Qwa Qwa Newsletter January February 2018

Incorporating: The Mustard Seed

Using Scripture Union materials and programmes

Registration Number: 137-284 NPO

Qwa Qwa Newsletter

January/February 2018

WOW!!! Extreme heat, then extreme cold (for 2 days), then heat again with rain in between! The weather is always changing and bringing with it a variety of problems (or rather challenges) for us to deal with – dry vegetable patches, drooping plants, dry streams then flooded streams carrying all sorts of rubbish down to the main river through Qwa Qwa. You cannot believe what these people throw into their water supply and all over the roads and pavements!! We try to teach the children a better way but until their parents set a good example, we cannot win. The changes also bring a variety of diseases, including a water-borne germ causing diarrhoea, vomiting and fever.

Things may change but our God is Bigger than these things. “Greater is He who is in me than he that is in the world”. Amen and praise the Lord. Our health is improving, most of our vegetables are recovering slowly with a bit of tender, loving care and we can still live off the garden to a certain extent.


In February many hundreds of people downed tools and took to the streets of Qwa Qwa for five days. Tuesday to Monday. All schools and businesses were closed. There were no bread or milk deliveries. In fact nothing was delivered to any shops. All the main roads were blocked with burning tyres, burning branches and grass, big rocks, metal barricades and stones. These were all manned by thugs, who saw an opportunity to capitalise on the situation. “Pay R 200, and you can pass.” On the first day of the protests, many shops in the main shopping centre were vandalised and looted. It was supposed to be a peaceful demonstration, but unfortunately the thug element always comes to the fore. It was so bad that the army had to be called in to keep a semblance of order. But they concentrated on the central shopping areas. The children of the Mustard Seed Children’s shelter, not knowing what was happening, went to school only to be attacked by these thugs. Most escaped, a few were caught, beaten and had their clothes torn. On the Wednesday a young lad at the Mustard Seed became quite ill. He had to get to a hospital. The Lord was with us. He protected us and took us safely there and back with very little incident. On the way back Reg had to get out of the vehicle to clear stones and rocks out of the road. The Lord protected us as none of the guys manning the road block tried to stop him. A few kilometres further along the main road, a group of thugs tried to block our way by rolling a big rock in our way. By the grace of God we managed to go around it and get safely home. David wrote, “O Sovereign Lord, my strong deliverer, you shield my head in the day of battle.” Our faithful God did shield us as we travelled. Praise the Lord.


The Bible Club continued during January but February was interrupted by the protests against the mayor and the extra after-school classes that were held to catch up the missed work. However the scholars are looking forward to the camp in April and we are opening it up to the whole school to those who can pay the fees as places are still available. On Monday we went to the school bright and early to advertise the camp and speak at the Parade (Assembly). We also shared the Gospel with the children and spoke to the teachers and prayed with them. We trust all will go well and we will be able to fill the camp hostel at Drakensville.


Our church youth are really looking forward to their camp in May. We have all been collecting and recycling all sorts and colours of bottles, tins and plastics to raise some of the money to cover the cost of this camp which was postponed from last year May. We will be at the Orban Guest Farm in Van Reenen, who are giving us a special price due to the fact that we are from a rural area with many orphans and widows. Pastor Sello will be coming down from Soweto to be our guest speaker. As he knows many of our young people he is very suited to share with them on their level.

We are still quite a bit short of the fees for the camp as well as travelling costs for Pastor S and all the youth campers. Any contributions will be very much appreciated, whether large or small.


The church in Lusaka is growing in spite of the fact that when the young people finish their schooling, they move on to the cities to find work, and certain of the older people also move to other churches. The Sunday School at Lusaka is also thriving, as is the youth work. The Lusaka church, unlike the church in Mabolela, is blessed with many talented singers who lead the worship in the church. The music group have the ability to involve the people in rousing praise and deep worship. The times of praise and worship are truly moving experiences. Praise God that a number of these young people are truly committed to the Lord Jesus. A group of young men also go to an outreach work between Kestel and Harrismith, each Saturday and Sunday, to visit and then run the service on the Sunday. Pray that this work will be established in the Lord. Pray for Joseph and Joyce Zwane who head up this work. Pray that the Lord will give them wisdom and strength in the work. Pray for their finances, that the Lord will provide for their needs. Joseph needs a new vehicle to carry on with his work of transporting children to school. Our God is a God of miracles, so pray with us for a new vehicle for him. This is his bread and butter.

The church in Mabolela has out grown the class room where we meet. Soon we will need a bigger place to meet. Pray that the Lord will provide. Our sound system has collapsed, but we still praise the Lord with passion and verve. Teaching has been centred on the life of Jesus. On Thursdays we teach the children at the Mustard Seed. Slowly the message is getting through to these abused, neglected and orphan children. Then a team goes out visiting to pray with and encourage people. In this way we are reaching shut-ins, children and widows. Our young leaders are maturing and growing in Jesus. Pray that the Lord will grow them up more and more in Jesus, that they will be able to take on more responsibility. Pray that the Lord will send a young couple to help in the work here, who can help with the training of the young leaders.


Thank you so much for your prayer and financial support for us and the work here. This work depends so much on your support. We appreciate each one of you for holding us up before the Lord. Like Moses our arms get tired and we need the prayers and the encouragement of our family in Christ. Thank you all so much for all that you do for us.

Love in the Lord

Cynthia, Julia and Reg

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