Qwa Qwa Newsletter April/May 2017

Incorporating: The Mustard Seed
Using Scripture Union materials and programmes
Registration Number: 137-284 NPO

Qwa Qwa Newsletter
April/May 2017

Brrrr…. Winter hit us suddenly in May with rain and snow on the Drakensberg and Maluti mountains!! A beautiful sight when the mist and clouds cleared but really cold for our bodies etc. But we are grateful to the Lord that we have a roof over our heads and warm beds to sleep in. He is faithful and supplies our needs even if it is at the “11th hour”.

Thank you so much to all who responded to our urgent call for finances during the earlier months of the year. May the Lord truly bless you abundantly and give you the desires of your hearts.

We are still looking to the Lord for more regular donors who will be committed to give a set amount each month to help us budget wisely.


The Learners at Witsieshoek Primary School look forward to Wednesdays when we run a SCG called “The Bible Club”. We use the hall (2 classrooms together) when it’s available or we all squash into one of the Christian teacher’s classroom!! We have good numbers most Wednesdays and the learners love to sing, play games, hear Bible stories and learn Bible verses. One of the games involves knowing the books of the Bible, especially the New Testament, so they learn as they play. Another camp is being planned for early next year and we trust we will have at least 50 children attending.


The Church services are going well with usually a full classroom. The preaching on the Greatness of God continues to be a blessing to many. Lately we have been teaching on the attributes of God. A number of people have been encouraged by the eternity of God, and the omnipresence of God. We obviously have to bring these terms down to the understanding of the people. But the teaching on God has truly given them a deeper insight into who our God really is and how wonderful he is.

The Sunday School is enjoyed by the children under 13 who are learning about Jesus, memorising Bible verses, playing appropriate games and singing both English and Sotho songs.

The youth praise, worship and pray most Friday evenings and are very enthusiastic about it.

The older youth are studying the Bible on Wednesdays (late afternoon). In these meetings we are still teaching through the statement of faith. Through the teaching those who attend are getting an insight into some of the great words of our faith, such as, atonement, sacrifice, propitiation, reconciliation, justification and sanctification.

Thursday afternoons are now taken up with training of potential leaders. The Lord has identified three young men that we are training up to step into leading the ministry. Though we are aiming to train these particular young men, the course is open to anyone. So there have been two young ladies also attending. We have been praying for someone or a couple to come in and work with us and eventually to take over the ministry. A few people showed interest but wanted us to support them. That is not possible at present. So we felt compelled to train up leaders from within the group. Here we have started by looking into the different gifts and ministries in the church. Ephesians chapter four, Romans chapter twelve, 1 Peter 4:7 – 11 and 1 Corinthians 12 – 14, form the basis for these studies, with very particular attention to the context in which the gifts and ministries appear.

Reg has helped with some open air meetings in a new area where one of the older chaps from the village is planning to start a church. He used to belong to the church in Lusaka, and helped us at the beginning here in Mabolela, and now lives near us. So the Word is spreading, but there are vast areas with many, many people still to hear the Good News of the Gospel.

We are still praying for a couple to help us in the ministry so that we can take a bit of a “back seat” for a while. It is now 7 years that we have been in Qwa Qwa full time!!


There is always room for one more. Or in our case 7 more! This all kills my financial complacency. And for a few nights I worry, toss and turn and wonder how I am going to get clothing, shoes and pay for new school uniforms and medications. It is also during these times that Paypal gives Reg and myself huge problems. Or Lesedi sells his school shoes and shirt for a kota. And Kamohelo breaks our large window with a spinning top. I sit morosely in the corner and plan how I can find another job. Then a small voice that I recognise as the Holy Spirit whispers in my heart, “you are failing your test. Don’t you know I am bigger than all this”. So up I stand trying my best to make sure meds will last until pay day comes. I go to my room and pray for my ugly mood. Then I repent and we face diapers, school tours that would pay for a ticket to London and children who need plasters. Workers who come to you on a Saturday and inform me that we need spices, gas and beans. So I deal with each problem sanely and calmly bit by bit. Then Lucky 2 throws a Grande Mal fit and all our traumatised dysfunctional children laugh at this. As I put him on his side and push away the pesky dog, I tell the laughing mob to grow up and I look into 8 and 9 year old faces. They are just children watching a 3 year old’s brain spike. And what do they understand. How can they have any compassion for anything when they all have court dates and meetings with the Child Protection Services. How can you have a sane soft view of life when you did things with Grandfather for Grandmother for 4 years. I realise how far I am from Jesus Christ and pray and think through His little children’s minds. Our Jesus will heal. I must grow up and see their perspective, lower my expectations and just get on with the job He gave me. Long ago, I was highly critical of another ministry head. But with knowledge comes understanding. I repent and carry on with the ground work. Ministry is hard and unrelenting but we have a faithful Boss.

Lusaka Christian Fellowship

Praise God that this church continues to grow. Worship services are pretty full, and new people are being added. The youth group is vibrant. The “Sunday School” is growing and the children are being taught well. The booklet, “The Greatest Gift” has been an important tool for teaching the children. Joseph and Joyce have also identified certain people in the church as potential leaders, and have started a training course with them.


The July holidays are fast approaching and we would like to run a 5 day HBC to keep the children off the streets, teach them the Bible and feed them a nutritious meal. This of course will need finance of which we are very short of at this time. Please pray with us for sponsors and donations so that we can cover the costs. The children are looking forward to the HBC and we don’t want to disappoint them.


We are very grateful to each one of you for faithfully praying for this ministry. Your prayers mean so much to us and they keep us going when things are tough. A big thank you to His Place church in Sussex, England, for praying for this ministry, and for giving the funds, so that we can continue providing food for the truly needy. Thank you to those who so faithfully give toward our work and our personal support.

Love in the Lord
Cynthia, Julia and Reg

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