, and a stationary pack for next year. Our smaller angels will be blessed with either clothing or a toy, for Christmas. His lambs will see the glory of God. There are even extra shoes for any needy orphan we may encounter in the village. Jesus, through his people, has provided far more than we could ever imagine. Praise God for his goodness, and thank you to those who have worked so hard and tirelessly to make this happen.


Children at the Mustard Seed.


Julia has also been running the Scripture Union Life Skill at the Mustard Seed Haven. The children are very keen to learn and are keen to answer the questions in the book. The need is great. Children of eleven and twelve years old are already sexually active. However our God is the God of SECOND CHANCES and NEW BEGINNINGS. In the house there is only one small table at which some of the older girls work, the rest work on the concrete floor. Not very comfortable in the long, cold winter months. There is a desperate need of tables and chairs.


Martha, of SU Gauteng, spent three days with the children to consolidate what has already been taught. The children responded very well to her and some of them were deeply challenged to change their ways.


The children are looking forward to the HOLIDAY BIBLE CLUB from 9th – 13th December during which we will introduce more of the Lifeskills teachings as well as the Good News of the Gospel of Jesus. We are planning to givethe children a cooked meal at the conclusion of each day if sufficient funds come in for the HBC. Please pray with us that we will be able to supply their needs as most of them are undernourished. At the moment there is very little money in this account.

Prayer Requests
Pray for a spiritual breakthrough in the lives of the children who are bound by the darkness of tradition and culture.
Pray that the children and teenagers will overcome the power of sexual immorality.
Pray for a spiritual breakthrough in the people of Qwa Qwa who are bound by fear, ancestral worship and witch craft.
Pray for financial breakthrough for us personally and for the ministry. We need land for a children’s shelter and a hall Pray with us for a 4 x 4 vehicle to cope with these deteriorating roads.

Thank you so much for your financial and prayer support without which this ministry cannot stand or accomplish anything in the spiritual realm.

God bless you all. Love in Jesus.

Reg & Cynthia Schafer, and Julia O’Connell.

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