Qwa Qwa Newsletter December 2013 – January 2014

Incorporating “THE MUSTARD SEED”

Using SRRIPTURE UNION materials and programmes


December 2013/January 2014

Christmas is usually family time but here in Qwa Qwa we have family plus many Church and children’s activities.

December 2013 Holiday Bible Club


Rain washed out play. Instead of cancelling we went in doors. The large lounge at Keta House.

A study of the different age groups at an HBC. Toddlers to high school children.


The HBC was well attended by both children and leaders and we thank the Lord that the Good News went out into the community. 91 children either committed or recommitted their lives to the Lord. His Kingdom is truly growing to the praise of His Name. Life Skills values were shared with the children as well and our grateful thanks go to Scripture Union for raising funds to help us feed the children every day.

Out doors at last.

Group games under the overshadowing mountains. The older children enjoying a game. The younger children have their own group games.


The Blessing of God

The Mustard Seed was really blessed with 60 pairs of school shoes and 60 packs of stationery for the orphans just before Christmas. A very big thank you to Ronnie Human who organised all this through Bata and Spar.

Julia writes: “As 2014 commences, we at the Mustard Seed, reflect on 2013. We did well and served the Lord with verve and passion. We held 800 Bible studies and Scripture Union classes. The Jesus movie was shown to quite a few young men. 65 children received blankets in April. 90 children received school shoes and 60 children received stationery for the 2014 school year. Lives were touched and seeds were planted. In 2014, under the leading of the Holy Spirit we desire to impact human lives for King Jesus in introducing them to the Living, simplified Lord Jesus. The suffering of Mabolela will be visited, counselled and led to the Friend that sticks closer than a brother. Orphaned and vulnerable children will be loved, hugged and taught about King Jesus. Our first narrative, about the working and effect of the Jesus movie, has been accepted by the distributors of this gospel aid. We are driven and determined that the love Christ has bestowed upon us, will be shared with his people. This will be the year of communicating Christ’s good news.

Special Meetings

We hired a tent, pitched it in a garden in the village for 3 days of special impact meetings over the Christmas period, ending with a morning Christmas Day service. These were really enjoyed by the church and the community and we used the same tent again for the Sunday service on 29th December and an all night prayer time on New Year’s eve.

As a church we are overflowing in the school classroom on Sundays and really need a bigger venue for both church and Sunday school.

One Day Bible Club – January 2014

Dawn Presenting a Jungle Doctor Story




In early January we had a few days visit from “old” friends from our Bible College days who took part in this one day HBC on the open field near the village. The weather was kind to us. Reg taught the group a new game that had the children running all across the open field. Dawn shared the Good News concerning Jesus, through a few Jungle Doctor stories. Thank you, Reg and Dawn Friend, for your encouraging visit and for sharing in our labour for the Lord here in Qwa Qwa.


Our poor Golf has had to have another sump replacement due to these bad roads around here and we are looking to the Lord for a 4 x 4 vehicle or at least one that is higher off the ground to use here. Please pray with us along these lines. Thank you.

God bless you all. Love in Jesus

Reg & Cynthia Schafer, and Julia O’Connell.

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