Qwa Qwa Newsletter November 2015

Incorporating: The Mustard Seed
Using Scripture Union materials and programmes
Registration Number: 137-284 NPO
Qwa Qwa Newsletter
November 2015

If my people who are called by my name will humble themselves and pray, seek my face, turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from heaven, forgive their sin and heal their land. 1 Chronicles 7:14

As a ministry, and as individuals, we continue to humble ourselves before our Almighty God, who is the Great King over all the earth, and continue to pray for rain. Our great and mighty God who is enthroned in the heavens, controls the weather patterns. Even when the experts say there will be no rain, our God is able to cause it to rain. Though our sins, and the sins of our nation reach to the heavens, he is merciful and gracious, and will hear our prayers as we stand in the gap for our nation.

This same Scripture applies also to the nations of Europe who are facing huge problems of the migrant crisis, as people flee wars in the Middle East and Africa, as well as internal threats of terror attacks. As people of prayer let us stand in the gap for the nations of Europe as they grapple with these problems. But let as also pray that the wars in the Middle East and Africa will be resolved and terrorist groups will be defeated. Pray too that the nations of Europe will come to the realisation that the gospel of Jesus Christ is
the only solution to the problems they are facing. Pray too that there will be a humbling of lives and a turning back to God in this time of crisis. Our Great God who inhabits eternity IS ABLE to do far more than we can think or even imagine.

Holiday Bible Club

2015-11-1The Lord willing, these December holidays there will be three HBC’s. The first, starting on 14 th December, in Mabolela on an open field. The other two will be held in January 2016, to coincide with a visit from the pastors from Korea. One in Phomolong village, on an open ground, the other at Lusaka, where we will use the church. These dates have not been set yet, as we are waiting for dates from Korea. Please pray that the heat will not be a major factor, as it was in October, when we had to cut short some of the activities because of theexcessive heat. We are appealing for funds to feed the children after each day of the HBC. Thank you for praying and for giving toward the HBC’s.

The Food Project

2015-11-2In spite of the fact that we have removed six families from the list of those receiving food parcels, as they have disappeared from the radar, 37 food parcels were delivered in November. On top of this a number of children from a very poor area not far from here have been coming to us for food. This week a group from the ministry will visit these homes and make an assessment of the actual need. We are battling to feed the existing beneficiaries, now more urgent needs are arising. But we know that the Lord will provide. If he sends people to us he will also provide the funding to provide food for them. This past week we had to deliver food to a few desperate families in Chris Hani Park village. It was very difficult to find these homes. Some of these homes were situated on very bad, steep and even hazardous roads. We made it without any damage to the vehicle. Praise the Lord for the vehicle he has provided. We discovered safer and “better” roads to get out. We will use these “better” roads for future deliveries. Even though we deliver food to the houses we still have desperately hungry people and children coming to our home for food. If we have we always give. But we do encourage them to come on Sundays to the service and collect after service. A very big thank you, to all those who give toward this project. Pray that The Lord will provide for this project, and that we will be able to provide food for all the really needy people who come to us.

Sunday After Service Lunch

2015-11-3This past Sunday 90 children attended as well as 25 – 30 adults. This created a big logistical problem. In the end most of the children had to sit 3 to 2 chairs. Not very
comfortable. The need for larger premises is now becoming very urgent.

Sunday School Presentation

The children who have attended Sunday School regularly and done the Greatest Journey course were presented with certificates, the Greatest Journey book and a New Testament Bible. Others were given the course books (large or small) depending on their ages.

The Mustard Seed

Ever since Julia and the Mustard Seed family moved into the new premises they have had a very big problem with their electricity. This in spite of the assurances of the owners that there was no problems with the electricity or the geysers. The geysers did not work. So, most of the time you had to boil water on the gas stove for a bath, or have a cold bath. All the clothes for eighteen people had to be washed by hand. The plugs were not working so the fridge and freezer did not work. The lights were extremely dim. Therefore all cooking, eating, homework, bathing etc had to be done before it got dark. Well praise the Lord, the owner has now fixed the electricity, and has put in a new modern electricity box. God is good.

Urgent Prayer Items

Rain: Rain: Rain!!! God Is Able to change weather patterns.

Suitable land for a suitable building. Please pray with us that the Lord will give us a suitable stand on which to build a community centre. The UGENT NEED is for a large hall with a kitchen, three storerooms, and an office. The hall needs to be large enough to run the Holiday Bible Club, in cases of severe heat or rain. The kitchen is so that we can cook for the HBC and other church functions on the premises. The three secure, and equipped storerooms are: for the food for distribution, clothes that we are sent for distribution and all the HBC and church equipment. I am finding the delivering of the food parcels very tiring. But it is better than having three, four or five people at your gate on a regular basis asking for food. The plan is to have someone in the office on set days during the month to distribute the food and clothes. The vision is to have a centre where we can have an orphanage; a home for the elderly, especially widows; recreational facilities for the children and the young people of the surrounding villages. The aim being to keep them from the taverns and all the evils associated with these. Pray that the Lord will release finance to fulfil the vision. From the human standpoint, this is mission impossible; BUT OUR GOD is able.

Workers. We are still praying for a younger couple or younger persons to help in the ministry. Please pray with us that they will have a real calling to mission work.

Extra funding for the December food parcels. In December we like to add a few extra goodies.

Funding for the two additional Holiday Bible Clubs.


Our sincere thanks go to those of you who have supported us throughout the year (or even once off) with prayer and financial help. We really appreciate your faithfulness and trust the Lord will bless you during this festive season and throughout 2016. May His favour be upon your lives.

Much love in Jesus,

Reg and Cynthia Schafer and Julia O Connell.

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