Qwa Qwa Newsletter March 2014

Incorporating “THE MUSTARD SEED

Using SCRIPTURE UNION materials and programmes

Qwa Qwa Newsletter

March 2014.

“The Spirit of the Lord God is upon me, because the Lord has anointed me to preach good news to the poor. He has sent me to bind up the broken-hearted”
Isaiah 61:1.

So many people in Qwa Qwa carry deep hurts in their hearts due to sin and the hurt inflicted upon them by others. The good news is that Jesus, through his blood shedding on the cross is able to heal these very deep and unseen wounds in people’s lives. His invitation of Matthew 11:28 still stands:

“Come to me, all who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.”

During March we were greatly blessed by a visit by Janet Barlin. Janet is a member of the Acts 2:42 Network. She ministered on healing of the heart and body, and deliverance from the power satan and of self condemnation. Janet also spoke some very pertinent “WORDS” over certain people. She also spent time with Julia and ministered to her and was also able to minister to some young people in their homes. Some people were healed physically. A number received emotional healing from past abuse and failures, while others were delivered from self condemnation because of past mistakes and sin.

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SPECIAL THANK YOU – To Janet for taking the time to minister to the broken people of Mabolela, Qwa Qwa.

Midweek Bible Studies.
Eight to eleven teenagers gather at our home most Wednesday evenings to study the Bible. The Lord showed a way whereby the truths taught could be cemented into the lives of these young people. We are busy with a series of twenty one studies on “What the Bible Teaches.” The difference is that with the notes on the teachings comes a fairly comprehensive test on the notes, and the Bible verses, that has to be done at home and handed in the following week. After every seven courses are completed the there will be an exam on those seven studies followed by a final exam at the completion of the course. Some of the courses covered so far are: “The Bible is the Word of God”, “God”, “Man and satan”, “the Cross”, “The Blood of Christ.” Home work is not compulsory, yet most of them are keen to do it. The papers are marked and handed back to the students with comments and all the correct answers supplied. God is raising up Christian workers from this group.

The Mustard Seed.
The highlights at the Mustard Seed this month were the ”Passion Play”, performed by some of the children for the other children, and a braai where some of the children did the preparation and cooking. The children also did a drama at the Sunday morning service during Janet’s visit.

2014_21“It is truly not by might nor by power, but only through the precious, faithful Holy Spirit, that the Mustard Seed continues to flourish,” writes Julia. She continues, “He leads, I follow. He is the vine, I am the branch. I could not be anything else but his servant. Faced on a daily basis with illness, traumas and little souls that need so much, it is truly impossible to do this work without the Holy Spirit. So, in this month of lent, I lift up, and give our victorious, overcoming, compassionate Christ all the glory. Glory of producing young disciples and evangelists from raw material; glory for providing when we are on our last potato; glory for his love that never lets any of us down. Thank you Holy Spirit for your supernatural work.”

Future Events
31 st March – 4 th April we will be running another Holiday Bible Club. If you are able to donate anything toward the HBC we will be very grateful as we are short of finance for this HBC.

Please pray that God will guide us as we prepare for the Easter weekend, and that as well as the right speakers, he will give us the right venue for the Easter meetings.

Thank you for praying for us. We need your pray support. At present I am very tired and irritable, but he renews my strength, and his grace is sufficient for me. We appreciate you, as well as the fact that you are praying for us.

Thank you too for your financial support as well. It means a lot to us that we have faithful backers who believe in us and what we are doing.

Thank you all for taking the time to read this newsletter.

God bless you all. Love in Jesus
Reg & Cynthia Schafer, and Julia O Connell.

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