HBC Appeal October 2016

Incorporating “The Mustard Seed”

 Little Palesa lives in abject poverty in the drought striken, overcrowded village of Mabolela. Her unemployed, single mother, Tryphina, blurs her personal suffering by sitting in a nearby drinking establishment daily and consuming a fermented pineapple toxic brew. It is cheap and potent. Tryphina does not know it but her liver is failing her body. It won’t be long now till Tryphina succumbs to liver failure. Her daughter, Palesa, 2016-9will be left at the age of 9, to organise and support her younger siblings. It is something she is prepared for. For little Palesa life has always been a scrabble existence. She rarely smiles, is used to the gnawing pain of extreme hunger and has taught herself to expect nothing from her grey life. As Palesa sighs and bend her weary little, emaciated body over the bucket filled with dirty diapers, part of her wishes her life was over. Palesa heard about heaven from Pastor Reg and Ma Cynthia on Sunday. It looked like a very warm place filled with fruit trees and God’s love. She has never seen nor experienced love or having as much fruit as she can eat. The closest she has ever come to having fun, security and a full belly is during the holidays when her Pastor Reg held a Holiday Bible Club in her village Mabolela. As she scrubs the old, yellowed nappies she thinks about the previous HBC when she was given sweets and as many plates of meat and vegetables as she could eat. She remembers how she surreptitiously took a plastic bag and filled it with extra food for her Mom. It messed up her pockets but she did not care as she knows her mother is ill. Her mother was so proud of her. Palesa’s face is slowly relaxing as she remembers that emotion of pleasing her mother. Maybe, just maybe, there is heaven on earth as well.

Dear Reader, this is a factual story that is repeated approximately 221 every holiday season here in Mabolela. And Mountain Ministries is more than happy to be the hands and feet of Christ to God’s special little souls. We know that what we do unto the very least of these we do unto our beloved Christ. And the only true religion is seen in our ability to serve His orphans and marginalised. How can we, at Mountain Ministries preach, about God’s love every Sunday, and not give to children like Palesa!!? At this moment Mountain Ministries is going through a season of lack of finance. Our HBC fund is empty. This is ministry, and Christ walks us through seasons to grow and sanctify us. We must push through regardless. We are humbly requesting any type of gift, in order that we may purchase food supplies, for our upcoming Holiday Bible Club, to feed the children of Mabolela. No donation is too small. Every bit helps. We cannot actually imagine telling two hundred expectant faces, that this time around, no food can be served. Usually, we pray and wait, but this is a different season, and we asking for your kindness. God bless you all. Please continue to pray for us. Remember it takes a village of Christ followers, to keep these children fed and loved. Thank you for being part of that village for Christ Jesus.

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