Qwa Qwa Newsletter June/July 2017

Incorporating The Mustard Seed

Using Scripture Union materials and programmes

Qwa Qwa Newsletter

June/July 2017


In the early afternoon of Sunday, 9 th July, there was a thin line of fire burning the grass coming around the mountain behind us. It was quite high up and didn’t seem to be a problem at all. But by the evening it was a raging fire coming towards us in 2 rows of high flames!! Looking at the flames coming toward us we began making plans to fight the fire if it did come into our property. First we prayed and asked others to pray with us. Then we phoned some of the young people to come and help. The garden hose, that had been stored away in the storeroom for so long due to the water shortage was brought out, only to find that during its long hibernation someone had taken all the fittings. As the fire swept toward our property at an alarming rate, we phoned the fire department. We also cut branches off green trees to use to try to kill the flames. In the mean time we had several people praying for the situation. Before any of the helpers, or the fire trucks arrived, I went up to the boundary fence where the fire was closest and shouted into the darkening twilight, “So far and no further, in Jesus Name,” then went back to see what else needed to be done. At that point five of the young men from the church arrived followed by the fire trucks. There was no need to fight the fire. God stopped it from reaching our property. Our God is GOOD. He certainly protects his people. The next morning I went to inspect the scene of the fire. It had stopped about twenty five to thirty meters from the boundary fence. In other places it had burnt right down the mountain side. The Lord saved the day. Thanks for your prayers.


During the July holidays we held a mini HBC at the Mustard Seed for the orphans and others who came from the villages nearby. The children enjoyed the games, Bible stories and Bible verses. We were not able to give them a cooked meal due to lack of funds but were able to give them and the leaders packets of sniggles and oranges. Most of the children appreciate what we do for them and we thank the Lord for the spiritual growth we see in some of them. It is a slow, steady progress and we also thank the Lord for His faithfulness in dealing with them.


We continue to run a weekly Bible Club at Witsieshoek Primary school.

This term we have started a Bible Club at the Mustard Seed every Thursday using a course of Bible stories called the Greatest Journey. This course covers both the Old and New Testaments with practical applications and is a good foundation for children up to the age of about 14. We trust that the children will get to know their Bibles better and get to know the Lord on a more personal level.


The Mabolela Church continues to meet every Sunday in a school classroom (although we are “bursting at the seams” on some Sundays) and in August we have planned to give Reg a break from preaching by having the sermons shared by the young men, who are attending the leadership training, the ladies and Joseph Zwane from the Lusaka Church. We look forward to seeing growth in the Church, the Sunday School and the weekly Bible Studies and Leaders meetings, as well as the Youth meetings on a Friday evening.

We have experienced a very cold winter and this has affected the attendances at some of our meetings, so we look forward to better numbers attending, as the weather (we hope) warms up a bit and the days slowly grow longer and longer as we approach the spring and summer seasons.

The Leadership Training

This has its challenges, but is an ongoing work. Discussions have centred round the gifts and the ministries in the church. Then we have also done some practical things like visiting those who used to come to the church, the sick, the dying, and the bereaved. Concerning the bereaved, there has been a number of opportunities to train. We have had three deaths, in the last while, where we have been called out to deal with the death of a loved one. So we had opportunities to share the Word and pray with those who have lost loved ones. There have also been opportunities to evangelise during our visits. One old lady of eighty, Mrs Moloi, opened her heart to the Lord, or should we say the Lord opened her heart to trust in Jesus. We praise God for her desire to receive Jesus. There was also an opportunity of sharing the gospel with a woman of thirty seven years, a few weeks before she passed away. After we had shared the good news about Jesus with her, she indicated she wanted to receive Jesus. We were asked to conduct the funeral service, so this gave us the opportunity to share with her daughters and to counsel them. The girls are regulars at our services. Now there is another child-headed home to look after. The oldest is seventeen, in grade eleven, and the youngest is five years old.

The Mustard Seed

There are people here in Qwa Qwa who are trying very hard to get Julia out of the Mustard Seed. They started some time back by telling lies to an American lady who was visiting the Mustard Seed. They told lies about Daniel, Julia’s twenty one year old son. They said Daniel beat the workers and hit the children. Unfortunately, these lies were believed, and spread. This caused the loss of some sponsors. Their aim was to get Daniel out of the house so that they could put pressure on Julia, to try to force her to leave. The old strategy, divide and conquer. These people are pushing very hard to take over the ministry. The latest lies concern Daniel and Julia. Certain workers were contacting the main donor in the USA saying Daniel is having sex with one of the ten year old girls, and Julia takes one of the older girls and fondles her in a sexual manner. This group of former employees of the Mustard Seed ( they have all subsequently been dismissed) have gone to the police and Social Services, to lay complaints against Julia and Daniel. Their complaints have been dismissed as they are unable to prove their allegations. None the less, they still contact the main donor and pass on their lies, and for some reason he would rather believe these people than Julia or myself. Then on Monday one of the current workers phoned social welfare claiming that the one year old baby had been raped. On medical examination the allegation was proved to be false. No one is willing to say who made the call to welfare. And so it goes on. On Saturday 6th August there will be a meeting, where these former workers will meet with Social Services and the board of Mountain Ministries, to try and get to the bottom of all these allegations. Please pray that the truth will come out and all lies exposed. The board of Mountain Ministries Have been asked to become more involved at the Mustard seed.

So sorry that there are no pictures. Someone has taken our camera and the charger. We now have to learn how to download pictures from our cell phones.


Thank you so much for praying for us and the work we are doing here. We face many challenges here and have to battle against rumours and lies against Cynthia and particularly against Reg. Some of them are very hurtful. These lies have also affected our funding and attendance at the meetings. So we do stand in need of your prayers. Thank you for praying. We know that ultimately we will be vindicated before God. One of the lies is, that Reg and Cynthia use the money given for the feeding of the people or the HBC’s and the church, and spend it on our personal needs. All ministry money is used for the ministry it was given for. We have accounts and receipts etc to prove this. Our books are audited by reputable auditors. So we are able to account for all ministry money. It seems that as a ministry we are under attack. Please pray for all these lies to be exposed for what they are, LIES form the pit of hell.

Thanks too for your continued support for our own personal needs and for the various branches of the ministry. May the Lord prosper you in all that you do and uphold you in his grace.

Love in the Lord
Cynthia, Julia and Reg

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