Qwa Qwa Newsletter November 2017

Incorporating: The Mustard Seed
Using Scripture Union materials and programmes
Registration Number: 137-284 NPO
Qwa Qwa Newsletter
November 2017

In spite of the recent rains the two streams close to the house have stopped flowing, our bean plants are battling to cling onto life, and some of our gem squash plants are struggling to develop. There has been a shortfall in the rain this year. The Western Cape particularly and other areas are facing an unprecedented water shortage. Factions in
the ruling party are adversely affecting good governance and service delivery, while the majority of the nation suffer. It is a time when we as the true church of Jesus Christ should arise and pray and repent on behalf of our nation.

If my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray
And seek my face and turn from their wicked ways,
then will I hear from heaven and forgive their sin and will heal their land.

In the early morning I walk our dogs. Often we walk down to the stream furtherest from our home. This stream has never stopped flowing in all the years we have been living here. This year it has stopped flowing. It flows after rain but soon stops flowing again and in parts it is dry. Well I often go down to the stream and pray for rain to fall on our
land, and especially for rain over the Western Cape. Lord have mercy upon us. We repent of all the wickedness that is perpetrated in our nation. We have sinned and gone after our own gods and have not sought you the true and Living God. In your mercy forgive our sin and send the rain from heaven, that the streams will flow and the rivers run and the dams fill up: that there may be water for man and beast: that food may grow in abundance for man and beast. Thank you that you are a God who answers the prayers of your people. You alone can send the rain and to you alone belongs all glory, honour and power.

Health Issues

Heather is recovering from her op and the sessions at the dentist in JHB.

I have returned home but am still battling with dizziness. It turns out it is an infection in both ears. I also have this constant buzzing in my ears and along with this there are these headaches that occur on and off, as well as pain in the ears. I have been on drops for the ears and will see the doctor again today. Now on stronger antibiotics for the infection. I know that The Lord will heal this problem. The rest in JHB has done me a lot of good. I am no longer so exhausted and weak. But I do realise, that having had a physical melt down twice in three or four months, I need to be careful not to take on too much. I need to do the things the Lord wants me to do and not the urgent things.

One other thing, the eye infection I had a while back has left permanent scaring on the cornea of my right eye. I discovered this when I went for an eye test for new glasses. There is not much vision in the right eye. The eye guy couldn’t get a decent reading from the eye. Even with these new glasses I do not see as well as I was hoping I would. But we need to let my eyes settle in to the new lenses, and trust the Lord for clearer vision.

In all these issues we trust in the Lord who is our Healer, knowing also that his grace is sufficient for us.

The Koreans are coming

A group of Korean pastors will be visiting Qwa Qwa from the 14 th – 20 th November. The group is led by pastor Kuak. It has been a long time since they have visited here. They will visit us at our home on the 18 th and then look over the Mustard Seed. Please pray with us for this visit. The Mustard Seed needs sponsors. We do not look to men, we look to the Lord and we believe that the Lord will raise up sponsors for this ministry. On Sunday the 19 th they will join us at our service at the school, where we are anticipating that pastor Kuak will preach. Please pray for this service.

The Witsieshoek Primary School

Last week Wednesday (8 th November) was our last session of the year at the school. It went very well with about sixty boisterous children charging around during the games. They settled very well for the lesson from the Bible and sang choruses with fervour. They are all very excited that there will be a camp in April 2018.


We appreciate the fact that so many of you have been praying for us. We are strengthened by the Lord through your prayers. Thank you too for your financial support for us and the work here. We do appreciate your generosity in giving even in these economically difficult times. Thank you.

Thank you to His Place Church for your ongoing support for feeding the very poor and orphans. There are close on 100 people, widows, orphans, children and very poor families benefit from the food project. Then we also have children, mothers and children and orphans coming to our home for food. Praise the Lord, that due to your generosity we have never turned anyone away empty handed. There is always something we can give to satisfy their hunger. God is so good.

Love in the Lord,

Cynthia, Julia and Reg

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