An open letter

Incorporating The Mustard Seed Haven

Reference Number: 137-284 NPO

An open letter to all our donors toward our various projects.

Dear all

I sent out receipts to you from our various projects stating that these amounts were tax deductible.

However, I must apologise to you as, we have subsequently discovered that they are not tax deductible. It is such a pity they do not tell you this at the outset. We now require approval from SARS for these receipts to be tax deductable.

We are now working with SARS to get approval for tax deductible receipts. This will take some time as they require a lot of information from each of our board members. Our aim is to get the approval from SARS before the end of February. Again I apologise for our misinformation, but we are working on rectifying the matter.

Please understand that this was not a scam to get you to donate toward our projects, as all of you were already sending donations before we issued the receipts.


Reg Schafer

For Mountain Ministries

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